18 December 2007

that guy-fully made up and no place to go except out walking the dog

Towards the end of my bike ride yesterday a small group of us were finishing a lap of Mercer Island and we saw a woman walking her dog.

Now say what you will about Mercer Island but it's nothing if not

  • white
  • rich
  • white (oops, I already said that...)
  • inhabited by lots of badly aging empty nesters

And that is exactly what we saw. I believe "fully botoxed" were Dustin V's exact words as we passed this woman who was walking her dog towards us. Let me set the scene.

Fur lined brown jacket, matching (but not fur lined - I don't think) brown pants, matching brown [insert expensive designer name here] handbag daintily perched on one arm, hair (colored to match the outfit so help me god) perfectly sprayed just so, makeup that would stand up to rock concert spotlights and of course skin that was way too smooth for this at least 50 something woman.

Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with trying to keep yourself looking good and doing a little maintenance here and there but this was the full on puffy lips, apply the foundation with a trowel, no one EVER sees me as I really am hideous mask that gives me the creeps.

Two words: let go.

Two more: Jacqueline wannabe

Two more: Martin has an attitude problem

Well that's more than two but you get the idea.

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03 December 2007

Shelley runs the Zappos.com Las Vegas Half Marathon

Shelley just sent me her results from this race today:



I am so impressed! She has not had much time to train at all what with work and her heinous commute and trying to schedule stuff for us to do together around my constant exercising so to only be a couple of seconds slower than the Iron Girl 10 km pace she ran earlier this fall is awesome. Way to go.

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