14 February 2011

training-Seattle Multisport

5 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
8:00 AM - 180 Body
Distance   Power threshold – 330 watts
Time Total – 55 min? Speed warm-up – 26-28 mph
intervals - 30+ mph
Breakfast 4:30 AM – PowerBar, water
7:30 AM – cereal
10:30 AM – yogurt, almonds, water
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals
Course 30 x 30 sec
Equipment Road Bike

Why do I wake up so darn early? Old it is getting.

I put together my race bike yesterday and per the advice of my bike fitter and my PT I installed shorter cranks and a shorter stem... That's kind of a leap of faith for me but the smaller circle my foot will make is supposed to torque my back less and the shorter stem will take a little pressure off of my lower back..

Luckily it's not all new, the position on my old cyclocross bike/current rain bike has that same combined top tube/stem length so the only truly new thing here is the cranks. Assuming my measurements are correct anyway. But hey, better late than never and the first time I will race this bike is in two weeks so time to get cracking.

In attendance today was Ryan D, Greg K, Steve O and RC R. I think Dean J was taking the day off due to a severe case of riding outside a lot when the weather is nice... whatever.

We got off to a rocky start because Tim had not prepped our workout like he usually does. Rats. The computer was turned off so in short order we had to learn how to run the CompuTrainer application, load a program and configure the racers in the correct locations. To top it off we could not find the workout we wanted to do which was the 12 x 1.5 min peak and fade intervals. Oh well, we did find the 30 x 30 sec interval workout so went with that. We got started about 15 minutes late.

I'm learning that Greg uses anger as motivation quite a bit.

First he got pissed that the workout was not loaded – that's justified. I was upset as well since this is not the most convenient location for me to go ride my trainer. Then once we got going it seems his resistance was messed up. He said that it was hard when we were going easy and easy when we were going hard?! This resulted in much swearing. Finally I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him out and get his trainer calibrated (or anything to get him to quiet down) and when he kept at it I had to tell him to shut up. Not only was it distracting me by this point but there was a woman there with us who must have been getting terrified.

To top off this episode of Fear Factor, we had Inglorious Bastards on the DVD player so while solders are getting scalped and hit in the head with baseball bats Greg is panting really loudly with grunts thrown in for emphasis. He interspersed this with shouts of encouragement telling us to, "Get angry!"

Needless to say the woman left immediately after the 30 intervals which is way before the workout was over.

After Greg apologized for yelling and I apologized for telling him to shut up. One good thing about Greg is that he can take it. Being thick skinned is an extremely underrated quality in my opinion.

I started out with my threshold setting at 330 watts. The intervals were at something like 105% of threshold. Today I was able to keep my cadence over 30 mph the entire time! I was cruising along in the 53x14 and it felt manageable so that was a big moral boost for me. I saved something for the end and with three intervals left I upped the power to 340 watts and shifted up one gear for each of the last three so finished in the 53x12 at around 44 mph.

It seems that whenever I ride the trainer with Ryan my eyes are riveted to his stats so not sure at all how everyone else was doing. [That's a compliment Ryan, take it.] Ryan was steady throughout but then absolutely floored it with about five to go. That was some impressive speed. He backed it off a bit after that but was still able to finish slightly faster than me. RC did really well considering this is his first time doing this kind of a workout. We do a full 20 minute stepped ramp up prior to hitting the intervals which can be a bit intimidating and kinda spooked RC but he found his stride and did just fine.

I'm not sure if the shorter cranks helped me out today but I did notice that me saddle feels like it is too far foreword. I raised it to compensate for the cranks but forgot to slide it back as well. Oops. The handlebar location feels fine. Yes.

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