30 June 2014

bike commute

Took the long way home today.

On all the days that I complain about not being able to do the activities that I want to, I should remember all of these when I can still do more than most people.

29 June 2014

May Valley on a single speed


I took the Kona Paddy Wagon out for what ended up being a super fun ride. McDonalds hill (Monterey Pl NE) was a bit of a grind but not too terrible, for sure I was out of the saddle all the way up. For only having one gear I was moving pretty good all day long.

Heading into Issaquah on Issaquah-Hobart Rd I saw a sign that made me grab the brakes. For some reason it cracked me up.

28 June 2014


This was kind of fun in a strange way, a proper old school leg workout.

I added one more exercise to my routine and increased the weight or reps on almost everything. It took me a solid hour, something I usually don't have the patience for. Today was special. :)

27 June 2014


Got to the gym this morning for some much needed core work and then I took the bus to work for a change. I felt great at the gym! I slept well and it showed. Why take the bus? So Shelley and I could go out after work. Good times at Fremont Brewing.

26 June 2014

weights | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

I must be liking this routine. Gym in the morning, Breathe Hot Yoga in the afternoon.

At the gym I found a box that was a little taller than the bench I had been using for my step-ups, it made all the difference. My upper body is so weak it's tough for me to hold onto the dumbbells until the end of each set. :(

25 June 2014

bike commute

No extra curricular activities today, just rode to and from work. But I did get a new phone... EXCITING!


24 June 2014

weights | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

More iron for Martin! This weight lifting thing seems to be working out. [Get it...?!]

My legs were a bit shaky while at Breathe Hot Yoga from the morning no doubt but these classes are great!

When I got home I was pretty beat so dinner needed to be a minimal effort affair.

23 June 2014

core | bike commute

Core and bike commute! It's a staple.

I managed to do more push-ups than usual today, I must have been chatting with my friends a bit more than usual and thus resting more.

On the way to work I stopped off at FootWorks PT to see Neal Goldberg about my calf. He worked quite aggressively until I was sore and gave me some toe exercises to do. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't losing enthusiasm for rehab. I mean I already have to do all this extra work for my back, I still do work for my ankle, I just got done working like hell to help my knee and now this? Poop.

Did I mention that riding to and from work with clipless pedals is WAY easier than with platform pedals? It's true.

22 June 2014

weights | West Seattle on a single speed

That's right, yesterday was so much fun I did it all again today.

Hit the gym in the morning and then went for a ride in the afternoon. Today it was warmer than yesterday and I also felt like getting some sun so swapped the pedals on my Raleigh Mojave 8.0 commuter bike and ditched the platforms in favor of clipless and rode WITHOUT MY SHIRT. I know, sometimes (read: usually) I am that guy.

ASIDE - I would have felt ridiculous on one of my road bikes with no shirt but on a mountain bike with slicks... you can pull that shit off.

The sun felt GREAT! And I got just a little burnt. Luckily it was minor/manageable.

I also blew through a crosswalk on the right side of a cop car... turns out there was a pedestrian stepping into the street and the car blocked my view. The cop stopped, I didn't and two blocks later I hear a single "whoop" of the police siren and pull over. Thankfully the guy was super nice and when he heard that the words coming out of my mouth were forming complete, grammatically correct sentences and I was not planning on being belligerent he smiled and told me to be more careful.

That happened riding north from Lincoln Park along he water. Not two miles later I'm cruising past Alki Beach Park and stop at a crosswalk so some pedestrians can cross and who should pull up next to me but the same cop! He said something like, "Well that's better!" In a split second dozens of witty retorts flashed through my mind but in the end I just smiled, waved and carried on. Actually, I was genuinely happy! I did not get a ticket, the cop was nice and I think he really wanted to express appreciation for my behavior. and I was psyched I was giving cyclists a good name.

21 June 2014

weights | Mercer Island on a single speed

I probably haven't said this enough so here goes, I LOVE RIDING SINGLE SPEED BIKES! Simplicity personified. I elaborate some more about that here.

But before I went riding I went to the gym and lifted some goddamn weights! Since most any impact seems to hurt my calf I thought I would try some strengthening that does not involve impact. It went okay.

What prompted the road bike ride, other than the fact that I can't run, was Dr. Maxine Weyant (my sports medicine doctor). When I saw her a couple of days ago she recommended I stop riding to work in Vans. I was like, "But they're stiff..." She pickup up one of my shoes, flexed it, and laughed. Burst my bubble why don't you. She recommended I ride in 'real cycling shoes', you know, the kind where you clip in and that have stiff soles. Gee, I might have some of those...

20 June 2014

core | bike commute

Core felt great today! And I think my right leg felt just a tad better today...? So when I got home I promptly celebrated.

19 June 2014

bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

What do you do when you can't run? Other stuff, like yoga. TWICE. Talk about a sweat fest, this was that.

As I rode into work I saw some ducks in Drumheller Fountain, I almost rode away but then decided to take a picture.

I also saw my sports medicine doctor today to discuss the results of my MRI.

18 June 2014

core | bike commute

Core and bike commute! It's a way of life.

It's great when an otherwise trivial task (and something usually way mundane) helps to brighten up your day.

One the way home I finally saw Echo. Controversial I hear but also so impressive.

17 June 2014

cardio | bike commute

Hit he gym for some good old elliptical trainer this morning! I wanted to see how this felt on my calf and the answer is not super. No outright pain but it was pretty much constantly uncomfortable. Then again, it could have been worse and it was not so bad that I had to climb off.

At work I was in training all day and some guy brought this.

But then later in the day the same guy brought this so I forgave him.

16 June 2014

core | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

After three days off I tried to move my body again. My right calf? Still messed up. My weight? HOLY SHIT. I have not weighed this much in I don't know how long. Sitting around eating - lots - has taken it's toll.

On the up side, stepping into lunges on my right calf during yoga was not as bad as it could have been.

In an effort to get some definitive info about my calf issue I got a MRI this morning. I hope to see my sports medicine doctor (Maxine Weyant) in a couple of days to discuss the results.

14 June 2014

Titus van Rijn 1-Hour Distance Run

One hour, your local running track, lots of black cherry soda.

The more I hang around runners the more obscure shit I learn. Today I was introduced to the Titus van Rijn 1-Hour Distance Run. Why is it named in honor of Titus van Rijn? Hell if I know. Why do people drink black cherry soda after they finish this event? Another mystery.

ASIDE - it's lore like this that lets activity-specific nerds continue to be just that.

This was awesome! Today Trisha Steidl tried to break the record for women.


13 June 2014

walk home from bus stop

I ate a lot at work today. Then I walked one mile.

We had my father over for dinner tonight and Shelley prepared an amazing meal. I ate a lot of that too.

12 June 2014

bike commute

The headline - I saw some specialists to try and figure out my calf issue. It didn't help much.

The byline - I rode my bike to work and home. On the way I stopped off at the Marginal Way Skateboard Park. Very cool.

The #MarginalWaySkateboardPark sure has improved since I was here last.

11 June 2014

bike commute

I slept like crap last night. This has luckily not happened to me in quite some time. Nothing like waking up at three and not being able to fall back to sleep.

All I could manage today was a meager ride to and from work. Even that was a challenge with my calf. No sleep meant no gym this morning.

It's obvious now that my leg is pretty messed up. Thank goodness I finally have an appointment tomorrow to start the working out process. The only thing worse than being injured is not knowing what you need to do in order to improve the situation. I feel like I have been in recovery mode ever since last August.

10 June 2014

bike commute

Just the ride to and from work today, my calf is too sore/tight to run so had to skip the Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run. Rats.

I finally called Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT to get this sorted. Why did I wait so long? I guess I was hoping it would just work itself out...

On the way home I ran into Uli Steidl again. It seems we are bumping into each other while commuting more and more. Today I saw him right at his house so stopped and chatted with him and Trisha Steidl for a bit. Nice to talk about whatever.

09 June 2014

core | bike commute

My right calf is still ridiculously tight. I can hardly walk much less run. At least I can still ride my bike to work.

Core was okay but I was a bit slow getting out of bed. Yesterday evening took its toll.

08 June 2014

Beacon Hill urban run

I had to go running today, I just had to...

Yesterday had me so bummed that I wanted to get some redemption. When Evan Williams asked if I wanted to go for a run I jumped at the chance.

I had to stretch a TON before starting and I was still gimping my way through the I-90 tunnel to meet him. :( Any time I had to engage my calf it hurt so going uphill was not much fun. Going down was okay. After we finished running I hung out at Evan's house while stretching tons more and then jogging home - amazingly - my calf felt better...?! But later in the day it was right back to how it felt in the morning so any relief was short lived.

It was cool to talk to Evan, turns out he and his brother are starting a brewery that will be located in Columbia City. Nice. Later in the afternoon I went back to Evan's house and got treated to three brews, a ginger pale ale, a ginger ginger pale ale and a peanut butter stout. Naturally I drank too much. Walking home was tough because I was drunk and limping due to my dumb calf.

07 June 2014

SRC trail work party | S Dose Terrace stairs

At the end of the day I decided I would not be able to finish the Beacon Rock 50k. Shit. Add this to the list of races I have signed up for and had to bail on.

On the upside I joined the Seattle Running Club for one of their trail work parties and had a super time.


06 June 2014

core | errands by bike

Yes! Today was day three of core work this week, mission accomplished. Too often I only get in two or even one day and I can tell the difference. Three is better.

Since my calf has been bothering me so much and since I still want to run the Beacon Rock 50k this weekend I did something I thought I never would. I bought some compression sleeves for my calves.

Thanks to The Balanced Athlete for stocking these! Here's hoping they help.

05 June 2014

bike commute | massage

In an attempt to be proactive about my damn calf I got a massage from Tucker Roy with Action Sports Massage today. This not running stuff is crap and I don't like it.

I also called Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT to try and get a second set of 'eyes' on my injury.

Luckily cycling is okay, I can still feel my calf when I ride but it's WAY better than when I walk or run.

By the way, the massage helped. I'm hoping this means the muscle is not torn.

04 June 2014

core | bike commute | SRC track workout (aborted)

Rats, I am officially injured.


After work (where I had been limping around all day after yesterday's run) I put on my shoes and started jogging to the Seattle Running Club Wednesday night track workout and I lasted exactly .4 miles. Then my right calf hurt too much and I had to turn around and walk home. Slowly. Gingerly.

Grumble, grumble...

Just last Saturday I felt really good!

On the bright side I made it to the gym for my second day of core this week.

03 June 2014

cardio | stretching | bike commute | Fleet Feet run

Had a great run but it killed me. What a bummer!

My day did start off with a classic sight that spells spring in Seattle. as I rode past Drumheller Fountain there were a bunch of half grown ducklings on the duck ramp. Awesome.


02 June 2014

core | bike commute

I'm hoping to finally get in three core days this week... Day one, check.

Feeling pretty darn rested overall.

And perhaps that is why I pushed it on my ride home. There was this guy on a carbon everything in front of me and usually this kind of bike and rider can fly past me but today this guy was going kind of slow and as I turned up Lake WA Blvd just north of Leschi on my way home I decided to push and amazingly caught him. As you ride through Frink Park the road dips and he went zooming past but on the rise to I-90 I pulled past again.

The key to winning is never letting your competitors know when you are racing. Shallow am I.

01 June 2014

Bicycle Sunday ride

It was Bicycle Sunday today so I took advantage by heading down Lake WA Blvd to enjoy the sun.

As I'm riding south I suddenly feel a hand on my back from someone giving me a push! It was Aaron Shaw who was out with Dustin Van Wyck. They were resplendent in matching kits and carbon bikes and I had on baggy shorts, no shirt and was riding my commuter. Say hello to 2014.

It was pretty cool to be out among all these people! Tons of kids too. There are so many boats anchored at Seward Park, that bay is one big party.