20 April 2010

Mercer Island City Council=oblivious

What more is there to say…? Maybe just this. A few years ago five friends and I were pulled over by a Mercer Island police officer and ticketed. The officer was very apologetic while writing us up and when pressed (politely of course), admitted that he and his fellow officers had been mandated to ticket as many cyclists as possible. He was not in favor of this and considered it a waste of time. Our offense was not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. If memory serves me, we did slow down to less than five mph and looked both ways; unfortunately (for us) the police car was hidden behind some bushes. We were told the letter of the law required us to put a foot down which we did not do. When done handing out the tickets the officer even suggested that we request a hearing to get the citation expunged from our record. We all successfully did this. At our and the island's expense of course. This is another case of the aggressive panhandling law that Tim Burgess is trying to pass in Seattle. Even IF you concede that it's well intentioned, there are already laws on the books to address this issue, we don't have the funds and officers to enforce it and there is no clearly defined problem or public support. It's simply being rammed down our throats. With so many things crying out for funding in these dire economic times this kind of behavior seems unconscionable. And really dumb. It pisses me off.