10 May 2015

Urban Float – a new level of relaxation

I tried something brand new today - Urban Float. It was awesome! What is Urban Float? It's a sensory deprivation/isolation tank, think Altered States.


I love the eerie, blue glow.

15 April 2015


Holy cow. Had to call in sick today because of a massive headache that has been building ever since Monday afternoon. Not sure how I went to the gym but this sucks.

14 April 2015

strengthening (legs + hip) | PT | bike commute | treadmill run

It's spring at the UW and that means ducks are falling in love.

Whew, based on my gym numbers I'm getting a little stronger. And I'm realizing that my hips are way out of balance when it comes to strength.

I saw Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning for another checkup and he worked me pretty good for 30 minutes. Sometimes PT is just learning and sometimes it's a real workout.

No pain during my run again! I am liking this trend for sure. My heart rate monitor continues to entertain, once it settled down I started at 126 and finished around 141.

Today was a banner day so I had a treat when I got home.

13 April 2015

bike commute | treadmill run

Another day of testing my body, this time with an actual run albeit indoors. I got a passing grade again. Yes.

This is the start of comeback #3. This year! Sad smileAnd yes, I do want to do it right this time.

Saw this bike at the UW today, I love finding stuff like this.

12 April 2015

Howe Street stairs

I tested my left hip and it passed, no pain of any kind! And I was sure to pull the plug after 30 minutes as I know my tendency is to overdo it.

10 April 2015

core | bike commute

I was beat riding home! A combo of not enough sleep and perhaps weights and riding a single speed bike is blowing up my legs.

09 April 2015

strengthening | bike commute

Another morning at the gym doing leg and hip stuff, this is starting to feel good. Another long commute home, I am loving this route!

08 April 2015

core | bike commute | massage

On my way to work I got another massage. Living the dream for sure. This time it was from David Wilson at Evergreen Chiropractic.

On my way home I took a really long route. I love exploring Seattle neighborhoods.

07 April 2015

weights | bike commute | massage

Well, I can't run so I did some strengthening this morning. It's been a while so I kept it pretty light.

After work I dropped by Action Sports Massage to see Tucker Roy for a massage. This guy is good!

06 April 2015

core | bike commute | some reflection on wellness

I was able to do all of my core exercises today! Just two weeks after surgery, nice.

I think I have been posting about all my injuries but just in case here is the catch up.

About two weeks prior to getting my hernia (right side) definitively diagnosed I started experiencing discomfort/pain in my LEFT hip. Running hurt but I didn't pay much attention to it as I figured my body was just getting used to the movement again after some time off.

Then I got the hernia diagnosed, had the surgery and took more time off. I figured this would cure my left side. Not.

The very first run after my surgery my left side hurt. I took it super easy but it only got worse.

I saw Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning and we think it's my left sartorius (the same thing I injured some months ago). The plan this time is to rest and then specifically strengthen that area and then try to come back slowly. Again.

It's pretty depressing if I think about it too much and for the first time I'm starting to wonder if I will be able to accomplish any of my goals for this summer. I sure hope so.

I'm throwing everything I can at this and have started seeing a chiropractor, I'll start back up with massage and I will even try acupuncture. Hopefully all this plus doing the right exercises/rehab and stretching will finally get me up and running. Literally.

Did I mention that being active is essential to my happiness? These last two years have taught me just how true that is.