11 January 2016

Recovering from hernia surgery. Again.

Who knew?

About nine months ago I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia on my right side. That was after roughly six months of discomfort.

ASIDE - who knows how long I actually had this first hernia? Not me.

Not long after recovering from this procedure I started to experience discomfort again. I tried physical therapy (it didn't work), I tried rest (it didn't work), I tried cross training (it didn't work) and I tried warming up prior to runs (it didn't work). Finally, on a hunch, I had another ultrasound and wouldn't you know it, I had another hernia. This one on my left side. Today I had this second hernia repaired.

My friend Steven was kind enough to mock up this illustration.

Thanks to my good friend Steven for illustrating my recovery from #hernia #surgery.

I can sum up the previous 18 months pretty easily. It's going to be fun to run pain free.

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