16 July 2016

Eiger Ultra Trail 101k

I ran out of superlatives LONG ago trying to describe the Eiger Ultra Trail 101k... it's one of those places and courses where you can legitimately say, "You need to experience it to understand/comprehend it."

First of all you are in Grindelwald, Switzerland and when the weather is nice the views are OFF THE CHARTS. Secondly there is the course. I think with the exception of about 300m of flat pavement which connected the first loop to the second loop across the bottom of the valley and 2k of flat pavement in between the bottom of the last descent and the climb to the finish it was literally all either up or down. Frequently at grades of 20+%. For realz.

I'm struggling to come up with prose that will do this justice so instead I'll tell a few stories that make up the bigger picture.


03 July 2016

charge your Garmin fenix 3 while recording an activity

If you are an ultra athlete that runs or rides for 24+ hours at a time, or if you just want to record a long activity without resorting to a less accurate recording mode you can rejoice!

I've been a Garmin user for years but some of my friends use Suunto watches and one feature I was always jealous of is their ability to charge the watch while recording an activity. This allows them to use the most accurate recording mode and still log long workouts or races as a single activity.

I even called Garmin Tech Support two days ago and their official line is that you can't charge the fenix 3 while recording an activity. Turns out they are wrong.