20 July 2014

New Order - finally

There are tons of bands I wish I had seen before it was too late (The Clash, Led Zeppelin, X, etc.) but luckily I have had the chance to see a few (Queen, Black Flag).

A couple of weeks ago Shelley and I were able to add another to the 'have seen' list - New Order.

What. A. Good. Time!

17 July 2014

bike commute | PT

Went to see Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning for a check-in and progress report. It was promising!

After running Tuesday I was worried I had done too much but today I feel pretty good. Neal worked my calf and then I did tons of balancing exercises and some jump rope. He officially gave me the green light to start running stairs (I have been walking them so far) and to jump more rope. Progress.

It was another great afternoon so I took the long way home.

ASIDE - I only air the tires on my commute bike about every three weeks. Today I noticed I had let it go just a little too long. My bike was pushing out in corners and felt really squishy (read: slow) as I rode. Oh well, resistance training! :)

15 July 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute | Fleet Feet run

Another day of fitness AND my first Fleet Feet Sports Seattle run in almost two months! I did feel a little tentative, my runs this weekend were not overly inspiring in terms of confidence but they went okay so I resolved to take it ultra easy and walk it out of necessary.

I didn't need to walk during the run. Bonus. But I was pretty tight at the end and did need to walk and stretch quite a bit after. Once again riding home after helped some.

I hooked up with Ned (forgot his last name) for the run and he was great company. Truth be told, it was fun to run and talk and not be maxed out. And on the up side, I didn't have to walk the hill!

My Garmin Fenix 2 has a 'recovery' feature. If you wear a heart rate strap, when you are done it will tell you how long you need to recover. After the stairs it said 31 hours. After the run it said 24 hours. Not sure how to use this yet.

14 July 2014

walk home from Capitol Hill

This morning I just didn't feel like riding to work. So I didn't.

And so much for my calf healing up - at least as fast as I want it to. This morning it did not feel so hot and I could tell it had gotten a bit worse since this weekend. I guess my runs Saturday set me back a little.

At least my walk felt fine, I wore my super comfy Brooks Transcend shoes to work just for this purpose.

13 July 2014

May Valley, Cedar Grove, Jones Rd on a single speed

I bounced back great after yesterday, whew.

Went for a ride with my neighbor Don Norbury today and had a blast. We hit some primo asphalt and chatted all the way. Once again I chose the Kona Paddy Wagon, it seems yesterday didn't scare me off single speeds. :)

Summer is in full swing! When I got home I watched the final game in the 2014 World Cup and then went swimming in the lake. Freaking love that. AND being able to do that in the first place.

12 July 2014

ride to and from Cougar Mt, tail runs on Cougar Mt

My first trail run! Heck, today was my first run of any kind since I blitzed my right calf about six weeks ago. And it was pain free. Happy Day.

The Seattle Running Club (of which I am a member) puts on a trail run race series on Cougar Mountain every year and today I volunteered to help out. Wince I was going out there anyway, and since my calf has been feeling better and better lately I figured why not try a short jog while I was there. So happy that worked out.

11 July 2014

core | bike commute

I felt great at the gym today! Then on my ride home I felt pretty flat again. I took a longer way home and perhaps I should have cut it shorter, I did trim all the hills from my usual 'long' route.

Oh well, the stellar summer weather persists and I am loving it. No doubt the sun frequently causes me to extend my ride home. :)

10 July 2014

bike commute

Slept in today, I sure needed that.

09 July 2014

core | bike commute

Another descent day in the gym in spite of not getting as much sleep as I wanted.

On my ride home I felt pretty spent. Probably due to the aforementioned lack of sleep and not eating enough during the day.

Still, awesome day out. And I still took the long way home. :)

08 July 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute | Breathe Hot Yoga

Whew...! The efficiency of a stair workout never fails to become obvious when you are on Howe Street. I managed to survive for one hour today and my calf didn't bother me in the least. That's some exciting shit.

I'm test driving the Samsung S Health app specifically because my new phone has a heart rate sensor and it's been ages since I knew what my waking heart rate was.