29 April 2020

refreshing my Blogger blog

Man, does anyone even read blogs anymore? I find the answer is still a qualified "yes" based on the feedback I get from some posts but for sure blogs are VERY old school these days... which might just be why I persist with mine. :)

Like any tool or skill that you let languish, it starts to suffer. This blog is no different. I spent some time updating it and here is what I did in case anyone else is in the same boat.

11 January 2020

Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival 15 Mile

Yesss...! My body has been freaking out lately with various issues and ailments so in spite of not being able to run the 50k distance I was hoping to do here when I put the Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival on my calendar a couple of months ago, I'm VERY psyched to run any distance and to feel okay while doing so.

Thanks to Seattle Running Club and Northwest Trail Runs for putting on another awesome edition of this race.

01 December 2019

pacing Lucca at the Seattle Marathon

I am so proud of Lucca! 2019 was the eighth time we have run the Seattle Marathon together and this year she got within 59 seconds of her marathon PR. Wow!

Here's to these types of family traditions.

26 October 2019

Javelina Jundred 100 km

For someone that professes to be an ultra "runner", actually running for extended periods of time is one of my weaknesses. #irony

I'm used to (and my body prefers) ultras that include hiking, technical trails, and perhaps just a slower average speed? Well, the Javelina Jundred is NOT one of those "slower" races. For the 100 km event, you gain a total of just 3,900' and only 5,000' for the 100 mile! So why is the finishing rate consistently around 50%?! Because there is a lot more than vert to an ultra.

Here I am about 10 minutes prior to the start. Things are looking up!

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