08 April 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute

Back to the stairs this morning, trying to build strength and some hill fitness. They are slowly feeling better and today I managed to go just a little longer than last week.

07 April 2014

bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

After a weekend of running it was time for some cycling. Easy cycling at that.

After work I went to Breathe Hot Yoga which seems to be just the ticket lately.

06 April 2014

Cottage Cheese Ass Tiger Mt loop

Oh man... I think today was my slowest ever on this route. I set all kinds of records for how much you can walk (practically ever incline) on a 'run'.

I was letting it beat me up all the way to the top. Not good. But as soon as I hit the descent on that beautiful trail it got much more pleasant. I still had to walk most of the inclines on the way down but at times I was able to go fast on the descent and I was always able to appreciate the awesome trail.

I felt so lame in the beginning I almost called it quits about two miles in and practically turned back, In the end I'm glad I carried on and finished this run. As I ran back to the car on the paved path that makes up the last mile I did not feel destroyed or bonked so I think it was the right thing to do.

On the way up I met Arthur Martineau, Steven Kent and Michael Linscott who were finishing up/running down. I had made some noise about going out for five hours today and Steven asked me if this is what I was doing. I mumbled something about just doing three, shook hands and got out of there. Nice of them to say hi.

05 April 2014

Cougar 12 + Bear Ridge

Pre dawn patrol on Cougar Mountain with Bryan Estes today, everything was fabulous except I fell down. Crap.


04 April 2014

bike commute

At one point the forecast (who can trust a weather forecast in the Pacific NW...?) said it was going to rain today but it didn't and I took advantage by riding to work. Nice.

My legs felt pretty darn good although my left knee is still a little stiff as in I can't bend it quite as much as my right knee.

03 April 2014

walk home from bus stop

Man... I was tired from the last two days. Then, as I started to feel physically better later in the day life got in the way of exercise. Oh well.

02 April 2014

core | bike commute | lunch walk | SRC track workout

Another full day, no doubt I will collapse tomorrow.

Went to the gym in the AM, rode to work, went for a walk at lunch and then joined the Seattle Running Club weekly track workout at the Garfield High School track.

Man, these workouts are killing me. I sure hope I reap some benefit down the road. And I guess it can only get better as I am sucking all kinds of wind currently. It sure is impressive to watch all these super fast runners... the goal today was 4 or 5 x 1 mile. I managed three miles and then blew/caved on the 4th so pulled the plug. Some of these guys were clocking low 5s and the second group was doing something around 5:45. Nice. Guys like Uli Steidl were leading the way and in spite of saying she was super tired Trisha Steidl was dropping me handily. There was a third group doing low 6s and then there was me.

The weather was beautiful again, it's so great to be outside! On days like this, running to and from the track does not suck.

01 April 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute | Fleet Feet run

Back to the old double workout! Today if felt good but then I have not been doing much lately and am pretty fresh...

Stairs were better than last time so that's good. I went just a little longer and felt just a little better.

After work I headed up to Fleet Feet Sports for their regular Tuesday night group run and guess what, it's now the summer loop! I guess they switch once Daylight Saving Time kicks in. The summer loop is .5 miles longer and the hill is longer; all good. The weather was great. I started slow and was able to speed up some in the second half. But I did have to walk the last 10 steps of the climb - drat! I'll work on that.

31 March 2014

core | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

After a brief hiatus where life got in the way of exercising (not always a bad thing for the body but usually stressful on the mind) I got back into the swing of things today.

Finally went back to Breathe Hot Yoga and loved it. I really need to do this more often.

I have not really wanted to admit it but my left knee is not 100%. Ever since I went heli skiing it has been just a little swollen and achy and some days are worse/better than others. Rats.

27 March 2014

Howe Street stairs | walk to and from bus

Hello Howe Street, did you miss me?

Holy hate, these are tough if you don't do them regularly... I was hoping to last one hour and could only manage 34 minutes! Yikes. I guess I'm coming back to improve.

I missed my bus this morning so had to walk to my Plan B route and then I walked home via the usual way. Walking is good.