30 June 2011

ride | commute

What an interesting ride I had today.

I met some of the usual crowd for the early Tuesday/Thursday hot lap around Mercer Island and it turns out one of them had brought along a friend. Turns out this friend is the owner of Elite Cycling & Fitness in Miami and boy did he have a lot of opinions on stuff and things to say.

29 June 2011

core | Duthie Hill MTB Park

Wow… I have been hearing about Duthie this and Duthie that for years now and finally made it out there. Duthie Hill is all it's cracked up to be. It's absolutely, positively one of those places you want to have a GoPro camera so you can shoot movies like this. Or this. Or this (just much higher resolution).

This mountain bike skills park is just that. Oh sure, you can get a workout in if you want but only the easy trails are suitable to extended efforts. The rest is all drops, burms, ramps, bridges, tight corners, etc. I guess there is a pump track if you wan to work your upper body…

I met Greg K and James B at the park. It was the first time for all of us and we are all committed to coming back ASAP.

28 June 2011

ride | Pacific Raceways CR

Sometimes you get lucky!

The weather forecast for today was anything but confidence inspiring but it was dry in the AM so I snuck in a quick ride and then the rain held off in the PM for our race. Nice. To top it off I managed to get in the break at Pacific Raceways and this time (unlike last week) I had company in the form of Nikos M who was very willing to work. Even nicer. Lastly I had lots of teammates at the race! For a change my van was packed and seven of us in the Masters field - holy cow.

27 June 2011

core | commute

Today was an interesting day in terms of weather. It was warm all day and at 3:30 PM it started to rain but by the time I left work (4:30 PM) the ground was 90% dry and it was super muggy. The ride home was quite pleasant actually and so I went the long way.

25 June 2011

Tiger Mountain ride

Yeah for dirt!

This morning I connected with Tony B and we got an early start at Tiger Mountain. Based on my last experience here you don't want to arrive too late or you are out of luck regarding parking. We arrived pretty much at the same time, aired up the tires and headed out.

On the agenda today were two laps. It was pretty wet so you guessed it, we both fell but at least only once each.

24 June 2011


I had plans to go out for drinks after work but they kind went south… Unfortunately for me I took the bus so I would not be saddled with a bike and so didn't even get in a commute. Oh well.

22 June 2011

core | commute | track race

The wind was blowing just a bit today… Riding the track outdoors is sometimes tricky as you can't push a big gear into a headwind so ideally you start small and then go slightly larger when the wind dies.

Unless you are lazy like me and just use the same gear (49x14) all the time.

Which reminds me of those times I have been on those death march rides. You are totally blown, your brain is barely working and you have to climb one more hill before you get home. because it's too much effort to even move a finger you don't shift down and you end up over geared which sounds ridiculous but I guess it's surprising what the brain will justify when you are suffering and in massive glycogen debt.

21 June 2011

ride | Pacific Raceways CR

Having not ridden much lately and having gone hard on Sunday I wanted to open my legs up some before the race tonight. Lucky for me there is a group that rides around Mercer Island every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Great..

Depending on who shows up to this ride it can be anything from just fast paced to an all-out ride of attrition. Since I was not going to instigate anything today and since the usual strong man was not in attendance we were treated to a very pleasant pace for a change. My day was getting even greater.

I took short pulls and tried to be conscious of not mashing/spinning and then at the end I wound it up and won the tennis court sprint. Greater just got perfect.

20 June 2011

core | commute

Shelley and I did our core thing this AM and then I got to ride my bike to work. Yes. Sometimes it's the little things.

In this case two little things were me doing more  And it was sunny out.

19 June 2011

Carnation TT #3

Incredibly this was my first time participating in any of the Carnation Time Trials… I guess by this time of year I am usually not so hyped on a solo effort but man are these well run and the prizes are good. And, I know all the courses because I have ridden these roads countless numbers of times.

Having done pretty much squat for the last several days I was either going to be well rested and able to push myself hard or feel somewhat blocked. In the end it was mostly the later. But in honesty it was probably not because of a lack of recent riding and more because of a lack of any serious or event-specific training lately.

ASIDE - I am a huge proponent of doing what is fun. If you like participating in recreational rides like centuries, go for it. If you like trying to drop your friends on training rides, get it on. If you like riding the dirt, go mountain biking. The only problem is doing whatever you want will not net you the best race results; that takes some dedicated effort and some specific training. On the upside doing what you want does lead to good work (racing in this case) life balance.

17 June 2011

core | commute

Shelley and I busted out our core routine and then it was such a nice day for a ride that I took a longer way home.

ASIDE - thinking of all the cool places I have explored by taking detours on the way home makes me realize that I'm really glad I'm not such a slave to routine.

ANOTHER ASIDE - apparently I can't just 'do' something, I have to 'bust' it. Such is the life of an aging hipster wannabe.

I meant October 21...

Funny how short the attention span of the average American is.

Not long ago people were anxiously awaiting the end of the world – at least according the families I heard interviewed on NPR – (or obliviously watching shite television depending on your level of awareness) waiting for the rapture that was promised to arrive on May 21 2011.


May 21 came.

And went.

And nothing much happened as far as I could tell.

and the flavor of the month is... The Gay

Did you know that Cupcake Royal features special flavors every month? I did not.

Now that I know they do it seems so obvious. Feature something special, make it colorful, maybe even theme it with current events and boom, mo' money.

Seeing as Cupcake Royal is a Seattle company and seeing as June is pride month it seems so logical that the featured flavor would be something relevant.


I'm just wondering how you order this flavor, do you say, "I'll take a dozen of The Gay."? Perhaps if you know the person working behind the counter you could wink and say, "I'll take a dozen Gays..." What about, "I'll take The Gay." Anyway you slice it, this has got to be a lot of fun.

Speaking of mo' money, I'm not afraid to admit that this is one of my favorite songs. And, I can't think of a gayer anthem to sample so bonus extra credit to me for me adhering to the theme of this post.

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16 June 2011


Almost put a big "X" in the zero column today but my core routine came to the rescue.

15 June 2011

core | track race

Working out with your wife = good times.

Great weather at the track = arguably even better times.

This morning Shelley and I did our core routine again and boy did I need it. Good thing we both have messed up backs and so get to spend all this quality time together. Not.

ASIDE - I frequently laugh when I think of all the stuff I have to do (core exercises, stretching, PT, massage, chiropractic) just so I can do the stuff I want to do. Like ride a goddamn bike. But I'm not bitter. Seriously; riding is still incredibly fun and it could be a lot worse. As in I couldn't ride at all. Count your blessings people.

14 June 2011

ride | commute

Knowing that I was not going to be able to race tonight I decided to give that little bit of extra on the AM ride.

I guess I succeeded as I got a second hand compliment this afternoon Gentry M who said that someone else described me as, "having an extra gear". I'd by lying if I said these kinds of statements didn't lift my mood just a little.

13 June 2011


Just checking the box after a weekend in the sun.

What I want to know is why was this the first sunny weekend we have been able to enjoy?

Trials of Lance Episode 3: Lance and Fabiani on Web PR

.I am really starting to like TheThirdFrankie.

The Internet has so much to teach us. One lesson too often forgotten is that when you register one domain (like facts4lance.com for example) it might behoove you to also register some other common domains like .net and .org. Especially when it's so damn cheap and you are trying to bolster someone's public image.

WARNING – facts4lance.org is not safe for work. Unless your work is cruising that is

12 June 2011

Echo Valley MTB tandem ride

Yesterday was so much fun Shelley and took our tandem out and rode one lap of the Echo Valley 30/60 race course.


What a blast! We were able to ride everything I rode the previous day and even tried the one section I had to walk – and might have ridden this as well – but I steered us off of the course. :( Dang.

11 June 2011

Echo Valley 60


Today I did my second ever single speed mountain bike race and man was it different from the first one I participated in...

- The first race (Stottlemeyer 60) was in the woods, this one (Echo Valley 60) was out in the open ALL the time and guess who forgot their sun block?
- I didn't even average 10 mph in the first race, in this one I hit 30 mph and knocked over 60 minutes off my time for the same distance. Yes, I was running the same gear.
- Equipment really matters, I chose some condition-specific tires for this event and it helped. I'm not sure anything would have helped me in the first race.
- In the first race I hit the deck three times, this time I came away unscathed.
- In the first race I kinda faded during the middle and only partially recovered in the second half, in this one I stayed pretty strong throughout.
- I had to get off the bike and walk several times in the first race, there was only one spot each lap that I could not ride in the second one.


09 June 2011

core | commute

Not much going on today... managed to get to the gym and took the slightly longer way home. It was beautiful out and boy were my legs tired. The word for the day was: S L O W.

I also realized I have shite eating habits. A co-worker brought great, big homemade scones to the office complete with chocolate chips, shredded coconut, slivered almonds and Craisins. I hear scones also contain a little butter... After already eating a gargantuan breakfast I power down TWO of these bad boys. I wasn't hungry when I started eating and I was feeling pretty sick when I finished.

I waddle around work for a while as my body struggles to assimilate this mountain of fat and at about 2:00 PM, just when I start to feel normal again I do what? You guessed it, I have another scone. It's a sickness.

08 June 2011

trainer | track race

Since yesterday was a relative bust in terms of training I was psyched about hitting Seattle Multisport with Greg K and Ryan D. Good times.

And the weather report looked promising so hopefully I would be able to race at the track tonight as well. Yes!

Riding a trainer is a funny thing for me. And by 'funny' I mean it usually sucks ass and I rarely am up for making it as productive of a workout as it could be. Luckily this morning was a good day.

07 June 2011


Today was going to be a super duper double workout! This morning I was going to meet some friends and do a hot lap of Mercer Island and then this evening I was going to race at Pacific Raceways. Boom!

[Queue that Tony Basil song except change Mickey to Martin.]

But things did not work out as planned.

Trials of Lance Episode 2: Lance and Fabiani Talk PR

This has quickly become a must see YouTube channel for sure.

06 June 2011

core | commute

I got to the gym!

I got to the gym!

I got to the gym!

Must. Stop. Slacking. Off. Or. My. Back. Will. Pay. The. Price.

05 June 2011

tandem ride on Tiger Mountain

Yes! Today was the first time this year that Shelley and I have gotten out on our Witness. It was a wakeup call (my tandem bike handling skills suck!) and it was also a ton of fun. We also learned a couple of lessons.

Lesson #1 – if you want to find a parking space at the Tiger Summit parking lot on a nice, summer day, show up earlier than 10 AM.

Lesson #2 – you know the expression, "It's like riding a bike." as in you never forget? Well that does not apply to getting the stoker handlebars around a tree on trails with tight switchbacks.

04 June 2011

Second Ascent Twilight CT in Ballard

Hot! It's going to be hot today! 78 degrees is the forecast! I am so happy! So happy I did nothing for a couple of hours while I laid out on our deck in the middle of the day.

Afternoon or evening races are always a bigger logistical and timing hassle than morning races. If you race in the AM it's pretty simple; you get up at the crack of dawn, eat some breakfast, drive to the venue and do your best. In the afternoon or evening – especially when it's hot out – you have to time your meals, you don't want to be out in the sun too long and you kinda have to sit around most of the day not doing any manual labor projects so you are still fresh for the race.

I was excited about this race for several reasons.

1) I have not ridden this course in ages.
2) I was going to ride down to the race with some teammates (I LOVE riding to races, it's the perfect warm-up).
3) Today – finally – was my first day riding my new Mad Fiber wheels.

03 June 2011

core | commute

It's going to be a good day.

First – I found this video. How can that not make you smile?

Second – I finally managed to get myself into the gym today and did my core routine. It's been a full week and I know from experience that if I blow it off for more than seven days it is very hard to get going again. Both because by then I am out of the habit and because my core is noticeably weaker.

Third – the morning was brilliant. Blue sky, sun and I only needed two shirts and no layers on my legs to ride to work. For various reasons this is the only day this week that I have managed to commute to work on my bike so that helped lift my mood as well.

Fourth – [Yes, I realize I will sound like a girl saying this...] I stepped on the scale (having not done so in ages) after eating breakfast and was pleasantly surprised. Your mind can play tricks on you when you feel down in the dumps and for better or worse weight is something that affects my mood when I'm already bummed.

I feel happy of myself!

Pure Gold. This kid needs to go on tour and remind people that, "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me."

And getting folks excited about cycling is not a bad thing either.

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02 June 2011

01 June 2011


Back-to-back workouts; sometimes it feels right and sometimes it feels disastrous. Today was the former.

Since rain was in the forecast I suggested to some teammates that we hit up Seattle Multisport for a CompuTrainer workout and lucky for me Ryan D, Tim F and Steve O decided to show up.

I'll say it again – I hate riding a trainer alone! So much so that I am barely able to do it at all; maybe once or twice per year. It really sucks.