23 February 2015

5 Secrets of Success for Endurance Fueling

There are a million myths about training, nutrition, hydration and it can be really difficult to sort the legit advice from the hype and the chaff.

Unless you take the time to diligently record everything that you do and learn from it, we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. There are very few shortcuts in life but Hammer Nutrition has put together some very well accepted and proven tips for fueling during endurance activities that I think are really useful.

5 Secretes of Success for Endurance Athletes

You can add the booklet to your order or you can download the PDF for free. Nice. And useful!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Hammer Nutrition Athlete Ambassador but I sought them out because I discovered that the techniques in this booklet worked for me and because I found their products to be superior.

21 February 2015

Cougar 14 + Bear Ridge

Yes! A real trail run.

Crap! Everyone is faster than I am.

This loop goes by many names.

  • Cougar 14 + Bear Ridge
  • Cougar Ring
  • Cougar 10 + Bear Ridge + Wilderness Cliffs + De Leo Wall

I met Jon Robinson, David Miller and Gretchen Van Dyke (ALL OF WHOM ARE FASTER THAN I AM) at the Red Town Trail and we got it on. That is to say they got it on and I struggled to keep up while my heart rate went through the roof. That first climb can be killer!

Not exactly the endurance pace run I had planned but in the end it was okay.

20 February 2015

core | Flying Lion 5

Finally got back to the gym and had a good core session. Yes!

After work I headed over to Flying Lion Brewing for their Friday run. It was great but I pushed the pace a bit too hard I think. This is the first week I have done any fast running; Tuesday I pushed the hill, Wednesday was intervals on the track and then today I slipped into that pseudo-tempo pace that is killer. As in not good for me. Oops.

19 February 2015

18 February 2015

walk | SRC track workout

Oh man, my first Seattle Running Club track workout in at least five months! Good times.

The workout called for 6-8 x 1000 m (400 m easy jog between efforts) and I managed to run six. I started out with Herbert Sitz who I used to be pretty evenly matched with last summer but that was not the case tonight, he left me behind each time and each time the gap got bigger and bigger. I not only started the first few intervals too fast and faded by the end of each effort, it also felt like I got progressively slower times for each effort even though I didn't use a watch.

On the upside I did manage six efforts! And my sartorius/hip didn't flare up which was huge as intervals is how I injured myself last year. It also felt good running to and from the track.

I'll be back and I'll get better. These workouts are awesome as I just don't run fast on my own. Not like this anyway.

17 February 2015

walk | Fleet Feet run

For just the second time ever I ran to the Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run, ran the run, and then ran home from the run. Run commuting sure is a great way to tack on the extra miles.

Make no mistake, the run to and from were s l o w but for the first time in quiet a while I pushed the pace during the run and felt pretty okay on the climb. Nice! At the start I spotted a couple of people I wanted to keep up with, they went faster than I have been going these days, end of story.

This weekend it's back to slow running. :) I just had to change it up today... I've been feeling like when my heart rate hits 140 it's really hammering and today in the mid 150s I felt controlled. Not that I could go any faster without blowing up, but still.

16 February 2015

core | road bike ride | Hot Pilates

That's right, Martin still knows how to ride a bicycle... but I have forgotten how to dress while I'm on one. The sun was brilliant and hanging out at home felt balmy but out on the road the wind chill was quite a  bit cooler than I expected. Still a great time. I picked a route with minimal stops and great pavement and it felt absolutely luxurious to roll along. I just could have used some knee warmers and gloves.

A great day of fitness with a core session in the gym in the morning, an afternoon ride and then a killer Hot Pilates session at Breathe Hot Yoga in the afternoon. That's what you get to do when you work for a higher education institution and get Presidents' Day off.

15 February 2015

Discovery Park

I wanted to go for a local run but didn't want to be on roads. The answer? Discovery Park. Little did I know that everyone else and their dog (literally) had the same game plan.

I did three loops and dropped down to the north beach on the 3rd and then ran up from the lighthouse. That climb is awesome!

I felt really slow. I know I am supposed to be going slow these days but still, it now feels like my heart is hammering when it hits 140 bpm, this can't be good? I guess I should try some intervals and see how that feels.

The weather was fantastic. Great for running but not for keeping other people indoors. :)

13 February 2015

core | run | Flying Lion 5

Nice! Managed two real road runs today for the first time in quite a while.

The weather was spectacular. When I headed out at lunch I didn't have the confidence to just wear a short sleeve shirt so grabbed an undershirt too... I didn't need it. I could have left all my shirts at home in fact. What a great day, what a sad winter.

For the first time I ran to (and from) the Flying Lion Brewing run. In this weather it's pretty fun but boy was I tired going home.

The run itself was great. We stayed together until we got close to The Wing (FLB5) and then the fast group took off.

ASIDE - these guys have really taken Strava to heart.

I took a wrong turn again but this time went a tad long whereas last time I cut the course short. Oh well. At least I had some company in "Paul" who lives on the east side and drove all the way over here just to do this run! He was super nice, here's hoping he comes back.

Brett brought some homemade beat/red velvet cupcakes which he shared after the run, the some kind of 'boiled milk' frosting. Delicious! I really wanted a beer too but knew that would deep six my run home so reluctantly left while everyone was enjoying their pints.

For the first time in quite a while I could feel my Sartorius when I started my second run. Ouch. Luckily it went away as I warmed up and didn't bother me again. This sure is taking a long time to heal up and I'm getting just a little tired of always being at 80-90%. I know, throw me a pity party already.

12 February 2015

treadmill run | walk

I forgot my watch this morning...! CRISIS. Seriously, it's funny how much I Have come to rely on the ability to track and record everything. :( Objectively I know it's great to leave the technology home from time to time but it's hard to do.

At least I ran anyway. :)

I did the same treadmill routine as Tuesday and it felt just as good.