27 July 2017

RAMROD (Ride Around Mount Rainier One Day) on a tandem

Nice! It took a few years but I finally got to check the "ride RAMROD on a tandem" box. Thanks to Jeff Reed for his persistence in making this happen, for being an A #1 stoker and to the Redmond Cycling Club for consistently organizing the premier ride in the Pacific Northwest. I have done this ride scores of times and always want to come back.


22 July 2017

Bigfoot 100 km (where Martin wins his first ultra)

First of all - wow, what a course. And in the current trend of ultra running, it seems that 110 km is the new 100 km.

This was my first time running the Destination Trail Bigfoot 100 km and it was also my first ever overall victory in an ultra. Boom! Oh what a feeling.


15 July 2017

Seattle to Portland

In a way, I feel like I've come full circle. :)

Long ago, before I ever started racing bicycles, some friends and I rode the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle to Portland bike ride. For many recreational riders in the Pacific Northwest, this is the pinnacle, the ultimate challenge to train for, and at the time I fell squarely into that category. This year I fractured my Fibula in February and since my leg was able to tolerate riding earlier than running, I ramped up my miles as much as I could. One thing led to another and suddenly I did a century, then another and suddenly I'm signed up for STP and RAMROD.

This year I rode with good friends John Phillips and Frank Colich, both HUGE engines and perfect companions as they are steady, safe and over 6' so a pleasure to draft.