28 September 2014

Christmas in September

Really, it seems you can have 'Christmas' any time of the year these days. Just buy yourself some shit and pretend it was given to you. In this case I just received my second shipment of shoes from Brooks who sponsor the SRC-Brooks Competitive Team I'm on. Nice!

On the left we have the new Brooks Glycerin 12, the Glycerin 11 has been my go-to training shoe for the road so I am psyched to try the newest version.

In the middle is the new Brooks PureGrit 3. I have run in the original PureGrit, the PureGrit 2 and they just keep getting better. This is my race day trail running shoe.

On the right is the Brooks Mach 16. This is a Cross Country shoe that you can screw spikes into... I am totally in over my head here but XC sounds like fun so figured I would give it a go this fall.

Thanks to Brooks and the Seattle Running Club for making this possible!

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