I want to give credit where credit is due and thank all my sponsors, supporters and give a shout out to everyone and everything that helps me achieve what I set out to do. Being an amateur athlete I do this for fun. Thanks for helping me accomplish all the adventures I have embarked on in my life and here's looking forward to more.


Hammer Nutrition Use Referral Code 27682 for 15% off your first order
Hammer Nutrition makes endurance fuels and supplements that work. And they work really well. And they taste great. For 2023 I'm again excited to announce that I will be a Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Athlete.

My favorite products are HEED, Perpetuem, Hammer GelEndurolytesRecoverite, and CBD Softgels. Need something for a pre-race boost? Need quality fuel while exercising and competing? Need great recovery products? Need nutrition that will sustain you for sprints and ultra events? Look no further.
Use referral code 27682 for 15% off of your first order.
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BOCO makes the most fun, light. functional, technical, and stylish hats and accessories for running and lifestyle. For 2023 I'm super excited to be a BOCO Gear Athlete Ambassador again.

I first discovered the BOCO brand when I got a Topo Athletic hat. It was the best running hat ever! Since then I have received more hats at various events and I even purchased one from my local bike shop. I use a BOCO neck gaiter on tons of runs, they're so comfy. Now I know why everyone uses BOCO, they're the best.

Athletic Brewing
Athletic Brewing was a revelation to me. Like almost everyone I know, I love a post-run/ride beer. It's a blast to celebrate your accomplishments with friends and it's the social norm to do it over a drink. And living in Seattle I have zero shortage of excellent beers to choose from. But as I get older, my body has become less able to process alcohol. Those high-tolerance college days are long gone. What's left tho is an even stronger desire to connect, commiserate, and keep the adventures coming. NA (non-alcoholic) beer to the rescue! Great tasting beer to the rescue! Now I can have my beer and drink it too. For 2023 I'm proud to be an Athletic Brewing Ambassador again.
- Use this URL to place an order:
- And use this discount code for 20% off: MARTINC20
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Seattle Running Club
The Seattle Running Club is my club. Without them, I would never have met so many incredible people and talented runners or been exposed to so many amazing running routes and adventures.


This is what I use and what I freely and heartily endorse. There are a lot of products and services out there and through trial and error, I have found that everything on this list really does work for endurance athletes.

Topo Athletic - Contact me for a 10% discount! Topo Athletic - Contact me for a 10% discount!
Topo makes the best natural running shoes in the world. And the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I used to be an Ambassador for Topo and when they shuttered that program I kept using the shoes because they simply are the best for my feet.

I am a huge believer in using gear that works AND that works with your body. As a runner, shoes are the interface between you and your chosen terrain and are easily the most important piece of equipment you will use. For years I searched for shoes that fit my foot well and although I found several good ones, it only took one run in Topo shoes to convince me they were much, much better. The shoes are neutral and allow your foot to move naturally through the gait cycle. The toe box is wide but the midfoot and heel is not, this means they hug your foot so you don't slide around in the shoe and you have more control. And in spite of being crazy light, I am running more comfortably and injury-free than ever. Never before has a shoe "disappeared" under me while running. Done, done, and done.
#MoveBetterNaturally #InPursuitOfAwe

PATH Projects
PATH projects makes truly functional running apparel for men. And they make separates so you can pair the best liner with the best shell for any conditions.

All the fabrics are technical so they are comfy next to your skin even when wet and they're hydrophobic so they don't weigh you down when wet. The materials use a spiral yarn that flexes without old-school Spandex. It's also much lighter! All the materials offer UV protection, are light, strong, anti-microbial, and easy to care for. They also pay attention to the little things like pockets that are big enough to store food and/or clothing and have zippers so you don't lose anything and a drawstring that ties on the outside of the shorts for extra comfort. The shorts and liners come in different lengths and they make shirts and tights too. This brand was recommended to me by a friend while we were staffing an aid station at a trail race and after getting my first pair of shorts and liners I am hooked!

Stryd Power Meter for Running
Stryd makes power meters for running. Just like for cycling, power is the most objective and consistent measurement of how hard you are working. Watts are, after all, watts. They don't vary depending on how rested you are or what direction the wind is blowing. Power is the best way to pace your effort no matter what distance you are running. The Stryd footpod pairs with iOS, Android, most GPS watches, and it also gives you a host of other metrics including pace & distance (if you are running indoors), cadence, form power, leg spring stiffness, ground time, vertical oscillation, and a run stress score. All without overriding these numbers if they are already being provided by your existing gear. I got turned on to Stryd by Joseph Gray. Being familiar with power from cycling I was really just looking for a reliable running unit and Stryd is that. I was hooked. In 2018 and 2020 I posted some ultra PRs because I stuck to my Stryd pacing recommendations, for sure I am smarter now than when I started running but I give a lot of credit to Stryd. It just makes pacing easy.

Ultimate Direction
Ultimate Direction makes some of the best hydration products around. I laugh when I think about how much I used to dislike carrying a water bottle... now I hardly leave the house without one. I still use the first generation Handy 20. It grips a bottle more securely than any other handheld holder I have tried and I can fit a large (read: 24 oz) cycling bottle in it. My most used pack is the PB Adventure Vest 3.0. It's incredibly versatile in that it's very light, yet holds enough for a self-supported 100-mile/all-day outing. You can use it with bottles, a bladder, or both. And there is still room for a camera, food, and extra clothing. Perhaps most importantly, it's comfy and does not bounce around no matter how full/empty it is. Did I mention you can attach trekking poles to the front? Oh yes. I also love the Race Vest 5.0, this model is incredibly light and if you don't need to carry much clothing or extra gear, it will hold all your nutrition and hydration and trekking poles and make you feel fast!

Sealskinz makes "endurance accessories". Specifically, they make socks, gloves, and hats; all of which are soft, warm, and waterproof. For someone like me who has poor circulation in my hands and feet, their products are a godsend! Not only are their products effective at keeping out the cold and wet, they stretch an amazing amount and are super comfortable. And they have socks with a rubberized gripper at the top of the cuff to seal(skinz) out the water that runs down your legs! Genius.

Stance Socks
Stance makes the best socks. I used to think you needed "tough" socks or "toe" socks when what I really needed was the right shoes for my feet. Once I got that dialed in, comfort was all that mattered and that is what Stance excels at. They make all the popular lengths (my favorite is the crew - it keeps dirt out) and the slight amount of compression is really nice. These socks work great in the heat, in the dust, they don't bunch up or rub or cause blisters, the elastic snaps back wash after wash, and you will be able to find a design that no one else is wearing. Style, you know you love it!

FootWorks Physical Therapy
FootWorks Physical Therapy has been patching me up for years. Neal Goldberg understands athletes because he is one and because he has worked with some of the best. I have received bike fits, cycling insoles, routine physical therapy, rehab from chronic back and a pretty serious ankle injury and treatment for an IT band injury and a running over-use injury all from FootWorks.

Flora Health
Flora Health makes Udo's Oil and I love it. Not only is it a super source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio it also tastes great. I put it on salads, in smoothies, you name it. Need a great recovery tool and endurance fuel? Check.

Patagonia. No other clothing company that I know of makes such great performing apparel for every condition and activity imaginable AND cares so much about our planet. They exercise control over their entire supply chain for the common good. Their products are comfy, technical (meaning they work when you work hard) and they look great. You can feel good when you wear this brand.

If you run or ride a bike odds are you use at least a stopwatch and more than likely a cyclometer or these days a GPS. Garmin makes some of the best and has some of the best accessories. Currently, I am using the fenix 7 Sapphire Solar for running along with an HRM-Pro heart rate strap. Since this unit has an accelerometer, I no longer need a Foot Pod for indoor runs. I also use my watch (along with a heart rate strap) for cycling and when I'm adventuring (any activity) I also carry the inReach Mini for safety on all of my adventures.

Black Diamond Equipment
If you have a regular job and/or have a family, no doubt you are doing some of your workouts early in the morning or late at night. Add in Daylight Saving Time and I am donning a light several days each week during the winter. Black Diamond makes some great ones and I am currently using an old version of the Sprinter Headlamp (rechargeable, flashing red tail light) and the Icon Headlamp (200 Lumens, all-night battery life). They also make the gold standard in trekking poles, the Distance Carbon Z Pole. Holy cow are these things light and easy to deploy and stow. Shelley and I also have some less extreme Trail Trekking Poles for hiking and snowshoeing.

Road ID
Road ID. It's small, it's comfy, it doesn't cost much, and it's a big pile of peace of mind. When I go running or riding alone, or even when I'm with friends; how would anyone know who to contact if something were to happen to me? Road ID solves that problem. I wear mine 24/7/365. Shelley appreciates this.

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