21 April 2014

core | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

I was in a bit of a rush this morning as I had to be at work by 7 so abbreviated my usual core routine. Glad I still got something done.

Today looked like the weather window this week so I jumped at the opportunity to ride in and on the way home stopped off at Breathe Hot Yoga. I have been noticing that yoga is making my back/core a little stronger and all the back bends, side bends, stretches are less uncomfortable. I also think that using the wobble disk in the gym helps me do some of the balancing poses. Just a little anyway. I'm just trying to say that yoga is complimentary - I'm glad there is a studio at a convenient location.

19 April 2014

Tiger Mt circumnavigation

Whew...! Got the chance to run with Justin Angle today which was great but it was a tough day.

Just when I thought I had this route wired I took a wrong turn. Oh well, it didn't result in much extra mileage and we abbreviated the end of the run a bit to make up for it.

I also ran out of gas today. We started mellow but I just kept on slowing down. At first I thought, "It's just an off day" but truth be told I probably just don't have the fitness yet to do this kind of run every weekend. That's okay, I'll get better. And it wasn't like I was on a death march or anything, I was just tired.

18 April 2014

bike commute

I woke up early but did not have the will to go to the gym. That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

At least the weather turned nice so I hopped on the bike and rode to work. On the way home I took the somewhat long way but skipped all the hills.

17 April 2014

Breathe Hot Yoga | walk home from bus stop

I woke up early but didn't feel like going to the gym and my legs still felt like garbage after that nutty run on Tuesday. And it was wet so I took the bus to work.

But on a hunch I threw some shorts and my yoga towel in my bag and sure enough, after work I felt a bit better so stopped off at Breathe Hot Yoga on the way home. It was great! After class both of my quads felt better - obviously just what I needed.

16 April 2014

core | walk home from bus stop | SRC track workout

Got into the gym this morning and had a pretty good core workout even though it was a chore getting started.

After work I headed up to Garfield High School for another session at the track with the Seattle Running Club. Let me tell you, these are not easy. I sure hope they help.

15 April 2014

Howe Street stairs | Fleet Feet Tuesday run | walk home from bus stop

Argh...! I looked at the wrong weather report/wimped out and left the bike at home today. It ended up staying dry and I regretted not riding.

Went to the Howe Street stairs this morning for my hill/strength work and who should drop by after a few laps but Jim Kodjababian. Nice! Turns out he still shows up every once in a while and walks eight flights so I just finished his workout and we caught up. That was nice.

At the Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run it was another demo day so I tried some different shoes. Oops... bad idea. These did not work out so well. On the bright side, I had a reasonable run considering I was still tired from the weekend and my feet hurt.

14 April 2014

core | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

This seems like an ideal active recovery day to me...

I got to the gym for my usual core routine, rode slowly to and from work and then on the way home stopped off at Breathe Hot Yoga which I am really liking these days. I'm slowly getting better and more flexible plus this is making me a little stronger too. Bonus on top of bonus.

Only one problem, my weight is creeping back up. I laugh every time I hear people say, "You're so skinny, I bet you can eat whatever you want!" Not.

Oh yeah, it was an INCREDIBLE day today. Like hot. I love it.

13 April 2014

SRC Sunday run on Squak

Today I joined the Seattle Running Club for their Sunday run which was on Squak Mountain. I keep forgetting how fun these trails are!

The pace was really stop and go as the group was pretty varied but it was okay with me, I was just trying to get in some more miles and wanted to see how my legs felt after my long run yesterday. They felt okay.

Arthur Martineau was along and that guy is irrepressible. He loves to bound up hills and to fly down trails. In the second half of the run he kept things interesting. Once or twice he opened it up going downhill and it was hard for me to keep up. He sure is good at negotiating technical single track.

After we finally slowed down and were jogging it back to the car I tripped and fell about .5 miles from the parking lot. Rats. Luckily no damage and I was fine after brushing off the dirt.

12 April 2014

Tiger Mt circumnavigation


This is my second time completing this loop. The first time was with Dave Swoish and we had to do lots of route finding. Today I didn't make any wrong turns but I still had to hesitate at a few intersections and refer to my written directions. Still, all good and in spite of walking much more than I wanted to in the second half I had a nice time and the trails were in epic/great condition.

All the sections of trail on the south side of Tiger Mountain that were closed back in March were now open and I met a mountain bikers. It made me smile to think that just two years ago it would have been me on the bike seeing the runner go by.

Near the summit (five miles from the end?) I met Maxwell Ferguson who was out running with two friends. That was nice. Interestingly, we were kitted out almost exactly the same.

11 April 2014


Just the gym today.