31 December 2011

Ballard run

Woke up early again today, why does this happen? I was totally relaxed when I went to bed and then after about five minutes my eyes are wide open. Double plus ungood.

The ride plan did not come to fruition so instead I went for a run with Justin A. It has been ages since I 1) ran on the road or 2) went for a run on the road with Justin. It was once again impressed upon me how harsh the pavement is compared to the dirt, how much I have slowed down since my last running race and how much faster Justin is. Still, mostly good times and it was great to catch up.

30 December 2011

taking the zero

Woke up (really) early for the first time in at least a week. :( Some day I will figure out how to get enough sleep. Without medication.

Having not ridden much lately I was all geared up for another super duper indoor training session with the team! We all arrived early, got suited up, but the equipment did not work.

I guess there was some construction going on and so all the trainers and the laptop and the serial port hub were completely disconnected. No amount of plugging out/in, rebooting, power cycling helped and in the end the four people that stayed were riding using someone else's numbers. After 40 minutes of dicking with equipment I opted to go home instead of riding at a random resistance for 20 minutes.


Funny (read: interesting) how this mattered a LOT to me today.

I mean it's just one day of training that I missed but I really wanted to do it.

29 December 2011

UTMB (dare to dream)

Funny how the mind works.

One minute I am surfing YouTube looking at random shit and the next I am freaking riveted by this film here:

Is that beautiful/spectacular/incredibly hard/makes-you-feel-like-you-could-reach-out-and-touch-heaven/all of the above? Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Joe Friel - The Fat-Burning Myth


This is what I'm talking about. Why do people always want to believe that lower intensity will burn more calories?

Nothing against low intensity mind you; just keep it real.


Boy, it was tough to get to the gym today but once I was there the workout was great. My back was a bit sore/weak but otherwise my legs felt strong.

In my head I'd like to increase the weight for squats but why? Just because it seems light compared to what other people do and what I used to do… lame standard I know. My back made me nervous today plus I am able to go really low with this weight and if I increased it I would probably have to stop at 90 degrees.

I am still giving myself very little rest between sets, just enough time to walk 10 steps to the drinking fountain and back. I take more rest between exercises. I think this is the right way to go about lifting for cycling.

28 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer

Yes! I'm back on the bike and it feels great. After spending the the holidays (one day of nothing + four days of running) in Las Vegas I was really missing my bike. Especially since I ran two routes that would have been absolutely primo on two wheels. Sigh. You just can't do it all.

This morning was another session at Cycle University and it was great. My legs felt pretty rested and I hope to turn the corner soon and am optimistic I can increase the wattage next week or soon thereafter.

27 December 2011

Henderson wash run

I was not feeling it today! I guess the company of the past three days spoiled me and when I had to run by myself something was lacking.

Plus, I tried to go a little faster and that plan went over like a lead balloon.

Oh well. Shelley did let me use her Shuffle which was great. Especially since really good songs kept coming on at just the right time. And the sun was out. And it was not windy, And the sky was brilliant blue. I guess it was not so bad after all.

25 December 2011

Lake Mead Tunnel Trail run

After two days of technical singletrack we switched it up and hit the flat doubletrack. Not that I'd want to do this very often but it was a nice change and for sure I like being on new trails.

On the agenda today was the Lake Mead Tunnel Trail; so called because it's an old railway grade and you pass through six short tunnels on the way from the parking lot to Lake Mead. And truth be told it's not totally flat. After the last tunnel you go down a gentle grade, past a power station, across a parking lot and then the path turns to concrete and switchbacks down a steep hill to the top level of a parking garage from which you have a super view of Hoover Dam.

Turns out there is even a race that runs along this trail…

One thing that caught my eye was the River Mountain Loop Trail that looked like it would be a kick to ride. According to the big sign/map at the parking lot it's a 31 mile loop (all paved) that runs around River Mountain. Part of it is along Lake Mead, part of it is in the wasteland and part of it is literally along the bottom of a huge, concrete drainage ditch. I think the novelty would be huge. Something to keep in mind for future visits.

24 December 2011

Red Rock Canyon trail run

Fantastic trails? Check.
Beautiful day? Check
Brilliant sunshine? Check.
Great company? check.
Amazing scenery? Check.
Warm enough to take my shirt off after two miles and actually get some much needed vitamin D? CHECK.

23 December 2011

Bootleg Canyon trail run

When I think of Las Vegas I do NOT think of great running trails but oh how wrong I am.

Shelley and I are visiting family in Henderson, NV and it turns out there is an amazing little mountain bike park in Bootleg Canyon just outside of Boulder City which is only 11 miles away. Done.

22 December 2011


I added more weight today… I think I'm pretty close to the max I want to lift now. Maybe I'm already there?

It was a good workout, very little rest between sets which is exactly what I want.

21 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer

Slept okay. Woke up early but this allowed me to eat something prior working out.

The usual gang was all here for our CompuTrainer workout at Cycle University, and what a good crowd it was.

Dawn Patrol at Cycle University.

20 December 2011

stairs | weights

Yes. Today was a good day on the stairs.

I wasn't especially fast but the first runner felt surprisingly good as did the last one.

Jim K also had a super day and kept pushing me each time up and did not rest nearly as much as usual. Go, go, go!

And in the gym? Why thanks for asking… Martin did indeed have a banner workout there too.

19 December 2011


Lackluster morning, lackluster motivation but I made it to the gym and had a reasonable core workout so surprise, surprise.

A second workout was not in the cards today.

18 December 2011

Squak Mt trail run | Gold Creek Pond snowshoe

I was looking forward to this day but after pummeling my legs so much yesterday I was a little weary or how I would feel. Luckily I had this to look forward to later.


17 December 2011

FareStart team ride

At some point riding a single speed bicycle with geared bikes gets stupid. I think I reached that point today.

Things were going okay until we hit Tiger Mt and then it was weight lifting pure and simple. We're talking a full body workout and I was paper-boying all over the damn road. Once over the top the majority vote was to turn around and do it again. You could hear my legs breaking from miles away.

16 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer | core

Finally got some sleep.

Did it help? Not really, my legs were pretty tired this AM. Oh well.

We had another full house at Cycle University today for round four(?) of our CompuTrainer session. Nice.

15 December 2011

weights | run


After finally getting over the soreness of lifting I started to increase the weights this week. Tuesday I added some weight and today I added a wee bit more. I have been trying to keep the rest between sets to an absolute minimum as my goal is not to get bigger or lift much more, rather it's to build muscle endurance. Today was kinda tough. :)

14 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer | commute

Argh… I overestimated my ability/fitness today.

Last week at Cycle University setting my threshold power at 310 watts seemed fine so this week I tried 320. Not. I got the first interval done but just barely and had to stop pedaling for roughly three seconds about three minutes from the end just to give my legs a break. I then foolishly started the second interval at the same threshold setting (perhaps I was hoping I had 'warmed up'…?) and about nine minutes in I came apart.

First I dropped the threshold power to 310 but I still had to quit pedaling about FIVE times for a couple of seconds each time during this second 20 minute interval. Rats.

Lesson learned? Probably not but we can always hope.


13 December 2011

stairs | weights

It's big double workout Tuesday day! And so far I still have the energy to get it done.

Thanks again to Jim K who shows up year after year for this stair workout - doing these alone is perhaps harder than any other solo workout for me.

12 December 2011


Except for that insanely fast descent yesterday aggravating the damn injury in my right foot I feel fine today. A little tired but fine.

11 December 2011

Squak Mt trail run

Woke up feeling a little heavy, holiday parties (with lots of wine) will do that to you.

Today is my first outing with the Seattle Running Club and my first substantial trial run in over two weeks. I can't wait.

10 December 2011

Fall City on a single speed

First team ride for me in ages. And damn is it cold outside.

I met the 'boys' at the Leschi Starbucks (probably the most popular meeting spot for bike rides in all of Seattle) and off we went.

I was a wee bit concerned about the two climbs on the agenda today being on my single speed but it turns out I did fine.

09 December 2011

Cycle U indoor trainer session | core

Another great morning at Cycle University! Today I was again joined by Ryan D and this time time Tony B, Corrie M and Aaron (a new guy who's last name I have yet to learn) were there as well.

We did a solid hour of work today that was comprised of four 8-minute intervals which hovered around 90% of threshold and then one longer interval that was about 80%.

08 December 2011


Had a good session in the gym today and am finally over the initial soreness of starting this regime so next week I will be able to try adding some weight. For the record, it took four days of lifting over the course of two weeks for me get to this point. Sheesh.

I had planned on going for a run at lunch but just did not have the motivation so bagged it. I felt strangely liberated…

07 December 2011

Cycle U indoor trainer session | core

Note to self. If you are plan to ride a bike on a trainer, make sure you have a bike built up.

Since Shelley and I are going to move in three months we have already started putting stuff in storage my father's basement. For me that would include several bicycles. Of note, it included all my geared bikes. What to do? I took my single speed bike and put it on the CompuTrainer.

You know what? it worked out pretty well. Nice.

06 December 2011

stairs | weights

Boom! Another good day on the stairs, I'm loving it. Of course by 'good day on the stairs' I mean I was sucking some ragged wind at the top of the last runner but it was tolerable and I never slowed to a walk. Everything is relative. :)

05 December 2011

core | treadmill run

What a great day! Core felt good, my run felt excellent and that was after two hard rides over the weekend.

Easy runs are supposed to feel easy and that's exactly what today was. my breathing was relaxed, my footfalls felt light, what a fantastic feeling.

04 December 2011

snowshoe | fixed gear ride

What a great day! The sun was out, it wasn't windy and there was plenty of snow in the mountains and none in the city.

So logically Shelley and I had to play in the snow and then I had to go for a ride. Done.



03 December 2011

fixed gear ride

Jeff R and I have been talking for ages about riding fixed gear bikes together and we finally got our shit organized today. Yes. As a bonus we were joined by RC R and Greg and Suzie K. Good times.

Today is literally my second ride of any length on any bike other than my Town Bike since switching over to running so I was pretty psyched.

02 December 2011


Oh. My. GOD. I woke up at 1:00 AM and could not get back to sleep. Ridiculous. On the upside I got to the gym promptly at 5. Is that even an upside?

Core felt better today than Wednesday so that's good.

And since I had plenty of time after I indulged in about 20 minutes of stretching. There just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done.

Now to get ready for the crash I will experience at 2:00 PM.

01 December 2011

weights | commute | trainer

Not surprisingly it appears I went way too hard in the gym on Tuesday. Sigh. Some people (read: me) never learn. I put the same weight on the bar for squats and almost collapsed. It wasn't that my legs had not strength, it was that I was so tight/sore and they practically could not support me. Good times.

So I immediately swallowed my pride and took 30 lb. off the bar. Whew.

30 November 2011

I love Tracy Thorn

Her voice anyway. Everything But The Girl has got to be one of the most remixed bands in the world. Can I get an amen? Plus, I love bands comprised of two people that put out so much damn sound! Think Pet Shop Boys, Kruder & Dorfmeister, etc.

Here are some new songs from Tracy (who's going solo now) that are pretty kick ass. In a down tempo, 4 AM sport of way.

Cougar Mt trail run | core

Yep, I'm a little sore and stiff from yesterday… but it's not too bad so hopefully I will bounce back. And by 'not too bad' I of course mean I'm practically crippled.

Core - pretty much every exercise - was insanely hard today, especially the back extensions. Not sure if I blew up my back doing squats yesterday or what.

29 November 2011

stairs | weights

After missing a week because I hurt my foot running the Grand Ridge trail run it was good(?) to be back on Howe Street. Weird how two weeks can feel like a month.

I woke up way ahead of schedule and since I know how freaking hard that first runner can be I headed down to the stairs early. Warming up felt MUCH better.

At lunch I even hit the iron. Gotta remember to buy some wife beaters

28 November 2011

core | run | walk

Wow, after coming off a period of inactivity and over-eating (in spite of my best efforts…) this holiday season it was hard to hit the gym this AM.

Got in my first run after hurting my foot and it felt okay.

When I got home Shelley wanted to go for a walk so we grabbed our headlamps and headed out. The lake was GLASS, totally smooth. We could hear ducks and the random animal in the woods and the moon was out - amazing night.

27 November 2011


Seems every time I look at Strava someone is riding a freaking century in Maui or setting a PR on some climb so now that I'm finally back from the opulence that is 'Thanksgiving with the family' and my damn foot has healed up from my last run it's time to ride!

I was WAY motivated. So what if it was raining. So what if it was cold. So what if it was windy. I WAS GOING TO RIDE.

23 November 2011

there's 'sick' and then there's SICK

And then there is just fun to watch because this is neither of those things. Besides, that term is so worn out. This is insanely entertaining, supremely fascinating, phenomenally skillful, unbelievably flexible shit. And when I say 'shit' I of course mean dancing. Who doesn't like dancing? Losers, that's who. And who doesn't like breakdancing? Uncultured losers, that's who.

Stand back.

Did I mention that song? CATCHY. I love it.

22 November 2011


Take it from me; 26 miles over 4500' of elevation gain hurts. Especially when you aggravate an existing injury. Way back when I hurt my foot mountain biking and this run made that flare up. Rats.

But, I got a massage yesterday from Mobility+ Healthcare and that helped a LOT.

Core was hard today; like I had not done it in a while which is true. Go figure.

20 November 2011


Holy hate. My legs are wrecked. Yesterday's run really took it out of me.

Today Shelley and walked down to our new house to check on the progress and then walked back home.

Just when I thought my legs might start to feel better they did not. Any little change in elevation made my quads sing out. Yikes.

19 November 2011

Grand Ridge Marathon trail run

I learned a lot today and had a few things that I already knew reinforced today.

  • Increasing your running distance from 20 to 26 miles is hard. Especially when there is 4200+ feet of elevation gain involved.
  • Eating only gel for over four hours will mess with your guts.
  • Courses that are loops which you repeat are not as fun as one big loop or one out-and-back.
  • Singletrack is called that for a reason. When you try to stuff tons of people going both directions on it things get interesting.
  • Merino wool is a damn nice fabric for running.
  • As laid back as the running community seems compared to bicycle racing, people will still do anything to gain an edge.
  • If you want to do an event, make sure you actually register.
  • Nipples are not the only thing you can chafe while running.

17 November 2011

core | commute | run

Had a great day in the gym! Gotta like that. Then the weather was great for my ride into work and I'm all over that. Then I went for a lunch run and the rain held off. Greatness abounds.

Time to buy a lottery ticket I guess.

16 November 2011

cardio | walk

Big switch up! Martin goes indoors and tries an activity he has not done in months.

15 November 2011

core | commute | run

Ouch…! Once again I did not get enough sleep. I got all wound up last night, jumped into bed and sorta kinda drifted off to sleep. Obviously my brain was working overtime on all the stuff that had wound me up because I woke up at about 1:30 thinking about a million different things and that was pretty much all she wrote. Sucks.

14 November 2011


Jim K was not going to be free Tuesday so we moved stairs to Monday. Fine with me as I have not done anything for two days. Part of the big taper I guess.

My left knee has been bothering my just a little since my fall one week ago. It's not bad but it does nag. I sure hope that goes away 100% by this weekend.

13 November 2011

See Hovding In Action!

Oh my f'ing god. Is this for real? I guess it had to happen sooner or later; check out this inflatable (like a car air bag!) bicycle helmet.

Mike Tyson Quotes: The Song

Genius manifests itself in many ways. Many of those happen to be visible on YouTube. Including this video here by Just Dave:

11 November 2011

Cougar Mt run

Here it is, my last 'long' run prior to Martin's big, fat, fall running event. GO.

Can I just say that today was perhaps the most incredible fall day ever? The ground was dry, the leaves were freaking falling constantly while we were running and the trail was covered in a carpet of gold. So pretty.

10 November 2011

core | commute

I had a great core day! Finally.

After my two falls mountain biking late this summer it not only set me back in terms of cycling in general but also in terms of being able to do the core work that allows me to ride a bike in the first place. So it has been hugely satisfying to be able to do exercises like the side plank, push-ups and twisters again that up until just a couple of days ago were too painful to perform.


Ever feel like there is a whole shitload of stuff you have to do just to be able to do the stuff you really want to do…? I do. Constantly.

just because you are in college does not mean you are smart

I was listening to NPR this morning on the way to the gym and they were saying that Joe Paterno got fired as football coach of Penn State.

Sounds logical to me. From what I can tell assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been abusing boys for over a decade and not only did Penn State folks know about it, it appears that Joe lied and said he did not know. He also never contacted the appropriate authorities when he learned what Sandusky was doing. Nice.

The NPR story said students on the Penn State campus are protesting the firing. I guess I can understand how if you have tons of team spirit and love football you might want the dynasty to continue. But the story also said they were rioting. Hello…?

Let me spell it out for you.


Seriously, just think about it for one minute and ask yourself why exactly you are getting all agro and turning over cars and being a huge dumbass.

What's that? You don't know? I thought so.

The one ray of light is a quote by some Penn State official I heard on NPR (forgot who it was…). They said that it was understandable that students might want to protest. In fact, that was the American way and the Penn State way but it did not change that what Paterno did was wrong and that he needed to be let go immediately. Right on.

Actually… you're the one that's dumb.

We've all dreamed of being there with that perfect one-liner to shut down the local village idiot, right? This is a perfect example.


I like MADDERer MEN.

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09 November 2011

core | run | commute

My mind is playing tricks on me!

I got to the gym hoping Thom W would be up for a run and he was so I hurried through my core routine and headed up to the cardio loft.

No sooner had we started than Thom declares he is going for 45 minutes. Whoa… 45 minutes you say?! We usually only run for 30 but this sounded exciting so let's GO.

I'm cruising along, doing fine, then 30 minutes comes and goes and my motivation takes a freaking nosedive! In the last 15 minutes I stopped three times! Not because my legs were tired or because it was that hard to breath, my head was just not in it. I. Checked. Out.

08 November 2011

stairs | commute | core

Oh sleep, where art thou?

Just another night of waking up at a completely retarded (is that okay to say in this case?) hour.

movies really are the new pictures

You know the expression,' A picture is worth a thousand words."? Well let me just say that a movie is worth a boat load of pictures.

It seems like a lifetime ago now but back in 2003 I competed participated in La Ruta de los Conquistadores and the memories are still vividly etched in my brain. I just saw this movie of stage four and it brought them all flooding back.

06 November 2011

Tiger Mt trail run - Cottage Cheese loop round 2

And… here we go.

For the third weekend in a row Martin tries to run long. Two weeks ago it was my first time on the 'Cottage Cheese' Tiger Mt loop, last week it was a run on Cougar Mt and today I'm back on Tiger. So far these longer outings have not been easy. I seem to do fine for 10, even 15 miles but then anything longer is a chore. How do you make longer runs easier? You do more of them. Shit… I should be a coach.

Sound the charge.

05 November 2011

smoothie 2.0

Boy do I love smoothies… always have. But, ever since I started leaning Paleo, some (read: most) of the original ingredients are off limits.

Here then is Martin's new, revised smoothie recipe.
  • Three (sometimes four) pieces of fruit. That's right… sometimes four! Usually one or two bananas, an apple and a pear. Peaches or nectarines or kiwi are awesome substitutes when they are in season.
  • One heavy pour of Udo's Oil.
  • Some coconut milk.
  • A small handful of walnuts.
  • A small handful of almonds. Hey, Costco has both.
  • One scoop of CytoSport chocolate whey protein powder.
  • One scoop of CytoSport vanilla whey protein powder. Hey Costco has them both.
  • One ground up multi-vitamin.
  • One ground up iron supplement.
  • One ground up vitamin C tablet.
  • One ground up Glucosamine tablet.
  • One fish oil capsule (probably redundant with the Udo's Oil).
  • One vitamin D capsule.
  • Some frozen berries.
  • Water.
I have this breakfast very regularly. Is that a good thing? Perhaps not as all that fruit contains a lot of sugar. But I keep telling myself that since I'm trying this Paleo thing I'm probably getting way less sugar in my diet than most people. I mean how do four pieces of fruit and some berries compare to a can of soda? Or a candy bar?

Here you go.

20 oz. soda (because most people don't drink just 12) - 65 g

4 pieces of fruit and some berries - 80 g

Guess I was wrong. But my smoothie does have a much higher nutritional value than soda. So there.
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Black Diamond MTB ride

Last night while prepping my bike I was again impressed by how beautifully simple a fully rigid singe speed ride is. Here is what was on the to do list so my bike would be ready to ride:

  • pump up tires
  • wipe off and oil chain

Oh, I guess I'm done.

Today some friends (Justin A, Bill H) and I met another guy (Brett) for a mountain bike ride down at Black Diamond. It's incredible but in all my years here in the NW I have never ridden there so I was pretty excited.

04 November 2011


I tried to sleep in and it didn't work so well. So much for optimal rest.

So instead on the way home when I saw this guy up the road on a hill I drilled it and caught him. This of course set off the inevitable game of I-can-go-faster-than-you-and-not-look-like-I'm-working-very-hard. As we turned onto Interlaken he (on a geared bike) zoomed ahead. When we started climbing again I caught him pretty quick and passed him but this time he killed himself to hold my wheel. I was pretty maxed out on my town bike with tennis shoes and so once we got rolling on 19th where it's flatter he passed me again and this time he made it stick. Ouch.

Good times.

03 November 2011

core | run | commute

Got in a full core routine today; it felt good from the perspective that I needed it but it was not easy in that I had not done this in a while. Got it? Good.

I also managed to squeeze in a run this AM and discovered - for the umpteenth time - that exercising without food is no fun. Lesson learned? Hardly.

02 November 2011

01 November 2011

stairs | commute

It's November, must be time for stairs.

For the last umpteen years friends (these days it's pretty much just Jim K) and I have been running stairs in the fall and winter to mix it up and to cross train for cycling. Today was the first day.

Yes, I have been hitting the stairs a fair bit already but not running. And not so soon after a big effort. Ouch.

31 October 2011

core | commute

After a hard effort you are supposed to take it easy, right? So that's what I did.

I slept as late as possible, got the IMA at lunch and took it slow on my ride to and from work. Okay, that's a lie, I love going fast to work but it's all downhill.

30 October 2011

SCOTT Cougar Mountain 20

Yesterday? Sun and low to mid 50s. Today? Rain and upper 40s.

But I Need to keep reminding myself of where I live and not to complain. Still, it was coming down hard this morning when I woke up.

Yesterday I was actually nervous. For sure I am not immune to race-day jitters but this was amplified and included apprehension of the unknown. Only once in my life have I run this far and that ONE time was last weekend when I ran 19. My longest run prior to last weekend? About 15 miles. On deck today was the last race in the SCOTT Cougar Mountain Trail Run series. Most everyone else was probably going to do the 50k but they added a 20 mile option which seemed perfect (read: doable) for me. Party on.

28 October 2011

Go Beyond The Cover

I am a huge of the big reveal and this video does it in spades.

Discovery Park run

Wind. Out. Of. Sails.

That pretty much sums up this morning's run.

I was going to meet Gabe T and Justin A at Cougar Mt for 10+ miles but then last night Gabe sent a text saying he had an 8:30 work meeting so he was gone. Then this morning Justin sent a text at 6:30 saying he was out on account of his kid having a meltdown. Rats.

Not knowing the Cougar route by heart I opted for Discovery Park and figured I could do two 5-mile loops.

my new favorite songs

It seems like almost every day I hear something and bang! It's my new favorite. I'm so fickle.


It's those vocals! I love 'em. The video? Whatever.

It's so damn catchy!

Not only does this song rule all other songs, the movie Drive kicked the ass of all other movies. Well, mostly all others. And it wasn't so much about driving by the way.

27 October 2011

core | commute

What a day! With only so many nice days in the fall I seized the opportunity to commute by bike and to take the long way home. Nice.

Core work has been extraordinarily tough these last couple of times… funny how you can do the same thing day in and day out and one day it's relatively easy and then one day it's wicked hard.

On my ride it home (I left work at 5) it got dark! That was a lot of fun. I had lights thank goodness and watching the city get all it up as I circled the Magnolia Bluff was very pretty.

26 October 2011


Meh… That was the word for the run this morning. Good thing Thom W was there but our usual animated banter was pretty subdued today.

I was hoping to squeeze in my core routine prior to pounding the bricks (or belt in this case) but I got there sorta late and Thom got there sorta early and since I like company while running more than doing core work I bailed after the plank.

25 October 2011

core | commute

Oh yeah… after my run on Sunday pretty much everything is sore just a little.

And for some reason ALL my core exercises were tough. What gives? I was barely able to finish my leg scissors… Today I was that guy at the gym with the big grimace. :(

At least the commute felt gloria-us.

23 October 2011

Tiger Mt trail run

Lots of firsts for me today.

  • It was my first time running with a vest.
  • It was my first time running with two hand-held bottles.
  • I learned that calluses are not necessarily a good thing.
  • I learned why the loop we did has the name it does.

I wanted a longer run today and that is just what I got. Boom.

22 October 2011

Redmond Watershed trail run

Today was my first ever run with friend and teammate Gabe T and guess what, this guy has serious running roots!

We met up at the Redmond Watershed Preserve and ran a couple of loops and boy are the trails well maintained over here. The main trails are massive, doubletrack but there are also plenty of fun singletrack options. To me it's always funny to see signs of horses so close to the city… Living in Seattle I know Redmond is out there but I never think of horses. Well they obviously come here quite a bit.

21 October 2011

Cougar Mt trail run

Hell yes! Even when I don't feel great (I had two 23 oz beers last night) and even when it's not a bright sunny day, this thing called trail running is pretty damn fun.

Okay, I did skin my knee but after my shower the scrape was embarrassingly small so no biggie. Still, before the shower…? DRAMA.

Trail Running: only real men need apply. For some reason my application is still pending...

19 October 2011

core | run | ride

What a day…! It's so beautiful out.

Today I was multi-sport athlete extraordinaire (in my mind). I went to the gym, did my core routine, ran with my friend Thom W and then after a meeting with our architects and builder got cancelled I decided to go ride my bike.

I know…!

18 October 2011

core | commute | stairs

Oh Gold's Gym, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.

  1. You are close to home.
  2. Some of my friends go there.
  3. You are close to home.

Oh well, two ways isn't bad.

the emotional roller coaster that is elite athletics

Or not. Whatever. Here is my story.

Last Saturday I ran the Leavenworth Half Marathon. As I crossed the line I was on freaking cloud nine as my time was awesome!

After much celebration and even after posting on this blog that I had won my age division I got a couple of wakeup calls.

17 October 2011


No sleep last night! Oh man was I tired this morning… Not from the one night but because this has been the third night in a row.

Still, the forecast was fantastic so I at least rolled to work and then took a tiny detour on the way home.

15 October 2011

Leavenworth Half Marathon


My best ever half marathon was achieved at the Leavenworth Half Marathon and based on the results it was a relatively close contest with 3rd-9th all within about five minutes of each other. What a great feeling! What makes it even better is that this is after I had two big falls from my bicycle (each one requiring a full week of no activity). I am really proud of myself.

Also heartfelt thanks to Shelley for supporting me yet again in an athletic activity. It means a lot.


13 October 2011

core | commute

Man… today was my first day on a bike in what seems like ages.

I have not been riding much because it has been wet (there is no place for me store a wet bike or wet clothes at work) and because my injuries hurt more riding than running so running has been the focus.

That said the commute was a blast. I think I have about the best commute going to work that there is. I get to bomb Interlaken (which is amazingly scenic) and if I don't want to, I don't have to break a sweat at all. Then on the way home there are only a million detours I can take to stretch it out.

I even took the trails through the Interlaken Ravine once on the way to work. Fun!

12 October 2011


Last run prior to my race this weekend and it felt okay. Just that, nothing special.

When I got to the gym the plan was to do some core too but I was not feeling it so went straight to the 'cardio loft' and hit the treadmill.

I tried to start mellow and then ramped it up all the way to the end. It worked. Now I just need to be able to do that after running for one hour. Ha! Obviously I can't pull that off so we'll see how this race goes.

11 October 2011

core | stairs

Two days in a row for core! Out. Of. Control.

I almost did not make it honestly… this morning was a very sleepy morning and I did not leap out of bed with my usual vigor when the alarm went off at 4:45. Which some of you might say is perfectly normal.

But I did. And I managed to do the plank for three minutes again so I must be truly back in that department. It feels good. Not that three minutes is easy mind you but I can do it.

After work Shelley and I had agreed to hit the stairs but when she got home her motivation was waning and I was having one of those days where doing any form or exercise alone was feeling really difficult. I finally went anyway and of course I had a good workout. :)

10 October 2011


Got to the gym, did my core, was still able to hold the plank for three minutes and then did some much needed stretching.

09 October 2011

run | walk

Hitting the bricks. That was the plan for today since I signed up for a road race next week - the Leavenworth Half Marathon. I set out to see how my body would handle the pavement and it probably comes as no surprise to anyone who runs that today was harder than Friday when I ran slightly longer on dirt. It just proves to me that dirt is where it's at.

I felt fine leaving my house and surprisingly was not too sore or tight. This made me realize that I should not count on feeling this way and that I need to stretch more! Bad Martin.

good new music is fun to find

Here are the latest things I am into.

The Velvet Teen

I am nothing if not WAY into this kind of driving, high-energy music. Songs lie this make me want to car dance, sing at the top of my lungs, you get the idea. Basically embarrass the people I am with at the time. Plus, look at all the guitars at the end of the video - what is not to like about so many guitars? Thanks to Sam J for pointing this band out to me.


To quote The Stranger, "Yelawolf is everything Eminem used to be - dangerous, funny, whiplash fast and total white trash." Good stuff. Thanks to Seattle's best weekly for pointing this band out to me.

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07 October 2011

Cougar Mountain trail run

No sleep…! Argh, I hate waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. This morning I woke up at 2:30, tossed and turned for an hour and then finally got out of bed at 3:30. What a drag.

I vividly recall back in college being able to sleep until noon! It's enough to make you feel like you are a man of a certain age. Next thing you know I'll be waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss. Wait, I'm already doing that.

But that's another story for another time. Today was BIG TRAIL RUN DAY with BIG DADDY TRAIL RUN. I was totally pumped up.

06 October 2011

core | commute

Plank again! And for three minutes this time! I am on fire!

Actually, my ribs hurt like a mother… but I was on a role and so persisted.

05 October 2011

core | run

Yeah, I did the plank again AND had my first fast run after my last mountain bike accident. Good times. And I was able to hold the plank for 2:30. Nice.

Today I was smart and brought my own water bottle to the gym so I could drink while running. I know, genius. Seriously, it really helped. Gotta remember to do that again.

04 October 2011


Woke up too tired to get to the gym but I did throw my shoes, shorts and a shirt in the car (which I had to take in for service today) before leaving the house so on the way home I stopped by the Howe Street stairs and got in a 'quickie'.

For once the stairs were not packed with humanity and there were just two other people there.

One of which was a guy that was 'running' each flight but would also stop to gasp for air at the top of each section and soon I noticed that my fast walking was gaining on him. So that became my goal and after seven flight I had caught him. :) Then I ran the last one just to throw salt in the wound. Buh-bye.

Ah… the competitive juices must be flowing.

03 October 2011


I was able to do the plank today!

On a whim I gave it a shot and although uncomfortable it did not hurt. So I stuck it out and managed two minutes. I'm psyched but also intimidated as I used to do three minutes routinely and that duration seems light years away right now…

At least that is one core exercise that is back on the agenda.

The side plank still hurts my shoulder too much.

02 October 2011

nerd glasses

I have been going through my pictures and posting them when I stumbled across this one here.


Oh man.

Those, my friend, are Oakley Frogskins with after-market clear lenses that I had installed for winter riding when the original tinted lenses got too scratched.. Booyah!

Discovery Park trail run

Finally, I got a reasonable quantity of sleep.

Since yesterday did not tire me out much I decided to try and get in a longer run today.

A couple of weeks ago I set a lofty running goal for this fall and I promptly injured myself at the 12 Hours of Capitol Punishment. Damn. And that was after I had to take almost two weeks off from running after falling at the Capitol Forest 100. It seems that for every two steps I took forward I was taking one back. On the upside two steps is more than one so I am making progress, just not nearly as fast as I would like to. What's new, right?

01 October 2011

fixed gear ride

What a relief! To get out on this bike with a friend that is.

Work has been insane and exercise is such good therapy. The only problem is I keep falling off my bike and hurting myself so have not had much therapeutic activity recently. Plus this bike is a joy to ride. Plus I was with good friend and teammate RC R. Bonus.

Just more amazing bike riding!

As one person put, it, "And another video was born containing not even a single iota of anything that is possible for me to do on a bike…"

And I love it so.

LOTEK/GARRETT REEVES from Lotek on Vimeo.

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30 September 2011

core | commute

Okay, day 2 or trying to do core with sore ribs…

I am able to do some exercises okay but others are super difficult. And just when I thought my shoulder was healed enough to try the plank again, now my ribs are preventing me from doing it.

At least I can ride…? My commute yesterday was okay as long as I did not hit any bumps and so today I tried it again, even ran some extra errands and I felt pretty good. Whew.

29 September 2011

core | commute

Exactly one month after falling off my mountain bike at Capitol Forest and messing up my shoulder, foot and hand I fall off my mountain bike ON THE SAME TRAILS and cracked some ribs.

This has resulted in me being able to do absolutely nothing for the last four days and it has been driving me crazy.

I know, pity me…

24 September 2011

12 Hours of Capitol Punishment

Let's cut to the chase shall we? Tony B and I have had this event on our calendars for ages and finally the date arrived.

I have never ridden a 12-hour MTB race before and it was a blast! Not only is the start/finish/transition zone a veritable village, riding on a relay team makes you work that much harder. And riding at night? EXCITING!

We won our division (12-hour Male Duo) and came in second overall behind a 4-person male team that had the fastest rider on the course. Not too shabby.


22 September 2011

core | commute

I stayed up late watching a movie and this morning the alarm shocked me out of bed. What surprised me is how quickly I got up… my body must be trained to rise when the alarm sounds.

At the gym I managed to complete my abbreviated core routine and the ride to work was pretty cool. Not cool as in cold but rather it was just the slightest bit damp yet warm and not wet. Fall is coming! And so far I like it. Ask me again in about 30 days and I will be bitching and moaning.

21 September 2011

run | commute

Tried to get in some stretching before my run today… man did I need it.

Once again I met my friend Thom W on the treadmill for our Wednesday run. That stretching really helped so I started out at a speed that is sorta fast for me and increased it from there. Nice.

20 September 2011

core | commute | stairs

Got to the gym, rode my bike to work and then wham… a super stressful day at the office. Not fun.

I was so wound up I rode home in the saddle all the way which is not that easy on my town bike. I guess I was looking for some way to blow off steam and this kinda did that.

When I got home Shelley said, "Want to hit the stairs?" and I was like, "Uh… okay." Man am I glad we did. I met a friend there and we were going just about as fast as you can and still call it walking. And talking the whole time! Nice.

Thanks to Shelley for getting me out there and to Martin for pushing me when I would otherwise have languished.

As another bonus NONE of my injuries bothered me on the stairs today. I can still feel my left hand/wrist when I ride the bike big time but stairs are okay. That's something anyway.

19 September 2011

core | commute

Yes, I'm not wicked sore from yesterday's run so that is a very good thing. That's including my right foot, left hand and right shoulder.

Got to the gym and did my somewhat abbreviated core workout and rode my bike to and form work.

18 September 2011


Time to up the mileage. A little anyway.

Discovery Park is a fantastic playground. There are several trails and if you tie a few together you can do a pretty reasonable run without too much repetition. There are also some serious hills if you want and the views are really great so you do not get bored. Plus it's trails! Hello, the road is boring.

After my ride yesterday Justin A said he might go out for the standard 10 mile loop on Cougar that usually takes me about 1:30 when I'm fit and in an impulsive moment I asked if I could tag along. All I can say is good thing that did not work out.

17 September 2011


Have I mentioned that I love my single speed road bike? Well I do.

It's so simple, so fun to ride, so low maintenance and such a huge mental break. You might not think that shifting causes mental stress but it does. Because I say so.

Today I got out with Justin A (teammate) and Neal G (teammate and sponsor) and we had a good time chatting and catching up. We also got lucky with the weather as our ride corresponded exactly with the dry part of the day. As we pulled in to the finish the rain drops started. Gotta love that.

Our pace was supposed to be moderate and I guess it sorta was but we covered that ground pretty fast and did not lollygag at all. It also was not too cold even though the seasons are definitely changing. I had a great time. As is evidenced by my expression.


16 September 2011

core | commute

I'm still not able to do anything other than my abbreviated core routine but I guess I need to keep reminding myself that I should be happy I'm not in a cast. Still, I am surprised at how now well I handle being injured. Two words: big baby.

We had out annual retreat for work today and it was up at the Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park so naturally since this is my favorite commute route home I rode my bike there.

What a great morning! And yes, it was a great ride home after.

15 September 2011

one thing definitely leads to another

Funny how an innocent conversation can snowball into something big. And by 'big' I of course mean Martin buying more electronic gadgets and crap.

First some history. I have a lot of computers in our basement. They are ALL really old and they use a lot of electricity.

Almost a year ago I was talking to a friend about virtualization. We both work in IT (in the same office actually) and as virtualization was blowing up we were both saying how it would be great if we had an environment at home that we could play with.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and said friend is helping me shop for hardware to do just that.

14 September 2011

core | run

Friends are good!

Friends keep you company when you exercise. Friends help you keep going when you would otherwise hit the couch with a Costco-sized bag of chips and some of those 20+ oz. bottles of sweet, sweet Belgium beer you can get at every corner store nowadays.

This morning that friend was Thom W and we went running together.

Thanks Thom.

I am a winner!

Winning is fun!

It also makes you (read: me) feel special.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Plus, said person will invariably not be a winner (loser?) and so what do they know.

A few days ago I won something for the first time in ages and it was awesome.


13 September 2011

core | commute

After pretty much destroying my back yesterday (and not being very regular about my core exercises in general) it felt good to get back into the gym. And by 'good' I of course mean it felt good when I was done.

Today my left hand hurt too much to do twisters the way I like to so I used a fancy/expensive machine instead. Good thing I belong to a gym.

11 September 2011

High Pass Challenge

Clocks are magic.

Without clocks sporting events are casual, fun and you can talk while participating. Throw a clock into the mix and suddenly people are shooting for a PR, racing their friends, trying to keep up with others they have no business trying to keep up with and basically hauling ass.

The organizers of the Cascade Bicycle Club High Pass Challenge proudly advertised the presence of a clock so you can probably guess what happened.

Still, this was a ride I had wanted to do for ages and this year there was finally no conflict in my schedule AND a friend was signed up so off to the 'races' I went.

10 September 2011

urban ride

I think that if you were looking for THE day to have a picnic or BBQ in Seattle then today or tomorrow is probably it.

Tomorrow is my last 'summer' event and since I made myself pretty tired Thursday I took Friday off and wanted to spin out the legs today. But I had a conflict. It was hot outside. And when it gets hot Martin likes to hang out in the sun.

Now as everyone who has ever pinned on a race number knows, if there is one thing that is not PRO it's riding with no shirt on. Can you imagine bib shorts and nothing else…? Exactly. Hence my dilemma.

09 September 2011


Yesterday was such a smashing success I decided to throw caution to the wind and do TWO core workouts in TWO DAYS. Someone alert Ted Koppel.

I'm still not able to do the plank which is arguably one of the 10 best core exercises in the world. I also can't do any push-ups or the roman chain on account of my shoulder and hand/wrist injuries but hey, something is better than nothing.

I went to the gym wearing my running shoes just in case my indoor running buddy was up for another 30 minute sprint down the road that goes nowhere. When I asked Thom W if he wanted to run he said no and it turns out I was kinda relieved.

Just like that the day turned into one of rest.

08 September 2011

core | run | commute | stairs

First day of core post-tumble, yeah for me.

I was not able to do all the exercises I usually do but was surprised that I could accomplish what I did. Obviously I'm a huge whiner and should just get to it.

it was interesting to note how leisurely this run felt compared to yesterday. 30 seconds is obviously a huge difference in pace.

My commute was broken up into four segments today. I rode to work, back up to Capitol Hill during lunch, back to work and then home. I am constantly amazed how quickly I can make it to the top of the hill…! I keep thinking it will take about 45 minutes and it only takes 25 and that's on my Town Bike and I am not killing it by any means.

When I got home Shelley wanted to hit the stairs so I said sure! Oh man was that first flight tough… but I did warm up and it got easier. By the end I looked like someone had sprayed me with water except it was sweat.

07 September 2011

run | commute

Since my foot didn't hurt me yesterday while doing stairs I decided to push my luck and give running a shot today in the same comfy shoes. And it worked! Nice.

Not sure how well my Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes are supporting my feet but there was no discomfort during and immediately after so here's hoping it was okay… I have heard people say that it's okay to run in the dirt with road shoes but that you really shouldn't run on the road with trail shoes as they are usually too soft. :(

As an extra bonus I got to run with Thom W who is training for a 5 km event in a few weeks and I loves me some company when I exercise so that was great.

To top it all off the weather report looks absolutely fabulous and this is going to be the hottest week of the year! Bring it.

06 September 2011

commute | stairs

What could have been a shite day turned out to be okay. Thanks in no small part to Shelley.

Not only did I injure my right shoulder and left hand in my fall the other day, turns out I also smacked the hell out of my right foot. It has been hurting so much I thought it might be broken so have scheduled an X-ray and in the mean time went to see my PT to ensure I don't fall victim to frozen shoulder.

And the good news is I probably don't have to worry about that! Nice. I already have reasonable range of motion and it's starting to feel a little better. Also, my left hand has no visible bruising these days so esthetically things are looking up. Now if only the inside of my body felt as good as the outside looked… :)

After this stellar news I headed home and Shelley insisted we go do some stairs. Right on. I still can't run them (because of my injuries AND fitness) but I think I walked them faster then I ever have so paint a big smile on my face.

03 September 2011


It seems my right foot is slowly tolerating lace-up shoes so today I tried a run.

Discovery Park to the rescue! The Loop Trail up here is pretty darn scenic and so that is where I went.

Man was it busy…! Runners, walkers, dogs, pretty much everything except for bikes and wheelchairs.

One fun thing about running on a busy route is watching other running styles - they are so varied! There are the shufflers, the bouncers, the people who's knees seem to only bend out, the people who always have some long sleeve item tied around their waist no matter what how hot it gets; it all looks so uncomfortable but they do it. And bless them for it.

02 September 2011

walk | stairs

It worked once so why not again?

This time I only had time for six flights of stairs on the way home and since my running shoes hurt me yesterday I wore my Vans today.

So guess what… the TOP of my foot felt fine but the BOTTOMS almost got a blister. Jesus.

I must be the biggest whiner in the world. And maybe the dumbest.

01 September 2011

walk | stairs

Holy crap…

I really messed myself up at the Capitol Forest 100 it turns out. I almost separated my right shoulder (the clavicle is sitting about 1/4" higher than it should be and the ligaments are stretched), I got some pretty massive soft-tissue damage on my left hand, I wacked the hell out the top of my right foot so bad that lacing up shoes hurts and I have a really deep bruise/knot on my right calf.

What blows me away is that I fell at mile 55 out of 100 and finished the race! Everyone is asking me if 1) I am stupid or 2) was my crash really that bad.

27 August 2011

Capitol Forest 100

Oh man… I will be the first to admit that 'epic' is WAY overused and extremely tired. And I won't use it here either especially since the series name - NW Epic Series - already has it in the title but this was an amazing race.

Just the other day I was reminiscing about 100 mile mountain bike races and getting a little worried but since Capitol Forest is such a blast to ride in I was hoping the Capitol Forest 100 was going to be a big adventure instead of a chore.

And mostly it was. Good times were definitely had.

26 August 2011

one man, one dream, one speed, 100 miles

Occasionally one feels the need to strike out and try new things. in 2011 that new 'thing' I wanted to try was racing my single speed mountain bike. I've ridden a single speed and fixed gear road bike for years but in the dirt…? That was totally new.

I was originally inspired by my friend Tom L who I met when we both competed in TransPortugal. This guy shows up on a 3-speed, fully rigid mountain bike and does very well! Since then I met others that rode single speeds in the woods and even a single speed mountain bike tandem(!) so obviously I was not going to breaking any new ground here.

But it was so damn exciting! One of the appeals about riding a single speed on the road is the huge mental relief. You never need to worry about what gear you should be in because you only have one. With that incentive in mind I built my bike and headed out for a ride with friends.

25 August 2011

cyclocross practice | stairs

This morning I met Jeff W, Ryan D, Nelson J, Lane S and Dean J at Woodland Park for a bit of skills practice and then 20 minutes of riding a circuit. It sure was a wakeup call for me…

To fill you in on some history, the last two years my back has not tolerated cyclocross well at all. I think I was able to do two races each year and then had to throw in the towel as I was in too much pain.

Having been more diligent about my core work I am hoping that this fall will be the year I can participate in a semi-full cross season. Here's hoping anyway.

24 August 2011

I like beer

For many reasons.

  • It tastes good.
  • It's refreshing.
  • Although you can certainly be a beer snob connoisseur, there are so many great types and good brands available why bother.
  • You can get it in small, normal, large, XL and ridiculous size containers.
  • Loads of beer commercials are funny as hell.
  • It comes in cans AND bottles. Some of which are so cool looking you hardly want to crack the seal. Almost.

core | run | commute

Made it to the gym, hit the treadmill and took the long way home. And really, this did not cramp my style too much and turned into what most any active day could be like.

Assuming you have this gorgeous weather.

23 August 2011

commute | Pacific Raceways

Sometimes it takes a village. Or a team. Whatever.

Tonight at Pacific Raceways Dave H and I managed to lock up the series by doing exactly what we had to.

Mark M from Starbucks is really fast. On the flats there really isn't anyone that can beat him so the best you can hope for (unless he eats a ton of pizza right before the race) is second. Dave had a reasonable lead in the points going into this race but if we did nothing and Mark won everything it would come down to the last race and that is always a crap shoot. In other words not what we wanted.

So the goal was to try and get as many second places as possible. Which is exactly what we did.

22 August 2011


Knowing that we had to pack up kind of early today and that my foot/toe would probably not survive another run Shelley and I squeezed in a quick ride on the Discovery Trail again.

This time we went just past where the trail turns inland and saw lots of frogs and slugs on the ground! Nature is cool! We had to ride carefully so as not to squish anything. The frogs were multicolored; I'm always amazed by how far they can jump.

21 August 2011

run | ride

In spite of 'injuring' myself yesterday I did not want to sit around and so decided to try another run - with shoes this time - just to see if it would work. Luckily it worked okay.

The wind had swapped directions so I did likewise and headed south to start.

This direction seems somewhat less touristy but still very pretty as you can see hills with trees behind the beach. The wind was also a little stronger so the surf was fun to watch. As were all the birds! Tons of seagulls and some that looked sort of like pelicans… obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about but they were fun to observe regardless.

Later in the day I rode the Discovery Trail to the end which was a blast!

20 August 2011


Shelley and I packed up the van and drove out to Long Beach with her sister Shannon for a bit of a family reunion.

This place bills itself as some sort of house of fun but in reality the weather is not that nice much of the year and if there isn't an event like a kite fair, etc. going on it's kind of a ghost town in my opinion…

Still, when you are sleeping right next to a fabulous beach what could make more sense than a barefoot beach run. Nothing, that was rhetorical.

18 August 2011

ride | run

Got in the morning hot lap around Mercer Island again.

I think many people forget what a great route/resource/place to ride Mercer Island really is! If you take your time and open your eyes the scenery is amazing, the views are even better and the road is smooth, twisty and a ton of fun. I guess I felt that needed to be said. :)

I hit the Seward Park trails for real after work.

I started by going half way around the park on the road and then up into the woods on yet another new route. At the top I took another new turn to explore and this time I was on genuine singletrack. I had to hop over logs and came to a full stop at least twice to negotiate a turn.

16 August 2011

ride | Pacific Raceways

Tried to do the double today and was NOT feeling it in the morning…

I just followed wheels and only pulled once if my memory serves me correctly. Still, this morning group is great to hang with.

At Pacific Raceways I tried my best to animate things and also was not able to do anything. Sometimes that 'hill' really kicks my butt. I guess if you don't train you can't expect to race…? Stay tuned for more universal truths by Martin.

I did get in a couple of moves but no one else felt like committing themselves so they were doomed from the start. On the last lap I had planned to attack at the top of the hill since the finish was on the flats at the start but Garage Racing ramped up the pace so much all I could do was follow. Once on the flats I finally managed to up the pace for Dave H but it was a pretty lame showing on my part. Dave still got some points but he could have done better so we need to rethink for next week. It has been a tight series this year!

15 August 2011

core | run | run

I know… you're saying to yourself, "Martin ran twice in one day?" For realz, yo.

All self-aggrandizement aside, it felt good to try and run a little faster and to facilitate this I hit the treadmill at the gym in the AM. I just don't have a good sense of pace on the road so if I dial in a 7:30 or 7 minutes/mile pace often enough here then my body remembers and I can duplicate it outside.

At Seward Park I again ran half way around on the road and then hit the trails and this time went up a new way. Good times.

14 August 2011



It seems like it has been ages since I actually rode for real so it was super fun to head out today and do just that. I met Jeff D, Greg K, RC R (out for his first ride after breaking his collar bone!) and we did a moderate north end loop.

Pretty social, we regrouped at the top of all the hills and got good and caught up with each other. I felt okay and of course Jeff was riding super strong in spite of having just raced his brains out in Portland, OR and f'ing winning the Portland Criterium. Nice.

After the ride I was able to talk everyone into checking out the progress on our new house. I sure love going by the lot.

13 August 2011


Just ran some errands on my bike today… can you call that training? I just did. :)

Went down to Recycled Cycles with a fork in my messenger bag (yes, I felt totally hip while doing so) and had them remove a crown race from a carbon fork I just got for my new cyclocross bike. Sometimes you just need the fancy tools.

11 August 2011

run | stairs

Ran down to the Howe Street stairs, walked five flights and got a ride home.

I like that last part. Thanks Shelley (who did the stairs with me).

Walking the stairs was not as brutal as I thought it might be, then again I was ready to pack it in after just a few. And… I was only walking.

10 August 2011

core | run

Made it to the gym again… I am a superstar. Or something much less.

I also went running on the trail in Seward Park for the first time. Just a heads up, these are pretty fun and I suspect there are more miles of trail in that little peninsula than you might imagine.

Today I took what must be the main trail through the park and I could see several smaller trails that went left and right. Must explore more!

09 August 2011


Just another Mercer Island hot lap!

With no race at Pacific Raceways this evening (I guess dragsters bring in more revenue) I tried to go hard in the AM instead. It sorta worked… Just not feeling it.

08 August 2011

core | commute | run

Managed to get to the gym, rode my bike to work and then hit the bricks after. Nice.

I believe this is my first run with a hill. And by 'hill' I of course mean I went up one.

07 August 2011

Sunshine Coast MTB Trail Challenge day 2

Day 2 of this ride dawned clear and cool so since I tend to wake early I headed down to the beach and took some pictures.


Quite the contrast to what we were in store for later in the day which was this.


That's right, adventure racing here we go. Day 1 of this ride it seems was just the warm up.

06 August 2011

Sunshine Coast MTB Trail Challenge day 1

This event is something I have been looking forward to doing for quite some time.

I first heard about it from a friend and so I asked him a couple of years ago if he thought it would be suitable for a tandem. He said, "Sure, I think that would work…" That's pretty much proof positive that people don't have a clue about where you can ride a tandem unless they have actually ridden a tandem. Here is ours.


Why is it so hard to ride there you might ask? Well, for anyone that has not heard about North Shore riding up in BC, our trip had sections of trail that were exactly like this.