31 January 2014

treadmill run | walk home from bus stop

I woke up feeling much more rested than yesterday morning but when I got on the treadmill I was having issues. My breathing was kind of labored and with about 10 minutes to go it was agony to stay on the belt. I must have reached for the speed control (to slow it down) about four times... somehow I finished but today made me realize that I should 1) get outside more or 2) just not worry so much and pull the plug when it sucks/isn't fun. I'm no pro athlete and too many of these forced workouts will kill the joy for me.

30 January 2014

walk home from bus stop

Ha! After yesterday, as expected, I was ruined. Super tired, super unmotivated to do anything, kind of hung over.

My alarm went off at 4:30 and I did not hesitate before giving myself two more hours of time.

29 January 2014

core | Expresso exercise bike | City League ski racing

Finally, core. About time. Then at lunch I went to the IMA and hopped on an Expresso exercise bike. Good times. I'm actually serious, these trainers are about as much fun as you can have indoors.


28 January 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute | Fleet Feet run

Nice! A proper day of exercise.

This morning I met Jim Kodjababian at the Howe Street stairs for yet another killer workout. Only two more weeks of this and then I'm done! We'll see how excited I am about climbing these stairs when I don't have company... my prediction: not very. Today was pretty hard on both of us, we were kind of dragging and had heavy legs. It is SO hard to go fast on these damn stairs when you are not super fresh. Today was a bit of a slog. But I felt really good (relieved?) when I finished.

The ride into work was laborious but I felt better riding to Fleet Feet Sports and my run was okay too. I sure started slow and didn't exactly pick up the pace but I kept it steady on the hill, reeled in two guys and then slowly pulled away from then after we got to the top. Not that pulling away from some random person means anything but I did speed up that last mile or two.

My knee felt fantastic all day meaning I didn't notice it at all. Bonus.

27 January 2014

treadmill run | bike commute

Learn from my mistakes children.

I got on the treadmill this morning as much to clear my head as to get exercise. Mission accomplished. Thank God.

Riding to and from work felt fine, I'm pretty rested.

26 January 2014

Tapeworm MTB ride

Tony Callen took me out to The Tapeworm and man was that fun. I have not been here in freaking decades.

My skills? They still suck but I slowly improved.

Turns out there was an event happening here today but Tony and I managed not to get in anyone's way.

25 January 2014

Cougar 12 trail run


Not only did I go for another trail run this weekend but I was able to extend the distance just a little compared to last weekend. I could feel my knee a little most of the time but it never got to the achy stage much less the sharp pain stage. I am definitely healing up now. About freaking time.

The trail conditions were epic! When I got home Shelley said, "Didn't you go running? You're so clean!" And I was. No need to rinse the shoes today.

24 January 2014

treadmill run | bike commute

Went to the gym for a treadmill run and it felt great! When I started out I was kind of out of breath and thought this seems strange... but I settled in quickly and the rest felt like a cruise.

Then I got on my bike and rode to work. Wow, my legs felt way more blown riding than I thought they would. At least they felt much better coming home. I think I have not been getting enough sleep lately and getting more will help big time.

23 January 2014

bike commute

Rode my bike to and from work today. The legs felt pretty good! I'm looking forward to more running.

The only bummer is I did not sleep at all well, woke up super early and that was that.

22 January 2014

cardio | core | walk home from bus stop

Went to the gym this morning for some easy cardio on the Elliptical Trainer and it felt okay. I was a little tight to start but just like an easy workout is supposed to do, I felt better when I finished. Nice.

On the way into work I saw Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT for another session. He worked on my left knee. He's been trying to manipulate/irritate (but in a good way) the inflamed tissue to promote healing for one month now and I think it's really helping. Then he had me do some core.

After work I just walked home from the bus.

21 January 2014

Howe Street stairs | Fleet Feet run | walk home from bus stop

I did my first group run in 4.5 months today! And it was pain-free. What a relief.

In the morning I met Jim Kodjababian at Howe Street for our usual stair workout. We only have three weeks left after this day so shit is getting pretty serious (read: hard!) and it's so nice to have company for these sessions.

I could feel my legs a bit from skiing yesterday but they weren't toast, just a little more tired than if I had rested. That's okay.

After work I headed up to Fleet Feet Sports and joined the regular Tuesday night run. There was a super turnout! I saw Andy Lin, Joe Creighton and Julie Cassata; good times. I started pretty mellow and just tried to maintain my pace. On Interlaken I had to hit the trees to piss and when I got back on the road this man and woman were just ahead of me so I tried to hang. Their pace was perfect in that it was about as fast as I could go without blowing up. I managed to close the gap ever so slowly on the climb and then hung on back to the store.

Man it feels good to run again.

20 January 2014

core | skiing at Crystal Mt

Hit the gym and then hit the slopes for my first day of fast skiing with my good friend Tony Callen.

Core was okay and skiing was GREAT. The weather was bizarre-o, we are experiencing an inversion so it was chilly in town (just above freezing) and 40+ and sunny up on the mountain. Needless to say I was over dressed but that's not such a bad way to be.

I'm in new boots and I love them.


But hitting the ground running like this fatigued my feet really quickly so I had to stop for a couple of minutes after just four runs to rub my feet out. But then it was back at and I lasted the rest of the day.

19 January 2014

urban MTB ride

This was fun!

I rode over to my friend Tony Callen's house and then we proceeded to link a bunch of parks and dirt trails in the city. For sure this ride was mostly pavement but it was a great change of pace and it was cool to catch up with Tony. Rides like these make cycling (read: exercising) FUN and not 'training'.

My legs also felt really good!

18 January 2014

Discovery Park trail run

Looking for a little dirt I headed over to Discovery Park. The advantage of running here is I could pull the plug in case my knee acted up and the walk back to the car would not be very long.

I was excited about today because after seeing Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT last week and reporting that my shorter runs were pain-free he actually encouraged me to go longer! When I told him I planned on six or seven miles, he said, "When you finish your seven, I want you to run another half mile." Two words: GREEN LIGHT.

17 January 2014

bike commute


I woke up around 1:00 AM last night and that was all she wrote. No idea why I could not sleep but what a bummer. I didn't go to the gym, I didn't do anything at lunch, I just drug my tired ass around the office all day and rode home.

On the bright side my legs felt super riding both directions! I guess I am well rested.

On the way home I dropped down into Washington Park Playfield which recently underwent some massive construction project. It sure is beautiful now.

16 January 2014


I kind of wanted a rest so when you combine that with a general lack of enthusiasm when I woke up you end up with Martin just doing some stretching at the gym.

Wow... I really should have warmed up because I was incredibly tight. It slowly got better and at the end of the half hour I was almost normal but damn, lesson learned.

After work Shelley and tried to go skiing with my friend Tony Callen at The Summit at Snoqualmie and it was a complete bust. There was dirt and bushes everywhere, NO ONE else was skiing and I suspect the only reason they are open is so that they can log enough days not to give pass holders a refund. Lame.

As we left the area (we lasted two whole runs) Tony put his phone on the roof of the car and we blasted out of there. As we merged onto I-90 we all heard a "thump...!" as the phone bounced off the roof and onto the freeway. He turned around and incredibly we found it!

iPhone 4S after sailing off a car at 70. Still plays music via Bluetooth.

The glass was completely shattered and it still worked.

15 January 2014

treadmill run | core | bike commute

Went to the gym this morning for my treadmill run.

ASIDE - next week the goal is to get outside some and see how that goes...

For the first time I was able to dial up the speed a bit at the end instead of slow it down. Nice.

Then it was off to see Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT for another session. Once again he had me do some core work for 30 minutes and then worked my knee. According to Neal the inflamed tissue is now much smaller/less inflamed and I'm making some real progress. I told him about my trail run last weekend and that I have run four times since I saw him last and that I planned on doing six miles outdoors this coming weekend and he said, "Go ahead and try 6.5 or 7." I love it!

Riding to work was okay but riding home I was pooped. It has been ages since I have done this much activity or two-a-day workouts and I am NOT used to it. On the other hand it's awesome that I am finally able to exercise until I'm tired. This is a good tired, for sure.

14 January 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute

Nice! An AM stair workout and then I rode my bike to and from work for the first time in ages. It felt SO good to ride again... and did I mention that riding is way faster than walking? It sure is.

After just one day of rest my knee was able to handle the stairs again. I think I am finally making some real progress from this darn knee injury. Now I need to make sure I don't overdo it.

13 January 2014


Took a break from leg activities today.

Core was kind of tough, I think because I recently discovered I was cheating on some exercises... funny how form makes a difference.

12 January 2014

Cougar Mt trail run

OMG...! I just went for my first trail run in a LONG time. And it was a ton of fun.


11 January 2014

treadmill run

I just had about as good of an experience on the treadmill as you can have.

Today marked the 3rd consecutive day or of running, the 5th consecutive day of doing something with my legs and the 6th day of zero knee pain. I feel like I need to throw myself a little party.

It's slow but it's progress!

10 January 2014

Howe Street stairs

First of all - YES.

I took the day off from work today - just for me. The original plan was to go skiing but that didn't work out. Whatever. Time for plan B.

Not wanting to risk two back-to-back running days but wanting to keep this streak of leg activities alive I hit the Howe Street stairs resolved to put in one solid hour if my knee held up.

Well it did! And knowing that I can usually get in 17 flights in one hour, when the hour came and went I kept right on going shooting for 20 flights. With what I thought was two flights to go I glanced at my watch and figured I was either going a little faster than normal or I was going to end up one flight short of 20 so I threw I  one more trip up the stairs. Turns out I was going just a little faster than normal and I ended up doing 21 flights. Gotta love it when that happens. I believe this is more than I have ever done. Ever.

My legs are wasted. And my knee is pain free! I can hardly believe it.

Heading down the stairs the last two times I even sped up a little just to test my knee and it held up fine. Happy Friday to me.

09 January 2014

treadmill run | core | walk home from bus stop

Went to the gym this morning with a positive attitude and tried to make it three days in a row of leg activities and it worked! I ran for 40 minutes and my knee was 100% for 37 and not bad for those last three. That was just the confidence booster I needed today.

On the way to work I stopped by FootWorks PT for another session with my knee. Upon hearing that I have been slacking off on my core work Neal Goldberg promptly had me do 30 minutes worth. Nice.

Walking home it was misting but not hard and I was in a great mood from the progress my knee is making. It wasn't quite a Singing In The Rain moment but you get the idea.

08 January 2014

cardio | walk home from bus stop

Bolstered by yesterday's mostly pain-free stair workout I figured why not try another leg activity today. I got on the elliptical trainer at lunch and my knee didn't hurt (yeah!) but I felt so out of shape and had to dial the incline/resistance down just to finish the session. That was kind of demoralizing.

Still, no knee pain!

07 January 2014

Howe Street stairs

Finally! Today my knee cooperated and I was able to finish the workout. I did feel it just a little on the last three flights but hardly and there were no ill after-effects.

I shoed up early, did my usual five 'warm-up' flights and then met Jim Kodjababian and we did 10 more together.

06 January 2014

walk home from Capitol Hill

After two days with a super sore back I was not motivated to do much. I had to run an errand on Capitol Hill and when I finished it wasn't raining so I figured walking all the way home was preferable to waiting for three buses. It was a nice evening.

05 January 2014

south end of Lake WA ride

Oh man, my back was KILLING me today. I had to cut this ride short. I think it stopped being fun around 10 miles in.

My front brake was dragging, I had to stop three(?) times to adjust it.

04 January 2014

Howe Street stairs | skiing

Shoot. I was hoping to get in a solid hour on the stairs today but it seems my run last night was just enough to make my left knee get a little angry so I had to pull the plug after 30 minutes.

After breakfast and a shower Shelley and I headed up to Crystal Mountain for a day in the SUN. Man was the weather and the views outstanding. Too bad it was just a tad warm and there STILL ISN'T ANY SNOW PACK IN THE CASCADES. I was dodging rocks but had fun regardless. And hey, short lift lines...

03 January 2014

weights | walk home from bus stop | treadmill run

Went to the gym and moved some iron around. I was super sleepy tired but felt pretty good in terms of being able to put in a quality workout.

After work I walked home and in spite of the fact that I was falling asleep at work, the walk woke me out and by the time I got home I figured why waste this energy and so I hit the treadmill for a quickie.

My knee felt awesome for about 10 minutes and then slowly got worse for the next 20 but it was never an issue. What happened to that pain-free run I had on Christmas eve...?! I miss it so.

Looks like I need to start watching what I eat and/or make an effort to be more active as my weight is really creeping up there.

02 January 2014


Elliptical trainer baby! I know, too exciting. What was exciting is that my knee did okay.

01 January 2014

Renton, Mercer Island ride

Oh my... it's been how long exactly since I have been on a road bike? Too long. It was great to be out today but this incredibly flat ride was incredibly hard for me. I suppose in addition to not riding my bike much I have also not been exercising very much. Aerobically anyway.

My knee tolerated this ride just fine so I will do more.

Out on the road I saw Ed Ewing and later I think I saw both Aaron Shaw and George Gibbs. That was nice.