21 August 2011

run | ride

In spite of 'injuring' myself yesterday I did not want to sit around and so decided to try another run - with shoes this time - just to see if it would work. Luckily it worked okay.

The wind had swapped directions so I did likewise and headed south to start.

This direction seems somewhat less touristy but still very pretty as you can see hills with trees behind the beach. The wind was also a little stronger so the surf was fun to watch. As were all the birds! Tons of seagulls and some that looked sort of like pelicans… obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about but they were fun to observe regardless.

Later in the day I rode the Discovery Trail to the end which was a blast!

As a concession to my blister (that was still as big as ever) I wore shoes and socks today and also wrapped an adhesive bandage around my toe. That seemed to do the job and I was pain-free although I could feel that something was not quite right. Not enough to stop me luckily.

I headed down the beach thinking that I would do the same thing as yesterday which was run 30 minutes and then turn around. Except I ran out of beach in about 25 minutes.

I was at a spot where the rock met the ocean and there was no way around; probably not even at low tide. Instead of cutting my run short, I decided to hit the Discovery Trail that runs back to the hotel. After struggling through some very deep and soft sand I finally got up to the grass, would my way through some trees and found the trail.

And you know what? It was pretty fun coming back this way. Sure it was asphalt but the trail winds around and around and has little rises and descents and it was a little longer than coming straight back on the beach which was a bonus. I ran past loads of cyclists, people walking their dogs and although it was not as warm as Saturday I was very comfortable.

And my toe survived! Yeah for my toe.

Later that day I got on my bike and headed south.

I was on my town bike which was perfect for the most part until I got the inland portion of the trail and it turned to gravel. And went up a steep hill. Slick tires and one speed won't handle that so I was walking.

Still, it's a beautiful little ride.

Our hotel was on Sid Snyder Dr. so I rode from there to Il Waco and back. In Il Waco I lost the route but it was probably just surface streets so no biggie.

As you ride south the trail twists and turns and dips and rises through some surprisingly tall dune grass; so tall that at times you can only see a few dozen feet in front of you. Where the trail turns inland/east it looks like there is no way to pass and suddenly an opening in the rocks appears and through that you go. Very cool.

After turning in the trail goes up and down some bigger hills and still twists and turns and you even get to cross some bridges. Good times.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food run - water, gel
ride - water
Time of Day run - 9:00 AM
ride - late afternoon
Workout Type  
Distance run - ?
ride - 12 miles?
Time run - 55 min
Equipment Town Bike
Clothing run - shorts, long sleeve active T, hand-held bottle

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