26 November 2017

pacing Lucca at the Seattle Marathon

Five times! I have run all or part of the Seattle Marathon with Lucca five times. How cool.


I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's so nice to have common interests that bring you and your family closer together. For my sister and I, this interest has been running. In addition to this Marathon, we have also run a couple of ultra trail races together, started two more together, gone on a running "vacation" and I suspect there will be many more. Especially if I can convince her to enter TransRockies with me...

Lucca always seems to have a goal, even if she won't admit it. Today it was to PR on this course and to run sub 3:45. Long story short, we came up short. Looking back, we were due as every previous run here has been a PR and my head was starting to swell from my (self-attributed) pacing skillz. To her credit, once it was obvious the time goal was out of reach, she didn't waste energy dwelling on it and she didn't throw out the anchor either; she just continued at a manageable pace and still got 3rd in her age group. Damn.

I think I was the only participant wearing a running vest. My excuse is that I was carrying all of our nutrition and a camera. Not having to stop at aid stations is huge when you are gunning for a good time. And it paid off in other ways, the weather was unexpectedly nice and as we shed clothing I had a place to stow everything.

Here are some highlights, from my perspective anyway.

Dropping off our bags of clothing at the start. It is VERY nice to have whatever you want at the finish. Kudos to the Boy Scouts for showing up to help with these drop bags.


My personal favorite, the pre-start raingear shot.


In the BRIGHT sun starting to round Seward Park.


Coming up the Lake WA Blvd switchbacks. I suspect this was not Lucca's favorite section but it sure is a pretty section of road.


Entering Interlaken Blvd with less than six miles to go.


Turning into the headwind after crossing I-5.


Special thanks to Lucca's friend Robert (running next to Lucca above) for showing up to share pacing and photographer duties the last six miles. And congratulations Lucca for toughing this one out! You are an inspiration. Here's to a few more events together.


Here are my takeaways from this new course.
  • It's' harder. Be ready for more hills in the first half and that out-and-back in the Arboretum felt like it was all uphill on the way back.
  • I like this course! Climbing the switchbacks on Lake WA Blvd and coming back in the Arboretum isn't easy but it sure is beautiful. And I was never a huge fan of that concrete stretch on I-90...
Here are all my pictures and videos.

Lucca's results
Nutrition (before)

  • water
  • Lucca had some coffee
  • we both had a Hammer Gel 10 minutes before the start
Nutrition (during)
  • Topo Athletic Ultrafly shoes
  • Stance crew length socks
  • long sleeve Craft undershirt
  • long sleeve Topo Athletic shirt
  • Topo Athletic running hat
  • long finger gloves (that came off)
  • wind vest (that came off)
  • Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0

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