18 February 2016

How one little problem can cause a giant one

So there I was on the bus heading to work and my bus happened to be in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.

When it breaks down.

At first it was just moving slowly - like 5 mph slowly - and then it just grinds to a halt between stops. Of course you know what comes next, right? Everything behind my bus has nowhere to go so it's a massive chain reaction.

I was at the front of the bus so could hear the supervisors and mechanics on the radio talking to the driver. At first they were making suggestions for how to troubleshoot this problem but when the bus didn't move they quickly switched to telling all the other northbound buses to stop before they entered the tunnel and they told all the northbound Link Light Rail trains to stop and let everyone off before they entered the tunnel. Every. Single. One.

Because there was another bus behind mine Metro couldn't drive a wrecker in the tunnel from behind so they had to enter at the north end and back it down to our bus. It was cool! The problem with our bus was electrical and so in addition to the engine and transmission not working properly the interior lights were off. Then way up ahead you could see the flashing lights of the wrecker.


11 January 2016

Recovering from hernia surgery. Again.

Who knew?

About nine months ago I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia on my right side. That was after roughly six months of discomfort.

ASIDE - who knows how long I actually had this first hernia? Not me.

Not long after recovering from this procedure I started to experience discomfort again. I tried physical therapy (it didn't work), I tried rest (it didn't work), I tried cross training (it didn't work) and I tried warming up prior to runs (it didn't work). Finally, on a hunch, I had another ultrasound and wouldn't you know it, I had another hernia. This one on my left side. Today I had this second hernia repaired.

My friend Steven was kind enough to mock up this illustration.

Thanks to my good friend Steven for illustrating my recovery from #hernia #surgery.

I can sum up the previous 18 months pretty easily. It's going to be fun to run pain free.

30 November 2015

pacing Lucca at the Seattle Marathon

In what has become a most excellent annual tradition I ran with my sister Lucca at the Seattle Marathon today. For a change I was officially entered this time. :)

The first time I paced her was in 2012. I ran the entire course and it was am Amazing experience! In 2013 I was injured so just ran the last four miles. In 2014 I was again recovering from an injury but this time managed the last 18 miles, carried all of Lucca's nutrition and helped Lucca to an all-time marathon PR. Nice! That year was FREEZING cold. This year I had signed up myself long ago to take advantage of the early bird pricing and originally the plan was for me to try for my own marathon PR but (a lack of) training and a vacation (I know, pity me) conspired against me so we ran together yet again. In retrospect, I'm really glad it worked out this way.


Lucca's husband Bil Vandegraff came along this year too to run/walk the half marathon, it was a family affair!

12 November 2015

Mount Merapi - climbing up an active volcano in Indonesia

As Shelley will attest, I have a hard time sitting around while on vacation. I know, right? "Relaxing" means something different to everyone and to me it usually means doing what I like (running, hiking, cycling, exploring) without all the usual life stresses (work, paying bills, cleaning house, taking out the garbage - super stressful stuff like that). So while on vacation in Indonesia I decided to run up a mountain.

Albeit Mount Merapi is a pretty small "mountain", it was the highest peak within my reach. And there was a trail to the top. And there was the chance to catch the sunrise. And it was an active volcano. Talk about an awesome dawn patrol opportunity.


10 November 2015

prison fitness | walk

Figured I couldn't just sit around during the two weeks of this vacation so I manufactured a little workout.

Today we explored Yogyakarta - wow!


06 November 2015

Madrona run | walk | Green Lake run


I did my first morning/pre-work ruin today and it was great. A little misty but it wasn't cold. Good times.

At lunch I did a lap around Green Lake with Steven Kurle. Nice to double up and nice to have good company.

05 November 2015


Just walked home from the bus today.

04 November 2015

lots of walking

This morning I walked down to FootWorks PT and then from there to work. Good stuff! But man, walking takes a lot longer than riding. And in spite of trying to keep the pace mellow, walking with a messenger bag is warmer than riding with one.

03 November 2015

Breathe Hot Yoga | Breathe Hot Pilates

Boom. And boom again!

This has become my Tuesday ritual and it's freaking awesome! Thank goodness Breathe Hot Yoga is on the way home as I tend to just not do stuff unless it's really damn convenient.

60 minutes of sweating followed by another 60 minutes of sweating. It's so much sweating that I have started bringing two yoga mat towels so I have a fresh one for each class. Otherwise I'm lying down in a lake. I know, lovely image, right? And I don't even sweat that profusely. This shit just works you over.

02 November 2015

Howe Street stairs | UW lunch run | walk

November is the traditional start of stair season for Jim Kodjababian and I. This year travel and some work/life issues are going to majorly interrupt our schedule but I am determined to give it a go anyway. We'll see how it progresses.

At lunch I got out for a nice recovery run with the UW Run crowd. And we ran a new (to me) route that was super fun!

This was the first day that I have needed a long sleeve shirt during our lunch runs. Fall is here.