31 December 2011

Ballard run

Woke up early again today, why does this happen? I was totally relaxed when I went to bed and then after about five minutes my eyes are wide open. Double plus ungood.

The ride plan did not come to fruition so instead I went for a run with Justin A. It has been ages since I 1) ran on the road or 2) went for a run on the road with Justin. It was once again impressed upon me how harsh the pavement is compared to the dirt, how much I have slowed down since my last running race and how much faster Justin is. Still, mostly good times and it was great to catch up.

30 December 2011

taking the zero

Woke up (really) early for the first time in at least a week. :( Some day I will figure out how to get enough sleep. Without medication.

Having not ridden much lately I was all geared up for another super duper indoor training session with the team! We all arrived early, got suited up, but the equipment did not work.

I guess there was some construction going on and so all the trainers and the laptop and the serial port hub were completely disconnected. No amount of plugging out/in, rebooting, power cycling helped and in the end the four people that stayed were riding using someone else's numbers. After 40 minutes of dicking with equipment I opted to go home instead of riding at a random resistance for 20 minutes.


Funny (read: interesting) how this mattered a LOT to me today.

I mean it's just one day of training that I missed but I really wanted to do it.

29 December 2011

UTMB (dare to dream)

Funny how the mind works.

One minute I am surfing YouTube looking at random shit and the next I am freaking riveted by this film here:

Is that beautiful/spectacular/incredibly hard/makes-you-feel-like-you-could-reach-out-and-touch-heaven/all of the above? Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Joe Friel - The Fat-Burning Myth


This is what I'm talking about. Why do people always want to believe that lower intensity will burn more calories?

Nothing against low intensity mind you; just keep it real.


Boy, it was tough to get to the gym today but once I was there the workout was great. My back was a bit sore/weak but otherwise my legs felt strong.

In my head I'd like to increase the weight for squats but why? Just because it seems light compared to what other people do and what I used to do… lame standard I know. My back made me nervous today plus I am able to go really low with this weight and if I increased it I would probably have to stop at 90 degrees.

I am still giving myself very little rest between sets, just enough time to walk 10 steps to the drinking fountain and back. I take more rest between exercises. I think this is the right way to go about lifting for cycling.

28 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer

Yes! I'm back on the bike and it feels great. After spending the the holidays (one day of nothing + four days of running) in Las Vegas I was really missing my bike. Especially since I ran two routes that would have been absolutely primo on two wheels. Sigh. You just can't do it all.

This morning was another session at Cycle University and it was great. My legs felt pretty rested and I hope to turn the corner soon and am optimistic I can increase the wattage next week or soon thereafter.

27 December 2011

Henderson wash run

I was not feeling it today! I guess the company of the past three days spoiled me and when I had to run by myself something was lacking.

Plus, I tried to go a little faster and that plan went over like a lead balloon.

Oh well. Shelley did let me use her Shuffle which was great. Especially since really good songs kept coming on at just the right time. And the sun was out. And it was not windy, And the sky was brilliant blue. I guess it was not so bad after all.

25 December 2011

Lake Mead Tunnel Trail run

After two days of technical singletrack we switched it up and hit the flat doubletrack. Not that I'd want to do this very often but it was a nice change and for sure I like being on new trails.

On the agenda today was the Lake Mead Tunnel Trail; so called because it's an old railway grade and you pass through six short tunnels on the way from the parking lot to Lake Mead. And truth be told it's not totally flat. After the last tunnel you go down a gentle grade, past a power station, across a parking lot and then the path turns to concrete and switchbacks down a steep hill to the top level of a parking garage from which you have a super view of Hoover Dam.

Turns out there is even a race that runs along this trail…

One thing that caught my eye was the River Mountain Loop Trail that looked like it would be a kick to ride. According to the big sign/map at the parking lot it's a 31 mile loop (all paved) that runs around River Mountain. Part of it is along Lake Mead, part of it is in the wasteland and part of it is literally along the bottom of a huge, concrete drainage ditch. I think the novelty would be huge. Something to keep in mind for future visits.

24 December 2011

Red Rock Canyon trail run

Fantastic trails? Check.
Beautiful day? Check
Brilliant sunshine? Check.
Great company? check.
Amazing scenery? Check.
Warm enough to take my shirt off after two miles and actually get some much needed vitamin D? CHECK.

23 December 2011

Bootleg Canyon trail run

When I think of Las Vegas I do NOT think of great running trails but oh how wrong I am.

Shelley and I are visiting family in Henderson, NV and it turns out there is an amazing little mountain bike park in Bootleg Canyon just outside of Boulder City which is only 11 miles away. Done.

22 December 2011


I added more weight today… I think I'm pretty close to the max I want to lift now. Maybe I'm already there?

It was a good workout, very little rest between sets which is exactly what I want.

21 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer

Slept okay. Woke up early but this allowed me to eat something prior working out.

The usual gang was all here for our CompuTrainer workout at Cycle University, and what a good crowd it was.

Dawn Patrol at Cycle University.

20 December 2011

stairs | weights

Yes. Today was a good day on the stairs.

I wasn't especially fast but the first runner felt surprisingly good as did the last one.

Jim K also had a super day and kept pushing me each time up and did not rest nearly as much as usual. Go, go, go!

And in the gym? Why thanks for asking… Martin did indeed have a banner workout there too.

19 December 2011


Lackluster morning, lackluster motivation but I made it to the gym and had a reasonable core workout so surprise, surprise.

A second workout was not in the cards today.

18 December 2011

Squak Mt trail run | Gold Creek Pond snowshoe

I was looking forward to this day but after pummeling my legs so much yesterday I was a little weary or how I would feel. Luckily I had this to look forward to later.


17 December 2011

FareStart team ride

At some point riding a single speed bicycle with geared bikes gets stupid. I think I reached that point today.

Things were going okay until we hit Tiger Mt and then it was weight lifting pure and simple. We're talking a full body workout and I was paper-boying all over the damn road. Once over the top the majority vote was to turn around and do it again. You could hear my legs breaking from miles away.

16 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer | core

Finally got some sleep.

Did it help? Not really, my legs were pretty tired this AM. Oh well.

We had another full house at Cycle University today for round four(?) of our CompuTrainer session. Nice.

15 December 2011

weights | run


After finally getting over the soreness of lifting I started to increase the weights this week. Tuesday I added some weight and today I added a wee bit more. I have been trying to keep the rest between sets to an absolute minimum as my goal is not to get bigger or lift much more, rather it's to build muscle endurance. Today was kinda tough. :)

14 December 2011

Cycle U CompuTrainer | commute

Argh… I overestimated my ability/fitness today.

Last week at Cycle University setting my threshold power at 310 watts seemed fine so this week I tried 320. Not. I got the first interval done but just barely and had to stop pedaling for roughly three seconds about three minutes from the end just to give my legs a break. I then foolishly started the second interval at the same threshold setting (perhaps I was hoping I had 'warmed up'…?) and about nine minutes in I came apart.

First I dropped the threshold power to 310 but I still had to quit pedaling about FIVE times for a couple of seconds each time during this second 20 minute interval. Rats.

Lesson learned? Probably not but we can always hope.


13 December 2011

stairs | weights

It's big double workout Tuesday day! And so far I still have the energy to get it done.

Thanks again to Jim K who shows up year after year for this stair workout - doing these alone is perhaps harder than any other solo workout for me.

12 December 2011


Except for that insanely fast descent yesterday aggravating the damn injury in my right foot I feel fine today. A little tired but fine.

11 December 2011

Squak Mt trail run

Woke up feeling a little heavy, holiday parties (with lots of wine) will do that to you.

Today is my first outing with the Seattle Running Club and my first substantial trial run in over two weeks. I can't wait.

10 December 2011

Fall City on a single speed

First team ride for me in ages. And damn is it cold outside.

I met the 'boys' at the Leschi Starbucks (probably the most popular meeting spot for bike rides in all of Seattle) and off we went.

I was a wee bit concerned about the two climbs on the agenda today being on my single speed but it turns out I did fine.

09 December 2011

Cycle U indoor trainer session | core

Another great morning at Cycle University! Today I was again joined by Ryan D and this time time Tony B, Corrie M and Aaron (a new guy who's last name I have yet to learn) were there as well.

We did a solid hour of work today that was comprised of four 8-minute intervals which hovered around 90% of threshold and then one longer interval that was about 80%.

08 December 2011


Had a good session in the gym today and am finally over the initial soreness of starting this regime so next week I will be able to try adding some weight. For the record, it took four days of lifting over the course of two weeks for me get to this point. Sheesh.

I had planned on going for a run at lunch but just did not have the motivation so bagged it. I felt strangely liberated…

07 December 2011

Cycle U indoor trainer session | core

Note to self. If you are plan to ride a bike on a trainer, make sure you have a bike built up.

Since Shelley and I are going to move in three months we have already started putting stuff in storage my father's basement. For me that would include several bicycles. Of note, it included all my geared bikes. What to do? I took my single speed bike and put it on the CompuTrainer.

You know what? it worked out pretty well. Nice.

06 December 2011

stairs | weights

Boom! Another good day on the stairs, I'm loving it. Of course by 'good day on the stairs' I mean I was sucking some ragged wind at the top of the last runner but it was tolerable and I never slowed to a walk. Everything is relative. :)

05 December 2011

core | treadmill run

What a great day! Core felt good, my run felt excellent and that was after two hard rides over the weekend.

Easy runs are supposed to feel easy and that's exactly what today was. my breathing was relaxed, my footfalls felt light, what a fantastic feeling.

04 December 2011

snowshoe | fixed gear ride

What a great day! The sun was out, it wasn't windy and there was plenty of snow in the mountains and none in the city.

So logically Shelley and I had to play in the snow and then I had to go for a ride. Done.



03 December 2011

fixed gear ride

Jeff R and I have been talking for ages about riding fixed gear bikes together and we finally got our shit organized today. Yes. As a bonus we were joined by RC R and Greg and Suzie K. Good times.

Today is literally my second ride of any length on any bike other than my Town Bike since switching over to running so I was pretty psyched.

02 December 2011


Oh. My. GOD. I woke up at 1:00 AM and could not get back to sleep. Ridiculous. On the upside I got to the gym promptly at 5. Is that even an upside?

Core felt better today than Wednesday so that's good.

And since I had plenty of time after I indulged in about 20 minutes of stretching. There just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done.

Now to get ready for the crash I will experience at 2:00 PM.

01 December 2011

weights | commute | trainer

Not surprisingly it appears I went way too hard in the gym on Tuesday. Sigh. Some people (read: me) never learn. I put the same weight on the bar for squats and almost collapsed. It wasn't that my legs had not strength, it was that I was so tight/sore and they practically could not support me. Good times.

So I immediately swallowed my pride and took 30 lb. off the bar. Whew.