09 October 2008

world's most expensive POS

Sweet Jesus... sometimes I have no idea what people are thinking! I'm a regular reader of cyclingnews.com and today they covered the world's most expensive bicycle.

What's so great about this bike? Uh... exactly nothing.

23 September 2008

fruit fly trap

Shelley rules.

We have had a fruit fly 'bloom' lately and it got to the point of being pretty gross. They were in your face in the kitchen, in the upstairs bathroom, in the living room, everywhere. Well a few days ago she looked up a recipe for a trap and it's been HUGELY successful. Check out the results:


Apple cider vinegar, sugar and a little bit of liquid dish soap. Who would have thought.

She placed three of these around the house and they all filled up TWICE. The other day I caught Shelley staring at one intently coaxing a fruit fly to jump in... this has become her passion.

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10 March 2008

that guy–big stain on crotch

None of us ever want to be that guy, be it this category or any other but this time it was me.

I'm eating my 'lunch' (and when I say lunch I really mean whatever scraps and leftovers I can scrounge up when I happen to get hungry) at my desk and today it consisted of some bread and marinara sauce. In general there is nothing finer and I love dipping bread in just about everything. So I'm ripping off hunks and dipping them in the sauce and greedily chowing down.

25 January 2008

that guy-10 gallon hard hat

Call me a cave dweller but I had never seen this before yesterday when I was driving Cameron to school. We passed by a construction site and one of the workers was running across the street to a mini mart and he had on a hard hat in the shape of a cowboy hat.


12 January 2008

that guy-Jacques Cousteau hat wearing

I love the bus. Or any form of public transportation.

Tons of people I know hate riding the bus; or any form of public transportation. They say it's weird, dirty, the people are freaky and stare at you, they don't want to be forced to sit next to the guy that smells like a bum or a sweaty tourist. I like to people watch and  believe you me, there are few places better than good old Metro.

ASIDE - these days everyone and their brother is plugged into their MP3 player so no one looks at you anyway. Toss loads of dark glasses into the mix on any sunny day and it's almost like being in a house of mirrors. You could not feel more alone.