22 January 2015


The quality of my sleep continues to stay very high. It's made me realize how infrequently I actually get a goodnight's rest?!

I dorked around too much this morning at home so ran out of time for the gym and then had to work all day so no lunch session. But it's okay.

While walking around I saw yet another Run Washington sticker, these things are everywhere.

21 January 2015

cardio | Hot Pilates | walk

After feeling like dirt on yesterday's run I resolved to treat myself right so hit the good, old elliptical trainer at the gym for some active recovery. And guess what, just like it's supposed to work, I felt much better when I climbed off than when I started.

Why am I worried about taking it easy? I schedule a VO2 Max test for myself Friday morning. Better be fresh for that.

After work I headed on over to Breathe Hot Yoga for another Hot Pilates class. These rule. I'm learning there are a million exercises you can do that involve exactly zero extraneous equipment and that are incredibly difficult. I got my ass handed to me yet again and I will be back for more.

On the way home I saw this in the I-90 pedestrian tunnel. This Run Washington sticker is showing up in more and more places.

20 January 2015

core | Fleet Feet run | walk

Made it to the gym this morning and had a pretty good core workout. Nice.

The Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run on the other hand felt terrible. I was so winded and going up the Howe Street stairs...! I suspect it's that dreaded day-after feeling. Having done stairs yesterday and having done nothing else, my muscles were still super full of lactic acid.

On the upside Bradlaugh Robinson showed up for his second run of the day and was looking to go easy so we hung together and chatted. It was great to catch up.

I'm also sleeping better (and more). Bonus.

19 January 2015

Howe Street stairs

Jim Kodjababian and I had to move our stair workout to Monday this week because of Jim's travel schedule. Done.

The first couple of walkers and the first runner felt terrible but I warmed up and the rest was better.

Just two more weeks of this. Then what will I do with my Tuesday morning...?

Since both Shelley and I had the day off from work we ran errands, together! How cool is that? One such errand was going to Sephora in Bellevue Square (where I was one of only two males in the store and the other one worked there). I tried a new cologne. It smelled really nice.

17 January 2015

Cougar 10 + Bear Ridge

I can't run this route and not think of Bryan Estes. He owned it last year in preparation for a super successful run at the Cascade Crest 100. Me on the other hand, I have not been out here in so long it almost felt like I was exploring new trails. Almost.

I got lucky with the weather, it started to sprinkle about .5 miles from the car and then as I drove away it really started raining. Works for me.

The trails were packed today. Not only did I see a Seattle Running Club clubmate in Francis Agboton, I also saw two SRC-Brooks teammates in Evan Williams and Olin Berger. Nice. Not to mention all the hikers out - it was a busy day at Cougar Mountain!

16 January 2015


Went to the gym but my motivation was pretty low. I tried to offset this by mixing it up and did some TRX stuff for a change. It kind of helped but this is hard and a partner would have been ideal.

After the gym I went shopping.

After work I met Shelley at Flying Lion Brewing for a beer.

Sometimes you just need to let go. Something I'm good at. :)

15 January 2015

core | run | walk

Made it to the gym this morning and went for a run at lunch... I deserve a pat on the back.

Ran the Lake Union loop from work and really tried to keep my heart rate under 140 today. For a change it worked. Nice. It was also a great day for the middle of winter.

I keep seeing some awesome bikes on the UW campus, here is the latest.

14 January 2015

Hot Pilates | walk

Boy, what happens when you take one month off from Hot Pilates at Breathe Hot Yoga? You suffer. Got my butt kicked good and proper.

On the other hand, I had a new (to me) instructor and the routine was different, that was cool.

13 January 2015

Howe Street stairs | Fleet Feet run | walk

Just another super Tuesday!

Met Jim Kodjababian in the morning at Howe Street but I almost missed him... I totally forgot I had asked him to show up earlier for these last few workouts and I only got there in time because I usually try to show up early. I was not early today, just right on time. Whew.

My legs felt BLOWN today. Just wasted. I guess Saturday must still be in them, plus I didn't exactly do any active recovery between then and now. :(

At the Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run we had a super turnout. at 5:55 the store was still fairly empty and then suddenly everyone showed up. Nice. I started mellow and was surprised how good (read: not brutal) the run felt! My back is improving and my legs were not as dead as they were in the AM. I even felt okay going up the Howe Street stairs. I did let my heart rate climb a bit higher than I wanted to going up Interlaken but I was trying to keep up with some friends... Once we hit Galer I had to let them go.

VO2 Max test - I'm all in

I have been thinking about this for a while now and finally pulled the trigger. Friday, 23 January I'm going to Seattle Performance Medicine and getting a VO2 Max test.


I used to train with heart rate a fair bit when cycling was my primary activity but not so since I switched to running. For the most part leaving my heart rate strap at home worked out fine as my aerobic base from riding carried over and all I had to do was get my body used to the impact and strains of this new activity.

Then came a couple of back-to-back injuries followed by a relatively long vacation and I found I had to rebuild my base fitness. Having never needed to do this while running I was continually going out too fast and then dying, and I was not ever very fresh for a workout. These last few weeks I have throttled back the intensity in an attempt to build that base back up using Phil Maffetone's heart rate formula.

The only problem is, it's been ages since I knew with any sort of accuracy what my max heart rate was much less what all my exercise zones are. Plus I'm quite a bit older since I last used heart rate with any kind of regularity.

Hence this test.

Here is my favorite paragraph from the "Informed Consent for Exercise Testing" form I had to sign.
The test I will undergo will be performed on either a treadmill, bike or ergometer with the effort gradually increasing. As I understand it, this increase in effort will continue until I feel and verbally report to the operator any symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, or chest discomfort which may appear. It is my understanding that it is my right to request that a test be stopped at any point if I feel unusual discomfort or fatigue. I have been advised that I should immediately upon experiencing any such symptoms, or if I so choose, inform the operator that I wish to stop the test at that or any other point. My wishes in this regard shall be absolutely carried out.
 Can't wait.