15 April 2015


Holy cow. Had to call in sick today because of a massive headache that has been building ever since Monday afternoon. Not sure how I went to the gym but this sucks.

14 April 2015

strengthening (legs + hip) | PT | bike commute | treadmill run

It's spring at the UW and that means ducks are falling in love.

Whew, based on my gym numbers I'm getting a little stronger. And I'm realizing that my hips are way out of balance when it comes to strength.

I saw Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning for another checkup and he worked me pretty good for 30 minutes. Sometimes PT is just learning and sometimes it's a real workout.

No pain during my run again! I am liking this trend for sure. My heart rate monitor continues to entertain, once it settled down I started at 126 and finished around 141.

Today was a banner day so I had a treat when I got home.

13 April 2015

bike commute | treadmill run

Another day of testing my body, this time with an actual run albeit indoors. I got a passing grade again. Yes.

This is the start of comeback #3. This year! Sad smileAnd yes, I do want to do it right this time.

Saw this bike at the UW today, I love finding stuff like this.

12 April 2015

Howe Street stairs

I tested my left hip and it passed, no pain of any kind! And I was sure to pull the plug after 30 minutes as I know my tendency is to overdo it.

10 April 2015

core | bike commute

I was beat riding home! A combo of not enough sleep and perhaps weights and riding a single speed bike is blowing up my legs.

09 April 2015

strengthening | bike commute

Another morning at the gym doing leg and hip stuff, this is starting to feel good. Another long commute home, I am loving this route!

08 April 2015

core | bike commute | massage

On my way to work I got another massage. Living the dream for sure. This time it was from David Wilson at Evergreen Chiropractic.

On my way home I took a really long route. I love exploring Seattle neighborhoods.

07 April 2015

weights | bike commute | massage

Well, I can't run so I did some strengthening this morning. It's been a while so I kept it pretty light.

After work I dropped by Action Sports Massage to see Tucker Roy for a massage. This guy is good!

06 April 2015

core | bike commute | some reflection on wellness

I was able to do all of my core exercises today! Just two weeks after surgery, nice.

I think I have been posting about all my injuries but just in case here is the catch up.

About two weeks prior to getting my hernia (right side) definitively diagnosed I started experiencing discomfort/pain in my LEFT hip. Running hurt but I didn't pay much attention to it as I figured my body was just getting used to the movement again after some time off.

Then I got the hernia diagnosed, had the surgery and took more time off. I figured this would cure my left side. Not.

The very first run after my surgery my left side hurt. I took it super easy but it only got worse.

I saw Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning and we think it's my left sartorius (the same thing I injured some months ago). The plan this time is to rest and then specifically strengthen that area and then try to come back slowly. Again.

It's pretty depressing if I think about it too much and for the first time I'm starting to wonder if I will be able to accomplish any of my goals for this summer. I sure hope so.

I'm throwing everything I can at this and have started seeing a chiropractor, I'll start back up with massage and I will even try acupuncture. Hopefully all this plus doing the right exercises/rehab and stretching will finally get me up and running. Literally.

Did I mention that being active is essential to my happiness? These last two years have taught me just how true that is.

05 April 2015

Beacon Hill on a single speed

I sure love these trails. And I gotta say, it feels pretty fantastic to do an activity that does not hurt.

04 April 2015

Howe Street stairs

Holy crap. Fucked my body is. Had to pull the plug on this workout because my left hip would not tolerate it. My left side is NOT the side where I had surgery. This shit is getting depressing.

03 April 2015

core | bike commute | UW lunch run

Judging by the rear wheel, the front wasn't even quick-release. Sad smile

I connected with Thomas Frizelle (an ultra runner!) and we ran up to Interlaken, through Interlaken to the Arboretum, around Foster Island and then a quick loop through the wetlands behind the shell house just to get the miles up over 6.

Thom is super fun to talk to, bonus. And it sounds like our pace is about the same when I'm healthy so hopefully this is another running partner for the summer.

My heart rate monitor skied at the start - as usual - and then cooperated. I kept it under 140 which is a tad high but it felt good. Oh well. My left hip bothered me just a little.

02 April 2015

bike commute | treadmill run

My heart rate kept climbing (up to 148) so I throttled it back one click, it helped a little but I still finished around 146. :( Not exactly under 135 like I'm shooting for.

At least my weight is down.

Once again my heart rate monitor freaked out at the beginning of this run, I wish could just snip the first 10 minutes and then track the rest of my workout. After the freakout it was in the mid 120s and climbed from there.

01 April 2015

core | bike commute

Hit the gym this morning and managed to do a mostly complete core routine for the first time in FIVE WEEKS. My back sure has suffered.

I could not do back extensions or the Roman Chair knee lifts, these still hurt my abdomen too much.

On my way home I saw this. Pictures really are worth 1000 words.