10 September 2010

Raleigh Rush Hour Pro

Frame Raleigh Rush Hour Pro – Aluminum
Size 60 cm?
Fork Reynolds Ouzo Pro – Carbon
Components Cranks – 175 mm
Gears 49x14 most of the time during the season at Marymoor
50x15 or 51x15 at smaller tracks
Wheels Race – Zipp disk, Zipp 404
Other – hand built rear, Neuvation C50 front
Weight 16.5 lb
This is my third track bike. The first one I helped build while taking a frame building class at Ti Cycles back when they were in Seattle and I managed the retail store. It was steel, real a great ride.
My second bike was an aluminum POS from [insert some name here] mail order outlet. I was looking for something lighter, stiffer and faster. I got one out of three. It stunk and I flipped it as fast as humanly possible.
This bike was originally ordered for Brad Lewis prior to his fatal accident in the Boat Street Criterium (now named the Brad Lewis Memorial Criterium). I had no idea what I was getting when I bought this from the Recycled Cycles Racing team manager but it fits really well, is stiff as blazes and feels great even on much smaller tracks. Finally, three out of three.
I'm proud to ride it.
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