18 February 2018

Lord Hill 20-mile

Can I just say that it is awesome to run healthy? The more I talk to fellow runners, the more it seems that most of them are usually operating anywhere between 50-90%, RARELY are they at 100%. Today I was feeling like I was 90% percent and rising! Here's to some awesome summer goals.

The race I ran today was the Evergreen Trail Runs Lord Hill 20-mile. True to its name, this run incorporates a big hill (Lord Hill) that you need to climb once per 10-mile lap. And it's a legit climb, as in hiking. I ran this race for the first (and only other) time back in 2012. It was fun to be back. And good to see I was able to go seven minutes faster this time. :)

This race is known for mud. Lots and lots of mud. Lord Hill is usually a slip & slide going up and sometimes worse going down. It's the kind of race where you attempt to tiptoe around the puddles for a bit until you realize it's fruitless and eventually you just end up running straight through the water. This shot speaks volumes.

13 February 2018

how to sync Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts

There are about a million different ways to sync posts between various different social media platforms and no doubt there are several that are better than this one but I didn't really want to start using a new tool like Buffer, etc. and I was already using IFTTT so here is what I did and why.

Some history.

In the past, I used IFTTT the send my Instagram posts to Twitter and linked my Twitter account to my Facebook Profile. But I started noticing recently that the picture I would post to Instagram was not showing up on Facebook. Instead, you would get just the text of the post and an annoying link like this. :(

Pictures are much more engaging than text so this was not going to fly. Here is what I do now. And so far it's working great!

  • I turned off the Twitter/Facebook connection in my Twitter settings.
  • I turned off the IFTTT applet that posted my Instagram photos to Twitter.
  • Now when I post to Instagram, I just toggle on sharing to Twitter and Facebook in the Instagram app.

What about when Instagram is not involved and I just want to share a Tweet on Facebook? For this I went back to IFTTT and use an applet that posts to Facebook when I use a specific hashtag (which I can specify), it even strips the hashtag from the Facebook post.

This works for me but any/all comments are welcome if you have a "better" way to sync these three social media platforms. And if you know how to add Google + let me know!

26 November 2017

pacing Lucca at the Seattle Marathon

Five times! I have run all or part of the Seattle Marathon with Lucca five times. How cool.


07 October 2017

Oregon Coast 50 km

Perfect weather. It was not what I was expecting. Friends have told me the Rainshadow Running Oregon Coast 50k is usually wet and windy, I was okay with this anomaly.


16 September 2017

Icicle Creek, Icicle Ridge, Chatter Creek

Alpine lakes, spectacular views, good friends and great weather; what more could you ask from a weekend? The Icicle Ridge just outside of Leavenworth, WA delivers. Here I am standing by Lake Edna with a zero horizon shot in the background.


Lucca, Thomas Frizelle, Brett Rawson and I have been looking for an opportunity to get out and today our calendars cooperated.

09 September 2017

Hut Run Hut - running in the Colorado Rockies

Holy cow! Hut Run Hut has been on my bucket list for a couple of years now (ever since I heard about it) and not only did I get to check the box, I got to check it with my sister Lucca.


27 July 2017

RAMROD (Ride Around Mount Rainier One Day) on a tandem

Nice! It took a few years but I finally got to check the "ride RAMROD on a tandem" box. Thanks to Jeff Reed for his persistence in making this happen, for being an A #1 stoker and to the Redmond Cycling Club for consistently organizing the premier ride in the Pacific Northwest. I have done this ride scores of times and always want to come back.


22 July 2017

Bigfoot 100 km (where Martin wins his first ultra)

First of all - wow, what a course. And in the current trend of ultra running, it seems that 110 km is the new 100 km.

This was my first time running the Destination Trail Bigfoot 100 km and it was also my first ever overall victory in an ultra. Boom! Oh what a feeling.


15 July 2017

Seattle to Portland

In a way, I feel like I've come full circle. :)

Long ago, before I ever started racing bicycles, some friends and I rode the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle to Portland bike ride. For many recreational riders in the Pacific Northwest, this is the pinnacle, the ultimate challenge to train for, and at the time I fell squarely into that category. This year I fractured my Fibula in February and since my leg was able to tolerate riding earlier than running, I ramped up my miles as much as I could. One thing led to another and suddenly I did a century, then another and suddenly I'm signed up for STP and RAMROD.

This year I rode with good friends John Phillips and Frank Colich, both HUGE engines and perfect companions as they are steady, safe and over 6' so a pleasure to draft.


20 May 2017

Sun Mountain 50k

What a day at the Rainshadow Running Sun Mountain 50k! The weather was perfect, the company (thanks Lucca) was perfect, my fueling (thanks Hammer Nutrition) was perfect, my shoes (thanks Topo Athletic) were perfect and most importantly, my leg held up like a champ the entire way 14 weeks out from being fractured. Life is good.