13 December 2012

core | bike commute

Some good things happened today.

  • I did core again.
  • I rode my bike to work.
  • I got a massage.
  • It didn't rain on my while I was commuting.
  • I realized I still have a full week to blog before the end of the world.

Man did I need that massage... In fact, I need to go right back and get a dozen more. Back-to-back would be good. Sheesh, my body has been neglected.

ASIDE - these days I am seeing Jenny Dailey for massage and I can recommend her highly. She's always learning more, her rates are too low (guess that cat is out of the bag...), she knows what athletes need and she's fun to talk to.

Today was also the first day that I did core at home. Recently I purchased a mat and it has arrived. We already had an inflatable exercise ball and so now I am good to go. Will Martin be able to sack up and do core at home without the 'gym vibe' and shitty piped-in Clear Chanel music to spur him on? Stay tuned and find out.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Therapy 5:00 PM - 60-minute massage
Time of Day core - 6:00 AM
Workout Type active recovery
ball leg lifts 3 x 40
back extensions 3 x 40
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 100 each leg
leg scissors 100
twisters I forgot about these again...!
push-ups 18
Equipment Raleigh Mojave 8.0
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