26 November 2013

Howe Street stairs | hot yoga | walk home from bus stop

Okay, believe me when I tell you that stairs are hard as hell when you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE ALL WEEK. I was wicked winded today. Come to think of it, the only aerobic workout I have done in the last three weeks is two sessions on these stairs. Ouch.

Today I walked three (because I was scared that more would be too much for my knee) flights on my own and then connected with Jim Kodjababian for seven more alternation waling with running.

I was prepared for the worst but my knee/IT band survived. I do feel like I am totally and aimlessly treading water though and need some direction for a recovery. Hopefully soon.

on the bright side my knee felt good all day at work and also while walking home from the bus.
I started the stairs with gloves and a hat but they lasted right up to the first runner and then they came off. It really did not feel that cold.

Yoga was a bit of a shock to the system as I have not practiced in a while but I took it easy and the routine was new/fun/challenging so good stuff.

Sleep 5
Waking HR
Body Weight 7:15 AM - 184 lb.
Body Fat
Workout Food water
Time of Day stairs - 5:45 AM
yoga - 5:45 PM
walk - 7:15 PM
Workout Type
Weather mid 30s, dry, calm
Course stairs - Howe Street
Time stairs - 46:24
yoga - 60 min
Distance stairs - 1.8 miles (10 flights)
Equipment stairs - Brooks Launch, Garmin Fenix
walk - Garmin Fenix
Clothing stairs - Brooks 5" Essential Run Short, Brooks Podium LS shirt, Brooks Podium SS shirt

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