09 March 2011

training-ride West Maui loop

6 Time
of Day
8:00 AM
Breakfast 6:45 AM – oatmeal w/plain non-fat yogurt, jam, egg, water
Workout Food 2 large bottles each w/3 scoops Perpetuem, peanut butter and jam sandwich, slice of banana bread, Coke, apple
Workout Type flats and hills
Weather low 80s, sunny, windy
Course West Maui loop clockwise
Equipment Road Bike
Clothing bib shorts, sleeveless jersey, cap
My back blew up today... that has not happened in a long time. :(

In attendance were Ryan D, Jeff D, Aaron S and Greg K.

The day was great. Better than great. Clear skies, windy but not ridiculous and that perfect temperature where you are hot but not dying. We did this loop last year but drove out of town and this time we decided to ride from the condo for the manly option.

The first section is along a highway but you have a wind assist for a good portion of this and we were clipping along at 23-28 mph most of the time. Plus there were relatively few cars and the shoulder was clean so it was as good as it was going to be. After stopping at the Kapalua golf course to hit the head and top off on water it is on. You pass a "Road Narrows" sign and instantly the road does indeed narrow and it starts undulating and twisting and turning. YES.

I did not feel stellar but Jeff sure was feeling frisky. The instant we passed this sign he scooted up the road accompanied by a whoop and although I could not keep up it was exactly how I felt. :)

Some of the rollers are harder than others but most are quite manageable with the exception of one 'wall' and the last climb after the banana bread shack. As we rolled into the wall I was in front and suddenly Jeff goes sailing past on my left out of the saddle. No way was I going with that but I managed to crest that climb in second place where Jeff was waiting by the side of the road. With a bee stinger still in his eyebrow! He said he got stung just as he was accelerating. Luckily Dean came to the rescue with his Leatherman.
At the base of the last climb is a green shack that sells the usual dried fruit and typical Hawaiian foods but in addition to all the average stuff they also have some very non-average banana bread – it's SO good. And it's warm. After gorging and hydrating we set off on the last ascent at a very leisurely pace. I still got a side ache half way up.

But it is so worth it because 1) the banana bread was super delicious and 2) next up is one of the best descents around. As dramatically as the road changed from smooth to bumpy on the ride north it now turned from cracked and rocky and dirty to glassy. And the corners are banked. And there was no traffic in front of us. And it was sunny out. And I had a huge smile on my face.

By now I had already stopped twice to stretch my back and it had not helped very much. After this descent not only was my back giving up the ghost but my legs were trashed. I started to come off the back on the flats and had to grit my teeth to stay in contact. Not fun. About then Jeff went to the front and pace went sky high. Lucky for me Greg got a flat and I had a couple of minutes of respite.

Upon entering town we were all overheated and so stopped for Cokes and shade. Nirvana. Then we really dialed it down and spun the last seven miles home. Whew. It's beautiful here but this was not my day.

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