03 November 2015

Breathe Hot Yoga | Breathe Hot Pilates

Boom. And boom again!

This has become my Tuesday ritual and it's freaking awesome! Thank goodness Breathe Hot Yoga is on the way home as I tend to just not do stuff unless it's really damn convenient.

60 minutes of sweating followed by another 60 minutes of sweating. It's so much sweating that I have started bringing two yoga mat towels so I have a fresh one for each class. Otherwise I'm lying down in a lake. I know, lovely image, right? And I don't even sweat that profusely. This shit just works you over.

02 November 2015

Howe Street stairs | UW lunch run | walk

November is the traditional start of stair season for Jim Kodjababian and I. This year travel and some work/life issues are going to majorly interrupt our schedule but I am determined to give it a go anyway. We'll see how it progresses.

At lunch I got out for a nice recovery run with the UW Run crowd. And we ran a new (to me) route that was super fun!

This was the first day that I have needed a long sleeve shirt during our lunch runs. Fall is here.

31 October 2015

Discovery Park teaches Martin a lesson

Being a Seattle native and having walked and run in Discovery Park numerous times I don't even think about stuff like getting lost up here. But guess what, not everyone is as familiar with these trails. And guess what, you can get hypothermia when it's wet and 54 degrees.

So begins this story.

19 September 2015

Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon

Ouch... so close.

Last year when I ran the Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon I fell around mile 11 and sliced open my right thigh. Pretty dramatic looking stuff but luckily not debilitating and I finished, pretty well considering. This year my goals were 1) not to fall, 2) run healthy/injury-free and 3) to see if I could better my previous time.

ASIDE - #1 was also one of Shelley's goals for me.

[Thanks to Jodee Adams-Moore for these very cool (and kinda hippie) finisher medals!]

12 September 2015


logo variations

Oh man, My edition of Passport2Pain really should have been called "Passport2Pain++" or "Passport2Pain plus More Pain plus Even More Pain" because upon arriving at the finish I realized I had lost my car key somewhere on Vashon Island. This meant I had to ride 10 more miles (mostly uphill) to the ferry and then 10 more miles (with two more hills) from the ferry dock home. Ouch.

That said, this ride was everything I imagined it would be. We practically rode up every hill on the entire frigging island! I'm so glad for 1) the perfect weather, 2) some great company and 3) the outrageous (read: totally excellent) amount of support on this ride!


06 September 2015

The Rut 50k

Boom! Just two days after the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer Martin gets to do the Lone Peak climb all over again as part of The Rut 50k, this time after an 18-mile warm up. And what a warm up it was.

Pictures sometimes really do tell the story best, here is one of my favorites.


04 September 2015

Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer

Wow, check another item off of Martin's bucket list, the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer was incredible.


25 August 2015

Lucca runs the Lean Horse 100

Long story short, Lucca started running ultras at least two years before I ever dipped my toe in the water. Last Saturday she ran her first 100-mile trail race, the Lean Horse 100. Bravo Lucca!

Her husband, Bil Vandergraff, was there to support her the whole time. He was nice enough to share some pictures, video and commentary; here is how it went.


17 August 2015

Passport2Pain, here I come!

Click, click, click, and done.

The Passport2Pain has been on my bucket list for quite some time and it looks like 2015 is the year.

Have I ridden on Vashon Island before/do I have any idea what I'm getting myself into? Yes. It's going to be hard. Bring on the adventure.