25 May 2016

Madrona loop (with Justin Angle) | bike commute

OMG, today was my first time running back-to-back days after my kidney surgery and it felt okay. There was one point where I thought my hip was complaining but in retrospect I suspect it was just the power of suggestion... When something has hurt for a whole year you can't help but think you feel it coming back I suspect.

Justin Angle was in town and we got the rare chance to run together - it was a blast! We took a few dirt and stair detours on the usual route for variety and scenery and I was huffing and puffing on all the stair climbs big time. Justin said it looked like I was moving pretty good so there's that. It was great to catch up.

The run felt harder/faster than it was. Perhaps I'm still a bit weak (read: I know I am still a bit weak) as it's just two weeks out from surgery.

After work I had planned to go long on my commute but work stress and perhaps these two runs flushed my vim and vigor down the toilet. I just rode straight home.

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