31 July 2012

treadmill run | walk commute

Hooray for me! I made it to the gym today.

I felt it would still be prudent to keep my ass off of any bike saddle to opted for a run. Besides, it's been a while.

Surprisingly it felt okay. I took it pretty easy and good thing because even though my legs were not averse to the movement, my lungs did not seem able to fill themselves properly, especially had I tried to go any faster. But I guess that's okay.

Then I walked home. Again. I love being able to do this.

30 July 2012

commute walk

Took the bus to work and then walked home. It was beautiful out and I found some back trail behind the tennis court through Volunteer Park. Cool stuff.

I thought about going to the gym in the morning but the motivation never quite amounted to sufficient force to get me out the door.

29 July 2012

walk around Seward Park

Casual walking is exercise so I'm posting it! Besides, I just happened to have my Garmin watch on at the time… :)

28 July 2012

Seattle Century on a fixed gear

I have a dream… or rather prior to today I had a dream. In that dream I could ride my fixed gear bike as long as I wanted. Over hill and over dale for miles and miles into the sunset I would ride all the while comfortably spinning like a madman.

So like an idiot I invited Jeff Reed to join me on the Seattle Century and suggested that we ride single speed bikes. I was feeling pretty macho since I had completed this ride last year on my single speed… Jeff replied, "Sure! How about we ride fixed gears?"


It seems I just got one-upped. Oh well, if you make your bed you need to lie in it so I agreed. Did I mention I was recovering from a wicked saddle sore? Whatever. Go!


26 July 2012

RAMROD (Ride Around Mt Rainier in One Day)

What nostalgia!

24 years ago in 1988 Rick Benson and I posted a fast time (they stopped timing this ride long ago) on the original course (they have since shortened the route by a few miles) and today we connected for most of this ride again by chance(!) for what I think is the first time since that year.


But the motivation for today started because of the impetus of Jeff Reed who lucked out and got a lottery entry. He gave me a shout and it turns out I got in too so along with some of his friends we headed to THE mountain.

25 July 2012


Today I did have the motivation to do some cardio and since I wanted to give my nethers as much rest and recovery time as possible I stayed off my bike one more day.

Believe you me, saddle sores can really take you out of commission!

24 July 2012

core | walk commute

I made it to the gym today AND I had enough motivation to at least work through my core routine. Whew.
Since my taint ain't recovered yet and since walking home was so much fun yesterday I did it again today. And this time I added the Howe Street stairs from the very bottom. Gotta love the most classic stair climb in all of Seattle.

23 July 2012

walk commute

Oh man…

I went to the gym today to do some light cardio and get my legs moving again and it was NOT happening. Motivation was zilch and I lasted maybe 10 minutes before I climbed off the elliptical trainer. My 'below the belt' was still not up for riding a bicycle so instead I just walked home.

Saddle sores suck but walking home was fun. It made me realize that I am super lucky to live close enough to work for this to be an option.

21 July 2012

High Cascades 100

"You're going the wrong way…!"

That's what some guy yelled at me as I was riding backwards on the course when I had finally managed to put about 15 PSI into my front tire after getting my third flat somewhere around mile 40.
But let me start at the beginning and catch you up.

Bend, OR/Mt Bachelor is a freaking GREAT place to ride mountain bikes. I had only heard this from others never having been there myself so took it on faith when I signed up for the High Cascades 100. Turns out the 'others' were right. The course was one big loop…! How often do you get to ride 100 miles and never ever cover the same trail twice? This was my first time and I loved it.


19 July 2012

core | bike commute

For logistical reasons (like needing to be at work by 7 and needing to run an errand after work) I had to ride my bike to work today and I gotta say my nether regions are NOT healing up very fast. It was not comfy to say the least. I have stood up so much on the way home. :)

On the up side I can take tomorrow off again and my core routine went okay. Thank goodness for small favors.

Lately I have felt SO not like a racer lately… all I want to do is whatever I happen to want to do. With no pressure to perform. Am I getting old? Have I been racing too long? Do I just need to switch something up? I still love riding and running with friends, even alone at times but the 'show up and go fast' feeling has left the building. Many weeks ago actually.

I have two more races on my calendar, we'll see how they go with no specific training.

18 July 2012


I did not want to gross everyone (and by 'everyone' I of course mean the one or two people that read this blog) out yesterday but after my leisurely Monday commute which was interrupted by a couple of hours as I sat around at the Ballard Loft in the sun drinking beers (in my cycling shorts of course) I got a wicked saddle sore. :(

Saddle sores are not fun anyway but they are a huge bummer when you have a big bike race coming up. Shit. Why do I get these when I'm hardly riding my bike and I wear clean shorts every day? Sucks.

So yesterday I tried to ride as little as possible and when that did not help I opted not to ride at all today. Hence the cardio at the gym.

On the up side the cardio felt good. My legs are still pretty wicked tight [said in my best Hopper accent] and this loosened them up nicely. For a few hours anyway. :)

17 July 2012

core | bike commute

Made it to the gym this morning, whew. And for the first time in a while my core routine felt really good.
Unfortunately I only had time for the shortest way home today.

16 July 2012

bike commute

My legs feel so incredibly heavy… and my quads are wicked tight. Funny (read: interesting) how this kind of things creeps up on you because after my run on Saturday I felt positively super.

Today I just rode to work and then to Ballard after work for a couple of beers with friends.

Coming home I just let my nose guide me and for some reason I ended up at the base of Belmont Ave E. Ouch.

15 July 2012

Tiger Mt MTB ride

Only one week to go before what is arguably the biggest and hardest (meaning the toughest competition will show up) MTB race of my summer: High Cascades 100. This weekend was supposed to be my last long/hard workout so yesterday I went for a longer run in the woods and today I was supposed to go for a longer ride in the same woods. But it didn't happen.

I met my new-found friend Gary Ballas at the South Tiger Mt summit parking lot and we headed out for what I hoped would be at least two laps of the standard loop. Gary wanted to warm up prior to tackling the big climb so we hit some trail first. It was great!

It was also the case that my front tire was losing air! What crap.

To top it off, my pump was not cooperating and would only let more air out of my tire instead of putting any in. :( Luckily Gary's pump was working but after topping my tire off at least four times and not finding any obvious leak and after crashing once because my soft front tire pushed out in a corner I packed it in. Rats.

Gary is a blast to ride with though, he's a much better bike handler than I and following him down singletrack required concentration. That's just what I need.

Oh yeah, it was really wet too. At least it was not cold.

14 July 2012

Cottage Cheese Ass loop on Tiger Mt

What's in a name you ask? Well, it so happens there is a 'Fat Ass' on Tiger Mt every year and this loop is similar to that, just a bit longer. And in the other direction. Sort of. Whatever, it's a great loop. Today the plan was to ran it with Bill Huggins and Justin Angle. At about 6:00 AM Bill and I got a text from Justin; he was out. :(

But when I got to the start I discovered that Bill had invited three friends, yes!

Two of them I had run with last Wednesday and they were not slow… I was hoping to keep up.

ASIDE - In celebration of the most excellent weather we have been having I left my shirt in the car. As Bill and I walked up to the other three he introduced me as 'the naked guy'. Nice.

13 July 2012


Yesterday and today I am training for work so not much time to do anything else but I wanted a rest anyway so it worked out.

Today was just to keep my legs moving and keep the muscles loose after Wednesday's run. Thank goodness the tightness is going away but after doing some cursory stretching at the gym I realized I am wicked tight and need to get back on the stick.

There are so many things to remember to do…! :(

12 July 2012


Rest day!

That run yesterday (of course) made me more sore than I thought… :)

I really had difficulty with my leg lifts doing the side plank today. Hopefully it was just an off day.

11 July 2012

Cougar Mt run | bike commute

In just 19 days Justin Angle is going to move to Montana. He has been trying his best to get us out on the trail together before he takes off and I was really bummed to have to miss his official 'farewell run' on this same loop later in the month but lucky for me he was headed out again today. I jumped at the opportunity.

I'm going to miss him.


10 July 2012

treadmill run | bike commute

I figured I did not have time to get outdoors at lunch today so hit the gym in the AM. Oh man was it hard to get going today… Not only was I dragging ass when it came to leaving the house but I must have stood on the treadmill for what seemed like an hour (three minutes maybe?) just staring at the console. Not helping matters was the fact that my iPod had run out of battery. :(

When I finally kicked my own butt into gear it was fine. Quite good actually. Thank god. For the first two minutes or so I was picturing myself being that guy that steps off after five minutes and goes home.
At least I had the foresight to bring a water bottle and held it/drank from it the entire run.

Since the weather was positively brilliant again today I took the long way home. The Magnolia bluff loop rarely disappoints. On the way home I saw Alex Telitsine but I'm positive he did not recognize me. In his defense maybe my wave was a tad late.

09 July 2012

core | bike commute

Trying to get back into the routine after a few days off of work and away from the gym. You know what? it's not easy. :(

ASIDE - next on the agenda, figure out how to retire before next summer.

Core was tough but I expected it to be. And my legs were still a little sore/tight from my run last Saturday. Not too bad though.

07 July 2012

Lake Tahoe run

Expansive views!
Way above sea level!

Shelley and I were in Incline Village for her 20-year high school reunion (Incline High baby!) and since there was time to screw around and since packing running shoes and shorts is easier and cheaper than shipping a bicycle I hit the trails on foot.

Oh MAN are the trails nice up here… and by 'up' I mean right around 6,000'.

I started at the Ponderosa Ranch (where Bonanza was filmed) and headed up Tunnel Creek Rd. This is a stout climb that ascends for three miles at which point you get to about a million intersections and options. The Flume Trail had been recommended to me but I took a wrong turn. Luckily every turn is damn scenic up here so I just ran until I saw one hour and then turned around. Good times. Especially since I did not get lost.

04 July 2012

Mt Rainier mega ride (Sunrise, Cayuse, Paradise, Cayuse)

A great route, good friends, all damn day, nice weather, what could possibly be better? That's rhetorical, the answer is not much.

Thanks to Aaron Griffith who got the ball rolling on this eight of us showed up at the Crystal Mountain turn off from Hwy 410 at 8:00 AM ready to log some serious miles in the mountains. IN attendance were Neal Goldberg, Audrey Baldessari, Jesse Nofziger, Alex Telitsine, my old friend John Ospina and two of Jesse's friends (Nick - who had just done an Iron Man distance tri 11 days ago and then won a sprint tri the following weekend(!) and Bryen Graver who happens to be the son of a guy I race on the dirt).

In spite of the fact the sun was shining it was freaking freezing out. Like 41 degrees freezing. I knew it was going to warm up tons so everyone tried to walk the line between not turning into a popsicle at the beginning and having enough pocket space to stash all the clothes we knew were coming off later in the day. Some were braver than others.


03 July 2012

Grand Ridge + Fluidride clinic

What do you do when you get a new bike? You ride it!

Just yesterday I finally finished putting together my new mountain bike and so in spite of the fact that it rained like hell all night and was still raining early this morning I strapped on the seatpost fender and headed out to Grand Ridge.

The ride up and over Grand Ridge was just a prelude to a Fluidride clinic I had purchased and was treating myself with. I'm not usually the quickest to adapt to new equipment so I figured a ride plus a clinic would be super useful in getting my skills squared away on my new ride.

And let me tell you, that Fluidride clinic was the best I have ever had.

Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper Carbon 29 Singlespeed


02 July 2012

core | errands by bike

After getting to the gym in the AM I ran some errands on my commuter.

I gotta say, being able to grab a messenger bag and hop on a bike in your tennis shoes without needing tons of specialized gear is a dream. And it still brings a smile to my face.