31 March 2014

core | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

After a brief hiatus where life got in the way of exercising (not always a bad thing for the body but usually stressful on the mind) I got back into the swing of things today.

Finally went back to Breathe Hot Yoga and loved it. I really need to do this more often.

I have not really wanted to admit it but my left knee is not 100%. Ever since I went heli skiing it has been just a little swollen and achy and some days are worse/better than others. Rats.

27 March 2014

Howe Street stairs | walk to and from bus

Hello Howe Street, did you miss me?

Holy hate, these are tough if you don't do them regularly... I was hoping to last one hour and could only manage 34 minutes! Yikes. I guess I'm coming back to improve.

I missed my bus this morning so had to walk to my Plan B route and then I walked home via the usual way. Walking is good.

26 March 2014

core | SRC track workout

Went to the gym this morning and in spite of it requiring a monumental effort to get started, once I did I had a super core workout. What a moral boost!

After work I jogged up the Garfield High School track to meet a bunch of Seattle Running Club people for a track workout. My first one in years!

On the agenda were 5-6 x 1200 m efforts. Ouch. But I did it. No idea what my times were but I DO know that I was the slowest person out there. By a large margin. I guess that makes it easy to improve.

I discovered that a teammate of mine lives very close to me and he also ran to the track. We ran home together. Nice

25 March 2014


Work/life got in the way of exercising today so I logged the one mile walk I do when I take the bus home. I suppose I felt the need to check the physical activity box today.

I did not have a GPS, I didn't go to the gym.

24 March 2014

bike commute

Rode to and from work today and since it was SIXTY DEGREES out I took the long way home. What an incredible day.

On the way home I ran some errands which included picking up my Sorel boots from a friend's house. Now I know that they do fit in my messenger bag.

My last errand was hitting up Trader Joe's for two bottles of wine. That fit too.

Gotta love these Chrome bags...

23 March 2014

Seward Park run | urban MTB ride

I'm calling this run a 'road' run and the ride a 'road' ride only because I spent the majority of my time on pavement during each but I also went on some GREAT trails during both. Gotta love mixing it up!

This morning I ran down to Seward Park and then ran on a bunch of trails IN the park. I gotta say, there are some pretty technical trails here and some steep ass climbs...! Very cool. Then I ran home.

ASIDE - it seems like I can't head down Lake WA Blvd without at least one parking lot (sometimes more) containing a car full of people hotboxing it. I have smelled it EVERY time I run down here.

After a snack I hopped on my mountain bike and rode over to my friend Tony Callen's house and we did an urban MTB loop that he has pieced together. We went on dirt trails on Queen Anne Hill, two in Interlaken and one in the Arboretum. Did I mention that we also rode a sweet boardwalk feature in the I-5 Colonnade? Nice!

The fact that I was able to do both the run and the ride in shorts and short sleeves didn't suck either.

22 March 2014

North Beacon Hill adventure run

Today was just the kind of run that I like if I have to run in the city.

I found a new paved trail, some new dirt trails, some new stairs, ran through a new (to me) neighborhood, went under and over I-5 and basically enjoyed myself. For sure part of the run was through some pretty sketchy sections of town... like the trail through The Jungle; but it was a nice day and I was already running and I'm a guy so I don't think about these things until after I'm done.

Running down Cheasty Blvd S was a blast! Back in the day I used to ride up for some big gear hill training and I never spotted the gravel path that runs along the entire length of the street. Today I was loving that path. For some reason it crosses the road two times but I wasn't fighting it. In fact, it sort of felt like I was in a toboggan run. Sort of. Except it wasn't cold. And I wasn't sliding. Other than that it was just like a toboggan.

I will need to do this route again.

21 March 2014

core | bike commute

Oh man... either it was the accumulation of all the beer I drank in the last three days or all the skiing yesterday or all the time in the car or a combo of all of the above. But when I got to the gym I had zero direction and drive.

I stumbled through a few minutes of worthless core activities and then went home. That's the way that cookie crumbles.

At least I rode my bike to work today and at least the sun was BRIGHT and so I took the long way home. Yes.

And guess what, on my ride home I felt super. Gotta like that.

20 March 2014

North Cascade Heli Skiing

Holy shit.

I have waited 50 years to do this and it was worth every penny.


18 March 2014

treadmill run

I tried my first progression run today in ages and I guess I pulled it off but the steps in the progression were super short. That's okay, I will make them longer next time.

Overall I was happy to be able to speed up for 10 straight minutes!

17 March 2014

core | treadmill run

Went to Gold's Gym in the morning and the IMA at lunch.

On the treadmill I tried to go a little faster but faded mentally and had to pull the plug with five minutes left. At least my body felt good, just need to work on the focus part.

16 March 2014

St Patrick's Day Dash walk

This was a fun/novel/cold day!

I joined Shelley and her friend KyLynn Kosoff Hull (and KyLynn's son Elias) and we all walked the St Patrick's Day Dash. This is another of those annual runs that is 5% insanely fast people and 95% very recreational people. To wit, they had four waves this year, only two of them were timed and one was dedicated to walkers.

What was it like? GREEN, that's what. It was also pretty cool to see Aurora Ave closed in both directions and filled with people. Elias? He did really well considering he's five years old and it was wet out! I carried him perhaps one mile and KyLynn carried him perhaps another half mile and he walked the rest. At one point we found a beach ball on the road so kicking that down the street got us at least a half mile. :)


15 March 2014

Cougar 14 + Bear Ridge

What's that you say...? You went running at 4:00 AM...?! I know, the things we do.

I was obviously jonesing for company today because when I asked Bryan Estes if he wanted to run and he said sure but he had to go early I still agreed to come along. Yikes.

ASIDE - just when doing stuff at 5:00 AM starts to seem 'normal' along comes a guy like Bryan who has to start even earlier.

But you know what? It was fun and I'm super glad I went. And, we were able to turn our headlamps off for the last hour which was nice.

Plenty of climbing on this route today and lucky for me Bryan had run 20 miles yesterday. Sheesh, it seems that if Bryan is tired and I am really fresh I can almost keep up. But I was able to run almost everything except for part of De Leo.

14 March 2014

core | Expresso exercise bike | walk home from bus stop

I just didn't feel like running and the weather was not conducive to riding to work so I hopped on the trainer during lunch.

I started out thinking I was just going to go steady and then really pushed it and got a PR on this course by almost two minutes! I felt pretty good obviously. And my soreness is abating.


13 March 2014

walk home from bus stop

Work/life got in the way of exercising today, that's the way it goes.

Oh yeah, of course my legs are even more sore today than yesterday. I am an idiot.

12 March 2014

core | Lake Union lunch run | walk home from bus stop

Yep, after yesterday I am pretty sore... I never learn.

On the other hand when I had to run in order to catch the bus this morning the running movement felt super! And sure enough, from the very first step of my lunch run I felt really good. Funny how walking can be tough but running can be easier?

Today was my first attempt at a tempo run since my injury last August and it went okay. I did fade a bit toward the end and was hating life on all the inclines (which are totally tame on this route) so I still have a long way to go but fun nonetheless. Looking at my watch I saw 7:10 most of the time which was great. I started out thinking I would try for something under 7:15 but that dream faded right quick... I guess sub 7:30 is not bad right now considering I have done exactly zero fast running in the last five months.

11 March 2014

weights | errands by bike

For some reason I decided to lift (heavy!) weights today... not the brightest idea if you have not done this in a long while and/or don't have specific plans to continue. Soreness will be had and I will pay for my hubris.

In the afternoon I ran some errands on my commuter and took the long way home after. It was a great day and I couldn't resist.

10 March 2014


Just a quick session at the gym this morning. I can't believe I am still under 180 lb.!

08 March 2014

Tiger Mt circumnavigation

What an amazing run!

Today Dave Swoish and I connected to try and run Arthur Martineau's 'zero peaks' route on Tiger Mountain. The day Arthur posted this I thought it looked really cool and I have never run on half of those trails so go!

Turns out this is an incredibly runnable route. There is plenty of climbing but there is also TONS of relatively flat trail and today I ran more than I have on any recent 'run' in the dirt. And I felt it after, I was tired! The Tiger Mountain Trail on the south side of the mountain rocks.


07 March 2014

core | Expresso exercise bike | walk home from bus stop

Went to the gym in the morning and hit the IMA for a spin on an Expresso exercise bike at lunch. For some reason I'm still not feeling the urge to run so I figure best not to fight it. I did a lot of miles last week so this might just be a good thing for me? Listen to your body and all that.

On the bike I chose this very mellow course. Mellow in that there were no crazy steep climbs. For a change. It was the right call. I started out just cruising. There is a little marque at the bottom of your screen and so while you ride you get all kinds of stats. Once is the leader board and first place looked hopelessly out of reach - I think it was about four minutes faster than my PR on this route. But funny how things change once you get moving.


06 March 2014

treadmill run | walk home from bus stop

I opted for the treadmill today to 1) give my body a break and 2) to see if I could do some sort of progression run. I succeeded in the first and failed in the later.

When I started it felt like I had not run in months and when that feeling finally abated some I felt pretty tired. Oh well. Another steady state run it is. This needs to change soon or I will be mired in this one speed.

Today was a total sweat fest! It was humid out and the gym felt no different. Plus it was warm. Half way in this guy two treadmills down from me got off so I jumped off too and turned the fan he had been using on myself. It seemed to help at the time but after finishing water was literally pouring off me for like 20 minutes. I also practically drained one entire large bottle of water during my run! Sheesh.

At lunch and after work I did not feel like doing anything else so didn't fight it.

Walking home I went up and over the ridge - I'm still not tired of those stairs!

05 March 2014

core | Breathe Hot Yoga | walk home from bus stop


After a pretty epic run on Sunday I got shot down by some crazy but Monday, had to go home early from work and spent all of Tuesday in bed feeling like doo doo. It was one of those fever, aches, weakness, bad guts bugs. Luckily it was quick and by Tuesday evening I felt like eating and this morning I felt fine. Still, I figured it was best to ease back into this exercise thing slowly...

Core felt okay but I'm obviously not 100% yet. I usually weight myself at the gym and in those two days of being sick I lost five pounds. We'll see how long that lasts; my prediction is two days. I also slept a TON these last two days, and it was just what I needed.

Went to Breathe Hot Yoga after work and it felt super good! So good that I signed up again and will try to go at least once/week. My body needs something like this to function properly. For the first time ever I got a compliment from the instructor during class - I was actually doing some of the poses well!

02 March 2014

12 Peaks (modified) on Tiger Mt.

Oh man, add this to the list of stupid things I have done...

  • It rained ALL day.
  • I ran out of food AND water.
  • At least twice I was borderline hypothermic.

On the up side, I warmed up on the last climb and was then able to hammer the last descent and that was FUN. I guess this means my legs were not toast and I just felt crappy because of the cold. Bonus. It was also pretty cool [Hahaha... get it?] to finally get my first introduction to this famous Scott Jurek route.

Huge thanks to my companions who gave me a gel, some Sport Beans and a handful of nuts and a date so that I didn't keel over on the trail.

Here is the turn-off to one peak. Awesome.


01 March 2014

Breathe Hot Yoga

Rest day #2! And it feels good.

Went to Breathe Hot Yoga and once again had a less than stellar instructor. :( Too bad, all the ones I had while I was injured were exceptional. The class was still okay, but if I had never gone before I would have been just a little lost.

Still, this is great stuff, I need to work more into my schedule.