30 November 2011

I love Tracy Thorn

Her voice anyway. Everything But The Girl has got to be one of the most remixed bands in the world. Can I get an amen? Plus, I love bands comprised of two people that put out so much damn sound! Think Pet Shop Boys, Kruder & Dorfmeister, etc.

Here are some new songs from Tracy (who's going solo now) that are pretty kick ass. In a down tempo, 4 AM sport of way.

Cougar Mt trail run | core

Yep, I'm a little sore and stiff from yesterday… but it's not too bad so hopefully I will bounce back. And by 'not too bad' I of course mean I'm practically crippled.

Core - pretty much every exercise - was insanely hard today, especially the back extensions. Not sure if I blew up my back doing squats yesterday or what.

29 November 2011

stairs | weights

After missing a week because I hurt my foot running the Grand Ridge trail run it was good(?) to be back on Howe Street. Weird how two weeks can feel like a month.

I woke up way ahead of schedule and since I know how freaking hard that first runner can be I headed down to the stairs early. Warming up felt MUCH better.

At lunch I even hit the iron. Gotta remember to buy some wife beaters

28 November 2011

core | run | walk

Wow, after coming off a period of inactivity and over-eating (in spite of my best efforts…) this holiday season it was hard to hit the gym this AM.

Got in my first run after hurting my foot and it felt okay.

When I got home Shelley wanted to go for a walk so we grabbed our headlamps and headed out. The lake was GLASS, totally smooth. We could hear ducks and the random animal in the woods and the moon was out - amazing night.

27 November 2011


Seems every time I look at Strava someone is riding a freaking century in Maui or setting a PR on some climb so now that I'm finally back from the opulence that is 'Thanksgiving with the family' and my damn foot has healed up from my last run it's time to ride!

I was WAY motivated. So what if it was raining. So what if it was cold. So what if it was windy. I WAS GOING TO RIDE.

23 November 2011

there's 'sick' and then there's SICK

And then there is just fun to watch because this is neither of those things. Besides, that term is so worn out. This is insanely entertaining, supremely fascinating, phenomenally skillful, unbelievably flexible shit. And when I say 'shit' I of course mean dancing. Who doesn't like dancing? Losers, that's who. And who doesn't like breakdancing? Uncultured losers, that's who.

Stand back.

Did I mention that song? CATCHY. I love it.

22 November 2011


Take it from me; 26 miles over 4500' of elevation gain hurts. Especially when you aggravate an existing injury. Way back when I hurt my foot mountain biking and this run made that flare up. Rats.

But, I got a massage yesterday from Mobility+ Healthcare and that helped a LOT.

Core was hard today; like I had not done it in a while which is true. Go figure.

20 November 2011


Holy hate. My legs are wrecked. Yesterday's run really took it out of me.

Today Shelley and walked down to our new house to check on the progress and then walked back home.

Just when I thought my legs might start to feel better they did not. Any little change in elevation made my quads sing out. Yikes.

19 November 2011

Grand Ridge Marathon trail run

I learned a lot today and had a few things that I already knew reinforced today.

  • Increasing your running distance from 20 to 26 miles is hard. Especially when there is 4200+ feet of elevation gain involved.
  • Eating only gel for over four hours will mess with your guts.
  • Courses that are loops which you repeat are not as fun as one big loop or one out-and-back.
  • Singletrack is called that for a reason. When you try to stuff tons of people going both directions on it things get interesting.
  • Merino wool is a damn nice fabric for running.
  • As laid back as the running community seems compared to bicycle racing, people will still do anything to gain an edge.
  • If you want to do an event, make sure you actually register.
  • Nipples are not the only thing you can chafe while running.

17 November 2011

core | commute | run

Had a great day in the gym! Gotta like that. Then the weather was great for my ride into work and I'm all over that. Then I went for a lunch run and the rain held off. Greatness abounds.

Time to buy a lottery ticket I guess.

16 November 2011

cardio | walk

Big switch up! Martin goes indoors and tries an activity he has not done in months.

15 November 2011

core | commute | run

Ouch…! Once again I did not get enough sleep. I got all wound up last night, jumped into bed and sorta kinda drifted off to sleep. Obviously my brain was working overtime on all the stuff that had wound me up because I woke up at about 1:30 thinking about a million different things and that was pretty much all she wrote. Sucks.

14 November 2011


Jim K was not going to be free Tuesday so we moved stairs to Monday. Fine with me as I have not done anything for two days. Part of the big taper I guess.

My left knee has been bothering my just a little since my fall one week ago. It's not bad but it does nag. I sure hope that goes away 100% by this weekend.

13 November 2011

See Hovding In Action!

Oh my f'ing god. Is this for real? I guess it had to happen sooner or later; check out this inflatable (like a car air bag!) bicycle helmet.

Mike Tyson Quotes: The Song

Genius manifests itself in many ways. Many of those happen to be visible on YouTube. Including this video here by Just Dave:

11 November 2011

Cougar Mt run

Here it is, my last 'long' run prior to Martin's big, fat, fall running event. GO.

Can I just say that today was perhaps the most incredible fall day ever? The ground was dry, the leaves were freaking falling constantly while we were running and the trail was covered in a carpet of gold. So pretty.

10 November 2011

core | commute

I had a great core day! Finally.

After my two falls mountain biking late this summer it not only set me back in terms of cycling in general but also in terms of being able to do the core work that allows me to ride a bike in the first place. So it has been hugely satisfying to be able to do exercises like the side plank, push-ups and twisters again that up until just a couple of days ago were too painful to perform.


Ever feel like there is a whole shitload of stuff you have to do just to be able to do the stuff you really want to do…? I do. Constantly.

just because you are in college does not mean you are smart

I was listening to NPR this morning on the way to the gym and they were saying that Joe Paterno got fired as football coach of Penn State.

Sounds logical to me. From what I can tell assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been abusing boys for over a decade and not only did Penn State folks know about it, it appears that Joe lied and said he did not know. He also never contacted the appropriate authorities when he learned what Sandusky was doing. Nice.

The NPR story said students on the Penn State campus are protesting the firing. I guess I can understand how if you have tons of team spirit and love football you might want the dynasty to continue. But the story also said they were rioting. Hello…?

Let me spell it out for you.


Seriously, just think about it for one minute and ask yourself why exactly you are getting all agro and turning over cars and being a huge dumbass.

What's that? You don't know? I thought so.

The one ray of light is a quote by some Penn State official I heard on NPR (forgot who it was…). They said that it was understandable that students might want to protest. In fact, that was the American way and the Penn State way but it did not change that what Paterno did was wrong and that he needed to be let go immediately. Right on.

Actually… you're the one that's dumb.

We've all dreamed of being there with that perfect one-liner to shut down the local village idiot, right? This is a perfect example.


I like MADDERer MEN.

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09 November 2011

core | run | commute

My mind is playing tricks on me!

I got to the gym hoping Thom W would be up for a run and he was so I hurried through my core routine and headed up to the cardio loft.

No sooner had we started than Thom declares he is going for 45 minutes. Whoa… 45 minutes you say?! We usually only run for 30 but this sounded exciting so let's GO.

I'm cruising along, doing fine, then 30 minutes comes and goes and my motivation takes a freaking nosedive! In the last 15 minutes I stopped three times! Not because my legs were tired or because it was that hard to breath, my head was just not in it. I. Checked. Out.

08 November 2011

stairs | commute | core

Oh sleep, where art thou?

Just another night of waking up at a completely retarded (is that okay to say in this case?) hour.

movies really are the new pictures

You know the expression,' A picture is worth a thousand words."? Well let me just say that a movie is worth a boat load of pictures.

It seems like a lifetime ago now but back in 2003 I competed participated in La Ruta de los Conquistadores and the memories are still vividly etched in my brain. I just saw this movie of stage four and it brought them all flooding back.

06 November 2011

Tiger Mt trail run - Cottage Cheese loop round 2

And… here we go.

For the third weekend in a row Martin tries to run long. Two weeks ago it was my first time on the 'Cottage Cheese' Tiger Mt loop, last week it was a run on Cougar Mt and today I'm back on Tiger. So far these longer outings have not been easy. I seem to do fine for 10, even 15 miles but then anything longer is a chore. How do you make longer runs easier? You do more of them. Shit… I should be a coach.

Sound the charge.

05 November 2011

smoothie 2.0

Boy do I love smoothies… always have. But, ever since I started leaning Paleo, some (read: most) of the original ingredients are off limits.

Here then is Martin's new, revised smoothie recipe.
  • Three (sometimes four) pieces of fruit. That's right… sometimes four! Usually one or two bananas, an apple and a pear. Peaches or nectarines or kiwi are awesome substitutes when they are in season.
  • One heavy pour of Udo's Oil.
  • Some coconut milk.
  • A small handful of walnuts.
  • A small handful of almonds. Hey, Costco has both.
  • One scoop of CytoSport chocolate whey protein powder.
  • One scoop of CytoSport vanilla whey protein powder. Hey Costco has them both.
  • One ground up multi-vitamin.
  • One ground up iron supplement.
  • One ground up vitamin C tablet.
  • One ground up Glucosamine tablet.
  • One fish oil capsule (probably redundant with the Udo's Oil).
  • One vitamin D capsule.
  • Some frozen berries.
  • Water.
I have this breakfast very regularly. Is that a good thing? Perhaps not as all that fruit contains a lot of sugar. But I keep telling myself that since I'm trying this Paleo thing I'm probably getting way less sugar in my diet than most people. I mean how do four pieces of fruit and some berries compare to a can of soda? Or a candy bar?

Here you go.

20 oz. soda (because most people don't drink just 12) - 65 g

4 pieces of fruit and some berries - 80 g

Guess I was wrong. But my smoothie does have a much higher nutritional value than soda. So there.
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Black Diamond MTB ride

Last night while prepping my bike I was again impressed by how beautifully simple a fully rigid singe speed ride is. Here is what was on the to do list so my bike would be ready to ride:

  • pump up tires
  • wipe off and oil chain

Oh, I guess I'm done.

Today some friends (Justin A, Bill H) and I met another guy (Brett) for a mountain bike ride down at Black Diamond. It's incredible but in all my years here in the NW I have never ridden there so I was pretty excited.

04 November 2011


I tried to sleep in and it didn't work so well. So much for optimal rest.

So instead on the way home when I saw this guy up the road on a hill I drilled it and caught him. This of course set off the inevitable game of I-can-go-faster-than-you-and-not-look-like-I'm-working-very-hard. As we turned onto Interlaken he (on a geared bike) zoomed ahead. When we started climbing again I caught him pretty quick and passed him but this time he killed himself to hold my wheel. I was pretty maxed out on my town bike with tennis shoes and so once we got rolling on 19th where it's flatter he passed me again and this time he made it stick. Ouch.

Good times.

03 November 2011

core | run | commute

Got in a full core routine today; it felt good from the perspective that I needed it but it was not easy in that I had not done this in a while. Got it? Good.

I also managed to squeeze in a run this AM and discovered - for the umpteenth time - that exercising without food is no fun. Lesson learned? Hardly.

02 November 2011

01 November 2011

stairs | commute

It's November, must be time for stairs.

For the last umpteen years friends (these days it's pretty much just Jim K) and I have been running stairs in the fall and winter to mix it up and to cross train for cycling. Today was the first day.

Yes, I have been hitting the stairs a fair bit already but not running. And not so soon after a big effort. Ouch.