24 May 2016

Madrona loop | bike commute

Hit the bricks this morning for what is just my third run since surgery and my second outdoor run.

It felt good and so I inadvertently went a bit faster and subsequently found the limit of my current fitness. Whew, I have a ways to go. But running pain-free is pretty freaking awesome. Here's hoping it continues. right?

On my way to work I saw my kidney surgeon for my follow-up visit and confirmed that my tumor was benign and that no additional scans would be needed. All I have left is the usual/protocol Renogram after three months to ensure kidney function continues to be normal.

I am feeling pretty good! Here is what I looked like three days ago when the Steri Strips came off..

Went for my first outdoor run post surgery and it felt so good I took my steri strips off. Cuz that's how I celebrate.

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