08 November 2011

movies really are the new pictures

You know the expression,' A picture is worth a thousand words."? Well let me just say that a movie is worth a boat load of pictures.

It seems like a lifetime ago now but back in 2003 I competed participated in La Ruta de los Conquistadores and the memories are still vividly etched in my brain. I just saw this movie of stage four and it brought them all flooding back.

Here are a few things I remember clearly that have not changed one bit

  • Road closures…? What you talking about…? Seriously, bikes AND the race caravan were all over the road.
  • Pictures, even movies, do not do justice to the incline of the roads and trails.
  • That helmet cam has extremely;y good anti-vibration software. Those railroad ties are freaking bumpy!
  • Beaches can be fun to ride on but a bear to race on. And watch out for falling coconuts.
  • That last left turn onto the beach at the finish is heavenly. I wanted to ride right into the surf.

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