18 December 2012

Howe Street stairs | Fleet Feet run | bike commute

Nice. Today was a day of fitness.

In the morning I met Jim Kodjababian for a super stair workout, after work I joined my first Fleet Feet Fun Run in ages and I rode my bike to work, to the run and to home.

And now I'm tired.

I managed to get to the Howe Street stairs early again to do my 'warm up' flights before Jim showed up and then we did 10 flights together. To mix it up, we went up two flights and down one on the last two runners making them 1.5 ascents each. If you look at my GPS data below you can see that the 4th to last and the 2nd to last ascent are a bit bumpy. That's me running up two sections of stairs, turning around, going back down on, turning around, repeat to the top. 15 flights today! My stair 'season' ends with 20. Ouch.

The run is the usual Tuesday 6:00 PM run at Fleet Feet Sports up on Capitol Hill. I did it once (twice?) about one year ago when it was warm and dry and the winter route is slightly different in that we don't hit any dirt trails. Still, the run goes up Interlaken (ouch) and then up E Galer (OUCH) all the way to the top of Volunteer Park. Good stuff.

The pace seemed really fast to me right from the gun but this is exactly what I need as I 1) don't run on pavement that often and 2) don't run fast very often and 3) love running with people. I could tell within one mile that the leaders were out of my league but there were two guys that were just behind the leaders that I opted to hang with and this worked out.

Going up Interlaken two guys that had hung back at the start so one of them could change clothes caught us and passed us. I tried to go with them and managed to do so for about 100 m but then as we started up Galer it wasn't happening. By the top of Galer they had at least 100' on me. Oh well, now I have goals. :) I stopped and waited for the two guys I had been running with and we rolled back to the shop.

Where everyone seemed insistent on hanging out in the Cal Anderson Park playfield...! Not me, it was cold out.

ASIDE - I noticed I am missing some sort of running esthetic boat here... I had on more clothing than anyone else and I had on knickers. Turns out guys - I mean 'men' - don't wear 1) lots of clothes or 2) knickers. Paint me n00b.

The ride home was pretty frigid and windy but I had my second set of gloves and sweatpants (which I wore over my running knickers) and my cycling raincoat so I survived. It was kind of fun actually being out in the cold and being dressed for it.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day stairs - 5:40 AM
run - 6:10 PM
Workout Type stairs - strength
run - endurance/pseudo-tempo
Weather low 40s, dry, windy
Equipment stairs - Brooks Launch
run - Brooks Launch
commute - Raleigh Mojave 8.0

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