30 September 2014

Fleet Feet run | walk

After two more days off Martin tries another run... with startling success.

Rest is good obviously. As long as you have some fitness going in.

28 September 2014

Christmas in September

Really, it seems you can have 'Christmas' any time of the year these days. Just buy yourself some shit and pretend it was given to you. In this case I just received my second shipment of shoes from Brooks who sponsor the SRC-Brooks Competitive Team I'm on. Nice!

On the left we have the new Brooks Glycerin 12, the Glycerin 11 has been my go-to training shoe for the road so I am psyched to try the newest version.

In the middle is the new Brooks PureGrit 3. I have run in the original PureGrit, the PureGrit 2 and they just keep getting better. This is my race day trail running shoe.

On the right is the Brooks Mach 16. This is a Cross Country shoe that you can screw spikes into... I am totally in over my head here but XC sounds like fun so figured I would give it a go this fall.

Thanks to Brooks and the Seattle Running Club for making this possible!

27 September 2014

Fat Glass 50k

Every year the Seattle Running Club puts on the Fat Glass 50k and it has got to be one of the best events of the year.
  • Low key/low stress.
  • GREAT people and a GREAT venue host in Peter Kline.
  • Optional distance to encourage everyone to participate.
  • Beer! Is there anything more synonymous with fun? Nope, that was a rhetorical question.

Did I mention the event is free if you are a SRC member? And only $20 if you are not? That's less than the beer alone would cost you at any bar. One word: deal.

26 September 2014

treadmill run

Today was me gingerly touching my toe to the water.

I really want to run the Fat Glass 50k tomorrow so figured it would make sense to see if I can run at all. Right?

That was a rhetorical question.

25 September 2014


Just my usual walk home from the bus stop today. I did take the 'high road' (up the stairs) and it felt fine! Whew.

My right knee is still a little swollen and discolored.

With all my not going to the gym in the mornings I am getting way more sleep. That can't be bad.

24 September 2014

cardio | walk

I'm trying to move! And to see if my wrecked body will tolerate it.

Interestingly (fortunately?), it seems that the elliptical trainer was just fine today. It's the day-to-day movements that really suck.

I still can't imagine riding my bike to work or running anywhere.

On the way to work I was thinking that my leg just was not looking so hot so got off the bus at the University of Washington Medical Center Emergency Room. Better safe than sorry.

I had a classic ER experience. Everyone was super nice and I was taken care of but since I was not bleeding or in imminent danger of dying, it took a LONG time before I was released. Here is the low down.

  • I should have gone to the hospital for the cut on my thigh right away. Duh.
  • Luckily there are no signs of infection.
  • They numbed me up with about eight injections (right into the cut!) and then irrigated and scraped (with a scalpel!) the shit out of it. I had to look away.
  • I was given a prescription for antibiotics and instructed how to apply a 'wet to dry' dressing and told to change it twice/day. Wet to dry means you stuff wet gauze into the wound and cover it with dry gauze. The moisture helps new cells travel to the surface and the dry gauze helps wick out the crap. Needless to say I am now fully stocked up on gauze and tape.

On the upside my cold is going away.

23 September 2014


That's right, I walked home from the bus stop today. That was about all the physical activity I could stand. I'm blown away by how uncomfortable it is to bend my right leg, bump my right leg, stand up, sit down, sleep, you get the idea.

It feels like I got a massive charley horse in my right leg. When I think about it, I guess that's exactly what the mountain gave me last Saturday when I went bouncing down that scree slope.

I still have my cold.

22 September 2014

And now I'm sick too

My right knee is still wicked big. And purple. And stiff.

The cut on my right thigh seems to be knitting together? Here's hoping, that thing is deep.

What felt like a cold coming on Sunday is a cold now. Rats.

I took the bus to work, could not even fathom riding my bike, TOO INJURED.

21 September 2014


Oh man, my right knee and hip are messed up. :( Turns out I only felt as good as I did yesterday during the race after my fall from the adrenaline, etc. Now that I have been sitting around for a while my knee is huge (swollen) and totally bruised.

Not to mention I am quite sore. Not really from running, from all the falling.

It took eight bandages, one of them pretty big (my hip) to cover all the cuts.

I am tired of falling down!

20 September 2014

Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

Wow. The Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon is no joke. Here I am feigning a smile after finishing, walking off my cramps, drinking three bottles of water and letting a nurse tend to my various injuries for about 30 minutes. That stain on the right side of my shorts? It's blood.