01 December 2012

Magnolia loop + Discovery Park run

I have entered several Strava challenges and to date never completed a single one. :( Boo hoo.

Usually I just ran out of motivation (bad weather, etc.) or I would sign up for a challenge that conflicted with some other event.

Undaunted I signed up again, this time it's The North Face Ultra Challenge - the goal is to run 50 km on the same weekend of The North Face Endurance Challenge at San Francisco.

I met Bradlaugh Robinson at the south parking lot of Discovery Park. The plan (read: my plan) was to link a paved loop and a dirt loop for variety and I suggested we run on the road first so off we went around Magnolia. It was WINDY along the south side but otherwise I was dressed pretty much just right.

We stayed low as we rounded the north side of the Magnolia bluff and passed by the locks. From here it's up a stout hill and then we merged onto the Loop Trail. But we didn't stay on it long and instead headed all the way down to the north beach. From there it was back to the lighthouse and then up the biggest climb in the park. Nice. These trails are fun!

After we got back to the cars I suggested another lap of the park and Brad was up for it. As we completed this loop I was suddenly not so fresh anymore. I had told brad about this challenge I had entered and that I intended to run tomorrow and he said, "No problem, when we get to the car I'll let you keep on going." As we got closer and closer to the car I was less psyched about more running but just when I was about to pull the plug with Brad he announced he was up for one more lap! Peer pressure is awesome.

The last lap was not as bad as I thought it would be and we still chatted all the way. As we got to the parking lot both of our GPS watches read 15.3 miles and Brad wasn't having it so we actually ran to the end of the parking lot and back to get the even(?) 15.5.

ASIDE - I have never done this before. For whatever reason I am totally at peace with whatever distance I go.

Thanks Brad. I have now done exactly half of this challenge. Go!

Sleep 5
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 4:45 AM - apple
5:15 AM - 2 bananas, almond butter, tea
Workout Food bottle w/1 scoop HEED and 1 tablet Nuun, 2 GUs
Injuries Turns out I have a blister/bruise under my right big toe nail but it did not affect me today. Whew!
Therapy I used The Stick on my legs for about 20 minutes.
Time of Day 8:30 AM
Workout Type endurance
Weather upper 40s, 15 mph wind
Equipment Brooks Launch, hand-held bottle
Clothing SmartWool socks, Brooks Infinity Short III, Craft long sleeve undershirt, Brooks Podium SS shirt, Polypropylene gloves
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