30 September 2011

core | commute

Okay, day 2 or trying to do core with sore ribs…

I am able to do some exercises okay but others are super difficult. And just when I thought my shoulder was healed enough to try the plank again, now my ribs are preventing me from doing it.

At least I can ride…? My commute yesterday was okay as long as I did not hit any bumps and so today I tried it again, even ran some extra errands and I felt pretty good. Whew.

29 September 2011

core | commute

Exactly one month after falling off my mountain bike at Capitol Forest and messing up my shoulder, foot and hand I fall off my mountain bike ON THE SAME TRAILS and cracked some ribs.

This has resulted in me being able to do absolutely nothing for the last four days and it has been driving me crazy.

I know, pity me…

24 September 2011

12 Hours of Capitol Punishment

Let's cut to the chase shall we? Tony B and I have had this event on our calendars for ages and finally the date arrived.

I have never ridden a 12-hour MTB race before and it was a blast! Not only is the start/finish/transition zone a veritable village, riding on a relay team makes you work that much harder. And riding at night? EXCITING!

We won our division (12-hour Male Duo) and came in second overall behind a 4-person male team that had the fastest rider on the course. Not too shabby.


22 September 2011

core | commute

I stayed up late watching a movie and this morning the alarm shocked me out of bed. What surprised me is how quickly I got up… my body must be trained to rise when the alarm sounds.

At the gym I managed to complete my abbreviated core routine and the ride to work was pretty cool. Not cool as in cold but rather it was just the slightest bit damp yet warm and not wet. Fall is coming! And so far I like it. Ask me again in about 30 days and I will be bitching and moaning.

21 September 2011

run | commute

Tried to get in some stretching before my run today… man did I need it.

Once again I met my friend Thom W on the treadmill for our Wednesday run. That stretching really helped so I started out at a speed that is sorta fast for me and increased it from there. Nice.

20 September 2011

core | commute | stairs

Got to the gym, rode my bike to work and then wham… a super stressful day at the office. Not fun.

I was so wound up I rode home in the saddle all the way which is not that easy on my town bike. I guess I was looking for some way to blow off steam and this kinda did that.

When I got home Shelley said, "Want to hit the stairs?" and I was like, "Uh… okay." Man am I glad we did. I met a friend there and we were going just about as fast as you can and still call it walking. And talking the whole time! Nice.

Thanks to Shelley for getting me out there and to Martin for pushing me when I would otherwise have languished.

As another bonus NONE of my injuries bothered me on the stairs today. I can still feel my left hand/wrist when I ride the bike big time but stairs are okay. That's something anyway.

19 September 2011

core | commute

Yes, I'm not wicked sore from yesterday's run so that is a very good thing. That's including my right foot, left hand and right shoulder.

Got to the gym and did my somewhat abbreviated core workout and rode my bike to and form work.

18 September 2011


Time to up the mileage. A little anyway.

Discovery Park is a fantastic playground. There are several trails and if you tie a few together you can do a pretty reasonable run without too much repetition. There are also some serious hills if you want and the views are really great so you do not get bored. Plus it's trails! Hello, the road is boring.

After my ride yesterday Justin A said he might go out for the standard 10 mile loop on Cougar that usually takes me about 1:30 when I'm fit and in an impulsive moment I asked if I could tag along. All I can say is good thing that did not work out.

17 September 2011


Have I mentioned that I love my single speed road bike? Well I do.

It's so simple, so fun to ride, so low maintenance and such a huge mental break. You might not think that shifting causes mental stress but it does. Because I say so.

Today I got out with Justin A (teammate) and Neal G (teammate and sponsor) and we had a good time chatting and catching up. We also got lucky with the weather as our ride corresponded exactly with the dry part of the day. As we pulled in to the finish the rain drops started. Gotta love that.

Our pace was supposed to be moderate and I guess it sorta was but we covered that ground pretty fast and did not lollygag at all. It also was not too cold even though the seasons are definitely changing. I had a great time. As is evidenced by my expression.


16 September 2011

core | commute

I'm still not able to do anything other than my abbreviated core routine but I guess I need to keep reminding myself that I should be happy I'm not in a cast. Still, I am surprised at how now well I handle being injured. Two words: big baby.

We had out annual retreat for work today and it was up at the Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park so naturally since this is my favorite commute route home I rode my bike there.

What a great morning! And yes, it was a great ride home after.

15 September 2011

one thing definitely leads to another

Funny how an innocent conversation can snowball into something big. And by 'big' I of course mean Martin buying more electronic gadgets and crap.

First some history. I have a lot of computers in our basement. They are ALL really old and they use a lot of electricity.

Almost a year ago I was talking to a friend about virtualization. We both work in IT (in the same office actually) and as virtualization was blowing up we were both saying how it would be great if we had an environment at home that we could play with.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and said friend is helping me shop for hardware to do just that.

14 September 2011

core | run

Friends are good!

Friends keep you company when you exercise. Friends help you keep going when you would otherwise hit the couch with a Costco-sized bag of chips and some of those 20+ oz. bottles of sweet, sweet Belgium beer you can get at every corner store nowadays.

This morning that friend was Thom W and we went running together.

Thanks Thom.

I am a winner!

Winning is fun!

It also makes you (read: me) feel special.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Plus, said person will invariably not be a winner (loser?) and so what do they know.

A few days ago I won something for the first time in ages and it was awesome.


13 September 2011

core | commute

After pretty much destroying my back yesterday (and not being very regular about my core exercises in general) it felt good to get back into the gym. And by 'good' I of course mean it felt good when I was done.

Today my left hand hurt too much to do twisters the way I like to so I used a fancy/expensive machine instead. Good thing I belong to a gym.

11 September 2011

High Pass Challenge

Clocks are magic.

Without clocks sporting events are casual, fun and you can talk while participating. Throw a clock into the mix and suddenly people are shooting for a PR, racing their friends, trying to keep up with others they have no business trying to keep up with and basically hauling ass.

The organizers of the Cascade Bicycle Club High Pass Challenge proudly advertised the presence of a clock so you can probably guess what happened.

Still, this was a ride I had wanted to do for ages and this year there was finally no conflict in my schedule AND a friend was signed up so off to the 'races' I went.

10 September 2011

urban ride

I think that if you were looking for THE day to have a picnic or BBQ in Seattle then today or tomorrow is probably it.

Tomorrow is my last 'summer' event and since I made myself pretty tired Thursday I took Friday off and wanted to spin out the legs today. But I had a conflict. It was hot outside. And when it gets hot Martin likes to hang out in the sun.

Now as everyone who has ever pinned on a race number knows, if there is one thing that is not PRO it's riding with no shirt on. Can you imagine bib shorts and nothing else…? Exactly. Hence my dilemma.

09 September 2011


Yesterday was such a smashing success I decided to throw caution to the wind and do TWO core workouts in TWO DAYS. Someone alert Ted Koppel.

I'm still not able to do the plank which is arguably one of the 10 best core exercises in the world. I also can't do any push-ups or the roman chain on account of my shoulder and hand/wrist injuries but hey, something is better than nothing.

I went to the gym wearing my running shoes just in case my indoor running buddy was up for another 30 minute sprint down the road that goes nowhere. When I asked Thom W if he wanted to run he said no and it turns out I was kinda relieved.

Just like that the day turned into one of rest.

08 September 2011

core | run | commute | stairs

First day of core post-tumble, yeah for me.

I was not able to do all the exercises I usually do but was surprised that I could accomplish what I did. Obviously I'm a huge whiner and should just get to it.

it was interesting to note how leisurely this run felt compared to yesterday. 30 seconds is obviously a huge difference in pace.

My commute was broken up into four segments today. I rode to work, back up to Capitol Hill during lunch, back to work and then home. I am constantly amazed how quickly I can make it to the top of the hill…! I keep thinking it will take about 45 minutes and it only takes 25 and that's on my Town Bike and I am not killing it by any means.

When I got home Shelley wanted to hit the stairs so I said sure! Oh man was that first flight tough… but I did warm up and it got easier. By the end I looked like someone had sprayed me with water except it was sweat.

07 September 2011

run | commute

Since my foot didn't hurt me yesterday while doing stairs I decided to push my luck and give running a shot today in the same comfy shoes. And it worked! Nice.

Not sure how well my Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes are supporting my feet but there was no discomfort during and immediately after so here's hoping it was okay… I have heard people say that it's okay to run in the dirt with road shoes but that you really shouldn't run on the road with trail shoes as they are usually too soft. :(

As an extra bonus I got to run with Thom W who is training for a 5 km event in a few weeks and I loves me some company when I exercise so that was great.

To top it all off the weather report looks absolutely fabulous and this is going to be the hottest week of the year! Bring it.

06 September 2011

commute | stairs

What could have been a shite day turned out to be okay. Thanks in no small part to Shelley.

Not only did I injure my right shoulder and left hand in my fall the other day, turns out I also smacked the hell out of my right foot. It has been hurting so much I thought it might be broken so have scheduled an X-ray and in the mean time went to see my PT to ensure I don't fall victim to frozen shoulder.

And the good news is I probably don't have to worry about that! Nice. I already have reasonable range of motion and it's starting to feel a little better. Also, my left hand has no visible bruising these days so esthetically things are looking up. Now if only the inside of my body felt as good as the outside looked… :)

After this stellar news I headed home and Shelley insisted we go do some stairs. Right on. I still can't run them (because of my injuries AND fitness) but I think I walked them faster then I ever have so paint a big smile on my face.

03 September 2011


It seems my right foot is slowly tolerating lace-up shoes so today I tried a run.

Discovery Park to the rescue! The Loop Trail up here is pretty darn scenic and so that is where I went.

Man was it busy…! Runners, walkers, dogs, pretty much everything except for bikes and wheelchairs.

One fun thing about running on a busy route is watching other running styles - they are so varied! There are the shufflers, the bouncers, the people who's knees seem to only bend out, the people who always have some long sleeve item tied around their waist no matter what how hot it gets; it all looks so uncomfortable but they do it. And bless them for it.

02 September 2011

walk | stairs

It worked once so why not again?

This time I only had time for six flights of stairs on the way home and since my running shoes hurt me yesterday I wore my Vans today.

So guess what… the TOP of my foot felt fine but the BOTTOMS almost got a blister. Jesus.

I must be the biggest whiner in the world. And maybe the dumbest.

01 September 2011

walk | stairs

Holy crap…

I really messed myself up at the Capitol Forest 100 it turns out. I almost separated my right shoulder (the clavicle is sitting about 1/4" higher than it should be and the ligaments are stretched), I got some pretty massive soft-tissue damage on my left hand, I wacked the hell out the top of my right foot so bad that lacing up shoes hurts and I have a really deep bruise/knot on my right calf.

What blows me away is that I fell at mile 55 out of 100 and finished the race! Everyone is asking me if 1) I am stupid or 2) was my crash really that bad.