08 March 2011


7 Time
of Day
8:20 AM
Distance 43 miles Power
Time Moving – 2:19 Speed Moving – 18.3 mph
4006 ft Max Speed – 41 mph
Breakfast 6:30 AM – orange juice, oatmeal, egg
Workout Food banana, apple, large bottle w/3 scoops Perpetuem, half a peanut butter and jam sandwich, large bottle of water
Workout Type lots of hills ridden at a moderate pace
Weather mid 70s to low 80s, sunny, dry
Course Maui high country (Kula) down Hwy 37 to the end of the good pavement and back
Equipment Road Bike
39/53, 12-25
Clothing bib shorts, sleeveless base layer, short sleeve jersey, cap
Our first ride in Maui and we tried to pick a route and distance that was not too severe but it kinda made us tired.

Last night on our spin this guy pulls up next to us in a truck and starts to chat us up. His name is Shawn and he rides and he was super excited to join us for a ride so we said sure, why not? See you tomorrow at 8.
We roll out and right away we're bombing one of the best descents I have ever been on. You can't go that super fast but there is no need as the twists and turns make 30 mph feel like 50. The surface was dry, there was no debris and I was in heaven.

After a bit the twists and turns cease and the road is really pretty straight but continues to lose elevation until you are down by the water. Even though you are losing elevation there are a LOT of wicked little pitches that put all of us in our smallest gears.

At the ocean the road surface changes from nice asphalt to what can only loosely be described as a patchwork of pavement. It's like someone threw handfuls of liquid road down all over the place and it is bumpy as hell. I rolled down to the parking lot with Shawn just to see around the corner and Greg, Aaron and Dean stayed back. Here we all grabbed a bit to eat and then headed back up.

And going up is pretty much what you are doing all the way back to the car! On the way down you are riding into a headwind that was about 15-20 mph today so heading back it's almost like having a hand on your back the whole way. The feeling is deceiving though, you are cruising along and think you can motor up the next hill so you get out of the saddle and then the steepness hits you and your legs die and you practically come to a halt. Ouch. Repeat.

The last nine or so miles are pretty solid ascending but we were not trying to set anything on fire so it was just a sweat bath. With the heat and tailwind everyone was seeing sweat rivers running down their legs and into their eyes; we were all remarking that it was the first time any of had perspired like this in ages!
We stopped at a deli a few miles from the car and got refreshed and finished off the ride. Nice.
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