26 June 2015

North Bend Triple Challenge (Mt Si, Rattlesnake Ridge, Little Si)

My friend Martin de Vrieze has organized the North Bend Triple Challenge run for the last three years around his birthday. I was able to participate in the first one but missed last year from some reason. For various reasons like construction, etc. the route has changed each year but it has always included three summits – hence the name.

This is what the day is all about.


24 June 2015

bike commute | Lake Union lunch run

Summer. Is. Here.

And I am liking it.

Went for a run around Lake Union and was joined for the lake part by Zephyr McLaughlin. When Zephyr peeled off I tried to twist the grip a little bit and was pleasantly surprised by the results. For the last three miles I went faster each mile AND (that's a big 'and') my body (read: hip) did not suffer because of it.


23 June 2015

bike commute | lunch run

Had to run an errand on the way to work today so I got back on the bike. And I felt super so taking yesterday off was the right call.

At lunch I went for a run with Thomas Frizelle and again I felt super! I like this feeling. We explored Capitol Hill, the Howe Street stairs and the Interlaken Park trails. We both remarked how fortunate we are to have this resource just one mile from work!

22 June 2015

gym | walk

After a solid weekend of being active I took a break! And it felt great.

Just a quick trip to the gym this morning to work on my hip and then for the first time in a long time I took the bus to work instead of riding my bike. It was really relaxing.

21 June 2015

Snoqualmie Falls ride

Yesterday aggravated my hip just a little so to err on the safe side I skipped running today and got out on my bike. It was good call.

Thankfully my friend Bradlaugh Robinson gave me a call, that always makes it easy. Brad is always looking for new routes so I opted for Snoqualmie Falls since I had not ridden up there in ages.

On the way past Duthie Hill I noticed that they had made some major improvements… like a giant parking lot. This has got to be a good thing as that place is busy, busy, busy these days.

We rode, we chatted we ate and drank. A perfect ride in other words. This over-the-top weather Seattle is having sure didn't hurt.

20 June 2015

Seattle Stairway Foot Tour

Oh yes! The Seattle Stairway Foot Tour is one FUN event.

Normally I prefer to run in the dirt but when someone puts this much time into curating a route and incorporates lots of green spaces and the company is this good I make an exception. Plus I like stairs. I believe it was conceived of by Michael Yadrick (who I will henceforth regard as THE Seattle Stairway Authority) and I think this was the third annual edition. To sum it up, this is a running tour of ALL the 100+ step stairways in the Seattle area.

I know, mind blown! We live in a hilly town.

Last year I wanted to participate but injuries prevented me. This year I wasn't 100% but gave it a shot anyway. I lasted 29 miles and will definitely be back in 2016 to do the whole thing. It was awesome. Did I mention that the route gets tweaked/improved each year? Nice.