31 October 2011

core | commute

After a hard effort you are supposed to take it easy, right? So that's what I did.

I slept as late as possible, got the IMA at lunch and took it slow on my ride to and from work. Okay, that's a lie, I love going fast to work but it's all downhill.

30 October 2011

SCOTT Cougar Mountain 20

Yesterday? Sun and low to mid 50s. Today? Rain and upper 40s.

But I Need to keep reminding myself of where I live and not to complain. Still, it was coming down hard this morning when I woke up.

Yesterday I was actually nervous. For sure I am not immune to race-day jitters but this was amplified and included apprehension of the unknown. Only once in my life have I run this far and that ONE time was last weekend when I ran 19. My longest run prior to last weekend? About 15 miles. On deck today was the last race in the SCOTT Cougar Mountain Trail Run series. Most everyone else was probably going to do the 50k but they added a 20 mile option which seemed perfect (read: doable) for me. Party on.

28 October 2011

Go Beyond The Cover

I am a huge of the big reveal and this video does it in spades.

Discovery Park run

Wind. Out. Of. Sails.

That pretty much sums up this morning's run.

I was going to meet Gabe T and Justin A at Cougar Mt for 10+ miles but then last night Gabe sent a text saying he had an 8:30 work meeting so he was gone. Then this morning Justin sent a text at 6:30 saying he was out on account of his kid having a meltdown. Rats.

Not knowing the Cougar route by heart I opted for Discovery Park and figured I could do two 5-mile loops.

my new favorite songs

It seems like almost every day I hear something and bang! It's my new favorite. I'm so fickle.


It's those vocals! I love 'em. The video? Whatever.

It's so damn catchy!

Not only does this song rule all other songs, the movie Drive kicked the ass of all other movies. Well, mostly all others. And it wasn't so much about driving by the way.

27 October 2011

core | commute

What a day! With only so many nice days in the fall I seized the opportunity to commute by bike and to take the long way home. Nice.

Core work has been extraordinarily tough these last couple of times… funny how you can do the same thing day in and day out and one day it's relatively easy and then one day it's wicked hard.

On my ride it home (I left work at 5) it got dark! That was a lot of fun. I had lights thank goodness and watching the city get all it up as I circled the Magnolia Bluff was very pretty.

26 October 2011


Meh… That was the word for the run this morning. Good thing Thom W was there but our usual animated banter was pretty subdued today.

I was hoping to squeeze in my core routine prior to pounding the bricks (or belt in this case) but I got there sorta late and Thom got there sorta early and since I like company while running more than doing core work I bailed after the plank.

25 October 2011

core | commute

Oh yeah… after my run on Sunday pretty much everything is sore just a little.

And for some reason ALL my core exercises were tough. What gives? I was barely able to finish my leg scissors… Today I was that guy at the gym with the big grimace. :(

At least the commute felt gloria-us.

23 October 2011

Tiger Mt trail run

Lots of firsts for me today.

  • It was my first time running with a vest.
  • It was my first time running with two hand-held bottles.
  • I learned that calluses are not necessarily a good thing.
  • I learned why the loop we did has the name it does.

I wanted a longer run today and that is just what I got. Boom.

22 October 2011

Redmond Watershed trail run

Today was my first ever run with friend and teammate Gabe T and guess what, this guy has serious running roots!

We met up at the Redmond Watershed Preserve and ran a couple of loops and boy are the trails well maintained over here. The main trails are massive, doubletrack but there are also plenty of fun singletrack options. To me it's always funny to see signs of horses so close to the city… Living in Seattle I know Redmond is out there but I never think of horses. Well they obviously come here quite a bit.

21 October 2011

Cougar Mt trail run

Hell yes! Even when I don't feel great (I had two 23 oz beers last night) and even when it's not a bright sunny day, this thing called trail running is pretty damn fun.

Okay, I did skin my knee but after my shower the scrape was embarrassingly small so no biggie. Still, before the shower…? DRAMA.

Trail Running: only real men need apply. For some reason my application is still pending...

19 October 2011

core | run | ride

What a day…! It's so beautiful out.

Today I was multi-sport athlete extraordinaire (in my mind). I went to the gym, did my core routine, ran with my friend Thom W and then after a meeting with our architects and builder got cancelled I decided to go ride my bike.

I know…!

18 October 2011

core | commute | stairs

Oh Gold's Gym, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.

  1. You are close to home.
  2. Some of my friends go there.
  3. You are close to home.

Oh well, two ways isn't bad.

the emotional roller coaster that is elite athletics

Or not. Whatever. Here is my story.

Last Saturday I ran the Leavenworth Half Marathon. As I crossed the line I was on freaking cloud nine as my time was awesome!

After much celebration and even after posting on this blog that I had won my age division I got a couple of wakeup calls.

17 October 2011


No sleep last night! Oh man was I tired this morning… Not from the one night but because this has been the third night in a row.

Still, the forecast was fantastic so I at least rolled to work and then took a tiny detour on the way home.

15 October 2011

Leavenworth Half Marathon


My best ever half marathon was achieved at the Leavenworth Half Marathon and based on the results it was a relatively close contest with 3rd-9th all within about five minutes of each other. What a great feeling! What makes it even better is that this is after I had two big falls from my bicycle (each one requiring a full week of no activity). I am really proud of myself.

Also heartfelt thanks to Shelley for supporting me yet again in an athletic activity. It means a lot.


13 October 2011

core | commute

Man… today was my first day on a bike in what seems like ages.

I have not been riding much because it has been wet (there is no place for me store a wet bike or wet clothes at work) and because my injuries hurt more riding than running so running has been the focus.

That said the commute was a blast. I think I have about the best commute going to work that there is. I get to bomb Interlaken (which is amazingly scenic) and if I don't want to, I don't have to break a sweat at all. Then on the way home there are only a million detours I can take to stretch it out.

I even took the trails through the Interlaken Ravine once on the way to work. Fun!

12 October 2011


Last run prior to my race this weekend and it felt okay. Just that, nothing special.

When I got to the gym the plan was to do some core too but I was not feeling it so went straight to the 'cardio loft' and hit the treadmill.

I tried to start mellow and then ramped it up all the way to the end. It worked. Now I just need to be able to do that after running for one hour. Ha! Obviously I can't pull that off so we'll see how this race goes.

11 October 2011

core | stairs

Two days in a row for core! Out. Of. Control.

I almost did not make it honestly… this morning was a very sleepy morning and I did not leap out of bed with my usual vigor when the alarm went off at 4:45. Which some of you might say is perfectly normal.

But I did. And I managed to do the plank for three minutes again so I must be truly back in that department. It feels good. Not that three minutes is easy mind you but I can do it.

After work Shelley and I had agreed to hit the stairs but when she got home her motivation was waning and I was having one of those days where doing any form or exercise alone was feeling really difficult. I finally went anyway and of course I had a good workout. :)

10 October 2011


Got to the gym, did my core, was still able to hold the plank for three minutes and then did some much needed stretching.

09 October 2011

run | walk

Hitting the bricks. That was the plan for today since I signed up for a road race next week - the Leavenworth Half Marathon. I set out to see how my body would handle the pavement and it probably comes as no surprise to anyone who runs that today was harder than Friday when I ran slightly longer on dirt. It just proves to me that dirt is where it's at.

I felt fine leaving my house and surprisingly was not too sore or tight. This made me realize that I should not count on feeling this way and that I need to stretch more! Bad Martin.

good new music is fun to find

Here are the latest things I am into.

The Velvet Teen

I am nothing if not WAY into this kind of driving, high-energy music. Songs lie this make me want to car dance, sing at the top of my lungs, you get the idea. Basically embarrass the people I am with at the time. Plus, look at all the guitars at the end of the video - what is not to like about so many guitars? Thanks to Sam J for pointing this band out to me.


To quote The Stranger, "Yelawolf is everything Eminem used to be - dangerous, funny, whiplash fast and total white trash." Good stuff. Thanks to Seattle's best weekly for pointing this band out to me.

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07 October 2011

Cougar Mountain trail run

No sleep…! Argh, I hate waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. This morning I woke up at 2:30, tossed and turned for an hour and then finally got out of bed at 3:30. What a drag.

I vividly recall back in college being able to sleep until noon! It's enough to make you feel like you are a man of a certain age. Next thing you know I'll be waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss. Wait, I'm already doing that.

But that's another story for another time. Today was BIG TRAIL RUN DAY with BIG DADDY TRAIL RUN. I was totally pumped up.

06 October 2011

core | commute

Plank again! And for three minutes this time! I am on fire!

Actually, my ribs hurt like a mother… but I was on a role and so persisted.

05 October 2011

core | run

Yeah, I did the plank again AND had my first fast run after my last mountain bike accident. Good times. And I was able to hold the plank for 2:30. Nice.

Today I was smart and brought my own water bottle to the gym so I could drink while running. I know, genius. Seriously, it really helped. Gotta remember to do that again.

04 October 2011


Woke up too tired to get to the gym but I did throw my shoes, shorts and a shirt in the car (which I had to take in for service today) before leaving the house so on the way home I stopped by the Howe Street stairs and got in a 'quickie'.

For once the stairs were not packed with humanity and there were just two other people there.

One of which was a guy that was 'running' each flight but would also stop to gasp for air at the top of each section and soon I noticed that my fast walking was gaining on him. So that became my goal and after seven flight I had caught him. :) Then I ran the last one just to throw salt in the wound. Buh-bye.

Ah… the competitive juices must be flowing.

03 October 2011


I was able to do the plank today!

On a whim I gave it a shot and although uncomfortable it did not hurt. So I stuck it out and managed two minutes. I'm psyched but also intimidated as I used to do three minutes routinely and that duration seems light years away right now…

At least that is one core exercise that is back on the agenda.

The side plank still hurts my shoulder too much.

02 October 2011

nerd glasses

I have been going through my pictures and posting them when I stumbled across this one here.


Oh man.

Those, my friend, are Oakley Frogskins with after-market clear lenses that I had installed for winter riding when the original tinted lenses got too scratched.. Booyah!

Discovery Park trail run

Finally, I got a reasonable quantity of sleep.

Since yesterday did not tire me out much I decided to try and get in a longer run today.

A couple of weeks ago I set a lofty running goal for this fall and I promptly injured myself at the 12 Hours of Capitol Punishment. Damn. And that was after I had to take almost two weeks off from running after falling at the Capitol Forest 100. It seems that for every two steps I took forward I was taking one back. On the upside two steps is more than one so I am making progress, just not nearly as fast as I would like to. What's new, right?

01 October 2011

fixed gear ride

What a relief! To get out on this bike with a friend that is.

Work has been insane and exercise is such good therapy. The only problem is I keep falling off my bike and hurting myself so have not had much therapeutic activity recently. Plus this bike is a joy to ride. Plus I was with good friend and teammate RC R. Bonus.

Just more amazing bike riding!

As one person put, it, "And another video was born containing not even a single iota of anything that is possible for me to do on a bike…"

And I love it so.

LOTEK/GARRETT REEVES from Lotek on Vimeo.

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