12 June 2022

pre-riding the GRiT L gravel course

Wow, this is an amazing course! So glad to have friends that were up for sharing this experience.

The GRiT is a gravel race in the Teanaway just behind Cle Elum, WA. It's billed as an "adventure gravel ride" and in my opinion, it sure lives up to its claim. This course was designed by and the event is promoted by Off-Camber Productions who also promote the MFG Cyclocross Series and the Wednesday Night World Championships Mountain Bike Series.

There are three distances, Medium, Large, and XL. We rode the L course and although it's just over 45 miles, this was a full day and took us almost five hours at a moderate pace with just a few short stops to take pictures and to check the route at intersections.

At 9:00 AM Greg Kauper, John Phillips, Nikos Mills and I started out on this "lollipop" course.

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