19 December 2014

training basics and the benefits of zone 2

I've been talking to a friend about training recently and after he came to the conclusion he needed to do more zone 2 (read: endurance pace) work I had a bit of an epiphany and realized I do too. The sources of information are these.

When I was cycling a lot I had a huge aerobic base. Now that I'm running - and because my body can't tolerate running seven days/week and because of some injuries - that base has eroded significantly.

18 December 2014

Expresso Exercise Bike | Breathe Hot Yoga

The alarm went off. I woke up. I went downstairs. I did not go to the gym. Oh well.

At lunch I did head down to the IMA for a spin on the Expresso exercise bike and it never disappoints.

After work I headed over to Breathe Hot Yoga for a great session. I've been taking all these Hot Pilates classes and it felt great to finally take a Vinyasa class again. Less of a pure work out but more balance stuff and more stretching.

17 December 2014


Just the gym today thankyouverymuch.

But then in the afternoon I got totally crazy and took off from work early to see The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies...!

It was awesome! If you are a Tolkien nerd that is. Which I am.

Not to mention the fact that the Cinerama is the best movie theatre in Seattle. New, bigger (leather!) seats, reserved seating, reasonably priced concessions, BEER, colossal Dolby Atmos sound system and zero bullshit advertisements before the show. Done and done.

2015 Partners - The Balanced Athlete and Brooks


2015 is looking (way!) up. Here are two reasons why.

The Balanced Athlete
The Balanced Athlete has been a supporter of and partner store with the Seattle Running Club for years but for 2015 they approached me and offered to give me some additional support.

I'm psyched to work with a store that promotes so many different kinds of healthy activities; and is completely immersed in the local running scene and community involvement. Among other things The Balanced Athlete hosts multiple group runs from the store, they support the Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series, they staff an aid station at the Cascade Crest 100 and the list goes on.

No to mention they are instrumental in organizing one of my favorite events ever, the Fat Glass 50k.

I'm thrilled to promote a company that shares my love of an active lifestyle and lifelong fitness.

Brooks has been sponsoring a subset of SRC members for quite some time (thanks Brooks!). I submitted my application a month ago and just heard back that it was accepted. I'm super happy to once again be part of the SRC-Brooks Competitive Team and to represent the best club and some awesome product.

I have been running in Brooks shoes and clothing for two years now and I'm looking forward to a third. The PureGrit (2 and 3) has been one of my favorite trail shoes ever since it was available and their EZ T material (which our team shirts used to be made from) has got to be the most comfortable tech shirt material I have ever worn.

Partners are good to have and I am very grateful to have these two. Bring on 2015.

16 December 2014

Howe Street stairs | Fleet Feet run | walk

Whew... solid stair day! Jim Kodjababian and I are up to 10 flights now, five more to go.

Every year when we hit 10 we mix it up and throw in a few "up downs" where we run up two sets, come back down one and repeat to the top. I like this variety and it might actually be easier as those couple of seconds rest you get between efforts really help me out.

At the Fleet Feet Sports Seattle Tuesday night run I challenged myself to finally take it easy. A friend and I have been talking training techniques and I suspect I need to do more zone 2 work and really go easy when it's an easy day. Seems I am not immune to making the classic rookie mistakes.

Of course the winter route heads up the Howe Street stairs so for a couple of minutes I was not going very easy at all. :)

15 December 2014

weights | walk

Good gym session this morning.

It's funny, I have not really lifted weights in ages but every winter I kind of get the urge and as long as I don't get too agro it's pretty fun.

14 December 2014

Cottage Cheese Ass Tiger Mt trail run

Finally! A trail run.

I connected with Bryan Estes and Justin Angle and the conditions were SO good. It was crazy dry for this time of year and the trails were a blast.

13 December 2014


Had a good gym session today. I wanted to tack on some cardio but I got home and started watching YouTube you know how that goes... :)

12 December 2014


Work really sucked up the day today and I didn't have the energy to do anything before or after. That's how it goes sometimes.

11 December 2014


Work got in the way of exercising today but I was not regretting it, I was beat from the last two days.

Shelley and I went to see Maria Bamford tonight and it was an incredible show. I had heard her a couple of times previously but never seen her. Her presentation absolutely adds something.

Finally saw a bike that was secured properly today, glad someone knows what they are doing.