22 November 2014

Squak Mt + Wilderness loop

After running some errands today I stopped by Flying Lion Brewing. I was in luck as they had a big batch of grain which needed milling so I volunteered.

I also installed a cyclometer on the milling bicycle. Because you have to have stats. :) Milling is awesome after a run as there is very little resistance. Active recovery!

21 November 2014

Howe Street stairs | Breathe Hot Yoga

I'm still scared to go for a flat run! :( Son instead I headed back to the Howe Street stairs. Thanks goodness these don't bother me.

Going in I hoped I could do one hour but I bailed after 40 minutes. Unlike Tuesday, today I felt pretty un-fresh. All the crappy (for your body - not crappy tasting) food and drink from last night didn't help either.

After work I subjected myself to another session of Hot Pilates at Breathe Hot Yoga. The first two times I took this class the routine was the same but today the instructor mixed it up. Nice. The instructor keeps saying, "Squeeze your glutes!" so today I did. My butt was practically cramping at the end of class...

20 November 2014


I slept like garbage so skipped the AM session. Then at work I was pretty busy all day which culminated in our annual Research Fair that I assisted with. This is always fun but leads to me drinking too much. Why change a winning formula this year.

19 November 2014

Expresso Exercise Bike | Breathe Hot Yoga

On the bus to work today there was this (10 year old?) kid sorting his Magic cards and putting them all into sleeves he had just purchased. He was the cutest kid! He kept chatting up this couple of women across the isle and suddenly I noticed he was wearing some Brooks Cascadia 9 shoes. Probably because they matched his pants. Super cool.

18 November 2014

Howe Street stairs | Breathe Hot Yoga | walk

Saw this on the way to work today. So small, so niche, so cute.

Those are 24" wheels and it's a single speed.

17 November 2014

core | walk

Made it to the gym this morning, had a good core routine and then strolled home from the bus.

I'm SO glad my hip tolerated two runs last weekend. It's really got me excited about getting out there, need to be careful I don't do too much too soon.

16 November 2014

up Mt Teneriffe, down Mt Si

This is why I get up early in the morning. Boom!

Other than my over-reaction to yesterday's freezing temperatures in terms of the clothing choice for this run today was perfect.

15 November 2014

Cougar 10

Good times!

It felt fantastic to hit the trails again. I can still feel my hip but it held up great and no pain during or after this run.

Got out with Bill Huggins and Bryan Estes who blabbed on about baseball all morning long. Still, great to get out with both of these guys again.

It was freezing cold, but on the up side the trails were perfect. Totally dry and covered in a blanket of colored leaves.

14 November 2014


This morning I missed the bus that stops close by my house so I had to walk to the bus stop for a change. Thankfully the weather was brilliant. Cold, crisp, leaves on the ground, mostly blue sky, Mt Rainier in the distance. Hard to complain.

Like the self-quantifier that I am, I started my GPS watch when I saw the bus pull away but then I forgot to stop it until I got to work... Oops.

13 November 2014


I woke up this morning and my motivation to get outside lasted about as long as it took to roll over in bed.

At work my job got in the way of sneaking out at lunch.

After work I had a Seattle Running Club board meeting.

Oh well, rest is good.