18 October 2014

Lake Padden Half Marathon (USATF Trail Half Marathon Championship)

Today was my first ever running National Championship.

As they say down under, I'm over the moon with my result.

17 October 2014


Two good things happened today!

  1. I have made it to the gym to do my core work three times this week.
  2. I got a sudden infusion of inspiration during my first exercise so finally did the full routine that I used to do be I started slacking off recently.

Hooray for me!

I could not balance on the wobble disk today to save my life but otherwise bonus!

16 October 2014


Yikes... my left hip is worse that I want to admit.

Interestingly walking is the most uncomfortable, once I get warmed up running is pretty okay. Most likely I will need to see someone to help me fix this after my race this weekend.

I also saw this sad sight on the UW Campus today walking to work.

And this sweet ride on my way to the bus going home.

15 October 2014

core | walk | SRC XC workout

Hit the gym in the morning, got in my usual bus walk and then headed over to Woodland Park for the weekly Seattle Running Club Cross Country workout.

My left hip is still messed up and starting out running is quite uncomfortable. At least things are more pleasant once I warm up. As I tried to will my body to run I thought of this masking tape sign I saw on the sidewalk Monday.

14 October 2014

stretching | walk

Eek... my left hip is not happy so I'm taking another day off.

This morning I went to the gym and just stretched and tried to soften my legs with the foam roller. Ouch. Obviously I need this.

Walking around for work I saw this sandwich board. Classic college town sign. And most likely a classic English-is-not-my-first-language-or-I-never-went-to-college sign too.

13 October 2014

core | walk

Time for a rest day.

Made it to the gym for some core (which always feels like I have been taking weeks and weeks off lately) and then walked home from the bus stop.

I have this twinge in my left hip... it's kind of bugging me.

On my way to work I saw this.

I sure hope Pronto Cycle Share takes off in Seattle.

12 October 2014

McClellan Butte

I was looking for an easy run today but when I got the call from Herbert Sitz to go for an easy trail run up McClellan Butte instead I signed up with zero hesitation. Katelen Phelan was in as well.

This is one of those trails that ends in a scramble up a ridge and this one is pretty exciting if you have never done any rock climbing or have issues with exposure. Super fun. At the top it was pretty misty/foggy but you could still see north, east and west, just not south. Awesome.

11 October 2014

WWU Cross Country Classic

Hahaha... what was I thinking. today I lined up with a bunch of Seattle Running Club teammates and 160 college age kids that can RUN. I was off the back in the first 200 m.

I figured it would be good speed training for next week (and in general) but this was a joke. And I totally dorked my pacing! What a newbie mistake.

That said I wasn't last, there were exactly four people behind me. Suck it. Still, another giant slice of humble pie please. The winner was TWELVE AND A HALF MINUTES AHEAD OF ME. Did I mention it dumped rain during our warm-up?

10 October 2014

bike commute

The old legs are feeling better! Nice.

After work I got a much needed (understatement!) massage from Tucker Roy at Action Sports Massage.

Tucker kindly reminded me that it was okay to start stretching and using the foam roller again RIGHT AWAY IN FACT SO THAT MY RIGHT QUADRICEPS DOES NOT HEAL SHORT AFTER MY HORRIFIC FALL AT THE CRYSTAL MT SKY MARATHON. I guess I should get on that. On the upside, it was great to learn that my right leg can finally tolerate deep tissue work again. It's still bruised from my fall at the race but now pressure is just uncomfortable and not a sharp pain.

Riding through downtown was cool. It was dry but windy and there was a Seattle Sounders game going on so the streets were filled with blue, green and scarves. The wind was strong enough to move me around since I'm riding these way deep, poser/hipster rims.

And leaves are on the ground everywhere! The rains must not be far off.

09 October 2014


Yesterday confirmed that I am indeed in need of rest so today I did just that. Shelley gave me a ride to the bus stop this morning and then I strolled - at a very leisurely pace - home from the bus stop after work.


I wasn't wearing my fancy watch that talks to the flying saucers in the sky so there is no proof (read: track) so you'll just have to trust me.

Oh yeah, I turned my alarm off to get some extra sleep and of course I woke up at the usual time and could not close my eyes again.