30 November 2013

hot yoga

After Thursday's jog and yesterday's aborted stair workout it seemed prudent to not push it. Breathe Hot Yoga to the rescue.

I am not sleeping well. My brain is way too busy at night.

29 November 2013

Howe Street stairs

Originally I was thinking I'd like to join TNAB for their annual Turkey Burner hike. I posed this plan to Shelley and she gave me 'the look' and I have to say she was right. I tend to push too much too soon and this would have been a disaster in hindsight.

So I opted for a workout that would let me bail at any time. I was hoping to log one hour today but my knee would not cooperate so I pulled the plug and went home. I'm probably being overly optimistic about what my IT band is capable of. As usual.

Great morning though, not too cold and dry and peaceful.

28 November 2013

Lake WA Blvd walk/jog/walk

Last year around this time I was getting ready to pace my sister at the Seattle Marathon. Even just one month ago I still held out hope that I would be able to do it again but unfortunately this year things are different.

My sister and her husband are spending a few days with us for the holiday and for my father's birthday which is pretty cool. It seems like we don't see Lucca much. This afternoon she wanted to get in a short shakedown run and I impulsively joined her. She was just heading down Lake WA Blvd and back so I figured I could bag running and walk if my knee started to hurt.

Well it didn't hurt. And I actually jogged for about 2.5 miles at a 9:10 pace. And when we did meet her husband on the way back and started walking it kept on not hurting. I was so elated I took them on a detour up some stairs and through a park on the way home. Still no hurting.

That isn't to say I couldn't feel my knee, but I'm positive I did not overdo it today. Never has running at 9:10 felt so good and made me so happy.

27 November 2013

core | walk home from bus stop

Core workouts are starting to feel good again! As in I am getting a little stronger.

My knee felt totally fine walking home today. Nice. I also got off work a bit early due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Not a bad day. Did I mention it wasn't raining? Oh yeah.

26 November 2013

Howe Street stairs | hot yoga | walk home from bus stop

Okay, believe me when I tell you that stairs are hard as hell when you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE ALL WEEK. I was wicked winded today. Come to think of it, the only aerobic workout I have done in the last three weeks is two sessions on these stairs. Ouch.

Today I walked three (because I was scared that more would be too much for my knee) flights on my own and then connected with Jim Kodjababian for seven more alternation waling with running.

I was prepared for the worst but my knee/IT band survived. I do feel like I am totally and aimlessly treading water though and need some direction for a recovery. Hopefully soon.

on the bright side my knee felt good all day at work and also while walking home from the bus.

25 November 2013


After a few days of doing nothing and moping around I managed to get to the gym this morning. It's slowly dawning on my that doing anything, even if I can't do the activities that I would if I was healthy, is better than doing nothing. But damn, it is a s l o w dawning.

My cold is pretty much gone now. Whew.

22 November 2013

walk home from bus stop

I must admit I do think it's pretty humorous that I am posting one mile walks in a training diary that ostensibly is for an endurance athlete. Just over three months ago a 10 mile run was a 'short' run and now I feel like a contestant on The Biggest Loser or something where the challenge is just to do anything active on a regular basis. No, I don't feel fat but yes, my self-esteem is low.

Anna Frost says it better than I can

As I struggle with my worst injury to date I am finding that EVERYTHING is affected.

It isn't just my self-esteem, it's my relationship with my wife, my ability to have fun doing other stuff, my attitude toward food, even my ability to watch others do something athletic or to read the online training diaries and blogs I used to frequent. Even uploading my (pitiful compared to what I used to do) workouts to athletic social networks and online training diaries is hard as I can see what I used to do and what others are doing. It's been shocking really how much I identify as an 'athlete' and how un-whole I feel when I can't live up to that self-imposed standard.

21 November 2013


Made it to the gym again and my cold is improving even more. Whew, not sure why I get hit so hard with these annual colds but I'm glad I'm getting better.

I tried to keep ALL walking to a minimum today. My left knee is still sore. My knee is to the point where I have stopped doing my leg extensions as just bending my knee repeatedly with no weight on the leg at all hurts. Seems almost comical to me at this point.

20 November 2013

core | walk home from bus stop

My cold continues to improve and my knee continues to get worse and worse. Just walking on he FLAT GROUND hurt today and going down the stairs in our house this morning so I could head to the gym was an arduous process.

Obviously yesterday was too much even though it didn't feel that bad at the time.


19 November 2013

Howe Street stairs | walk home from bus stop

Dang. I'm just now feeling like I can do anything after a cold wiped me out for almost an entire week. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so religious about getting a flu shot...

On the stairs it felt like I was breathing through one of those tiny stirring straws you get at McDonald's. Not. Big. Enough. Obviously I am not totally over this cold. And surprise surprise, my left knee is still fucked up. I felt it twinge some on the stairs but then it got slightly better so I finished the workout. During the course of the day it just kept getting worse and worse and walking home was not fun.

I'm not out, just kinda down currently.

13 November 2013

core | walk home from bus stop

I decided that since I have not yoga in a while and have not done my core work in a long while it was time to check in. The verdict? Ouch!

Guess what, time off makes exercise harder.

Pretty much every core exercise that I used to go was harder especially the side plank, side leg lifts and push-ups.

Then as the day wore on I got a cold. It was one of the fastest progressions from healthy to sick that I have ever experienced. In the AM I'm fine, by lunch my throat is sore and by the time I walked home I was hating life and wanting to take tomorrow off from work with aches and that awesome (not) 'hot' feeling.


12 November 2013

Howe Street stairs

Dang it, dang it, dang it...

My IT band still has not fully recovered from last Saturday's ride and with a couple of flights to go it flared up.

So much for riding to work.

On the bright side, these conditions are perfect for stairs. Not so cold that you need gloves or a hat and not so warm that you overheat.

09 November 2013

carnation ride

Today I (once again!) found out just how much is too much for my IT band/left knee.

From previous experience I know that I can ride three hours if the pace is not wicked fast. Looking for something longer and wanting company I did a bit of research meaning I talked to Jim Kodjababian last Tuesday when we were doing stairs and asked him what the Saturday Fisher Plumbing Cycling Team ride was like. Jim said it would not be fast so I hooked up with Rick Benson the ride organizer, got the start time/location and showed up.

Boy was I wrong, on ALL counts.

DISCLAIMER - I also found out I all too easily fall into the role of salty old cycling know-it-all; aka the guy that thinks he's constantly right and can't give the new guy a break. Oh well, I choose not to fight my assigned role in the grand scheme of things.

08 November 2013

Howe Street stairs | walk

I think I had some inner demons to work out today as I was on a roll and just kept going.

At first I just wanted to get in a solid 30 minutes and then I figured why not go for 40 and then I figured why not just round up and try for 60. I did it. I started to feel my left knee with about three flights to go but it never hurt so I finished up the workout.

I walked all the flights today, two steps at a time at a brisk pace with no fucking around at the top or bottom. And I carried a water bottle the whole time to further 'enhance efficiency' (or whatever).

All day I was worried that my IT band would flare up but it didn't and walking home from the bus actually seemed to make everything feel better.


07 November 2013

hot yoga

Breathe Hot Yoga again, this is a great place. Lots of sustained lunges and chair pose today, not easy but good stuff.

I was too tired to hit he gym/stairs/etc. this morning. I have not been sleeping so hot. Life stresses and all that...

06 November 2013


Gym time!

Another day of eccentric leg exercises because I can't run. A little heavier today and guess what, heavier is harder... I know!

05 November 2013

Howe Street stairs | bike commute

After realizing that it is still SO easy to overdo it when it comes to impact activities last Saturday I rested up and went back out to try these stairs one more time. Thank goodness today was much better.

Today was also the first day of stairs with Jim Kodjababian who has been my training partner here for the last umpteen winters. We always start in November, add one flight per week and stop when we hit 15 which is usually sometime in February as we invariably miss one week (and sometimes two) because of the holidays.

As always, we started the 'stair season' with four flights. alternating walking one flight two steps at a time and running one flight two steps at a time.

Just like last winter I managed to show up early and sneak in six walking flights prior to hooking up with Jim to make this a more substantial workout. Today was my first time running these since last winter and holy cow does that spike your heart rate...

Training partners are good to have.

04 November 2013

weights | Expresso exercise bike | hot yoga | walk

Today was my first day of trying to lift weights like my PT told me to. The goal is to maximize the eccentric contraction so I push with both legs and then return the weight with one leg. How did it go?

I. Am. Weak.

On the bright side, when you start at the bottom it's easy to improve.


03 November 2013

shopping in the International District

Tonight Shelley wanted to try this yummy sounding Mahogany Chicken (but more authentic than this recipe) so we figured why not head down to the International District and shop for ingredients. And since it was such a gorgeous day, why not walk!

It was beautiful out and came home via the bike path which offered up some really cool views of Seattle and Beacon Hill that I have not seen (at a walking speed anyway) before.

The Seahawks were playing, the fans were LOUD and it was so good to be outside.


02 November 2013

hot yoga

What a letdown.

Just as I thought I was recovering I get a dose of reality. Friday I went for a little treadmill run and it felt reasonable. As soon as I experienced any discomfort I shut it down. I was a little sore after but walking home from work actually made my knee feel better. So this morning I went to the Howe Street stairs for a workout and I lasted exactly half of one flight.


I guess my IT band got much more irritated than I thought yesterday and I still need to cool it when it comes to impact activities. As usual, I want to rush things and it is taking a super-human (to me anyway) effort to not screw this recovery up.

01 November 2013

treadmill run | walk

First run in a while and it was both good and bad.

Good in that I was able to go slightly longer than last time, bad in that even though I shut it down as soon as it got uncomfortable I could feel my IT band for the rest of the day. Sigh.

At least the effort felt fine.