22 November 2012

Squak Mt dawn patrol | Lake WA Blvd run

Bonus. I got in TWO runs today. Who says you have to be lazy on Thanksgiving? Plus, there's plenty of time for that later in the day. :)

This morning I got out with the Seattle Running Club for a few miles on Squak Mountain and then about an hour after I got home I went for another run with my brother-in-law Michael Reiter. Good times.

The morning run was on great trails but the group got separated a few times and there was a lot of standing around. Oh well.

Six of us showed up at the inhuman hour of 5:30. Bravo to everyone for getting out of bed! As usual, Win Van Pelt led us out so I fell in behind him. After just a couple of minutes we had pulled ahead of everyone else. Then I remembered that Arthur Martineau had just run about FIFTY MILES the previous Saturday. Impressive. And tiring.

Win and I had to wait for the rest of the group about four times and on one descent two people that had fallen off a bit took a wrong turn. We got to the bottom and waited. And waited. Finally we decided to head back the way we had come in hopes up connecting with the lost pair. Incredibly we found them! They had arrived at the bottom of their trail and not seeing us figured they had gone the wrong way and turned around. We all hooked up right at the intersection where they had gone the wrong way. Because we had used up a fair bit of time at this point we decided to just head back to the car. At least it was not a pure out-and-back run as we ran different trails.

On the descent back to the car Win, Arthur and I again scooted up the road some. Win loves to go downhill as do I and Arthur is just a super runner.

At first I was a bit frustrated by the pace. I think I had been hoping that this run would be a bit faster and I have only done slow runs lately but then I lightened up and realized that 1) group runs are usually going to be somewhat fragmented and 2) just because we were a group didn't mean I could not go hard. So on the climb back to the car I took off twice and went harder to the next intersection and then waited for everyone. in the end I was really happy I came; the weather was fantastic, the trail conditions were fantasticer and I never got cold and the sky was clear so even my meager headlamp worked okay.

I got home, had some food, uploaded my run and then took off again with Michael Reiter for a road run this time. Mike wanted flat and pavement so we headed down Lake WA Blvd and looped Seward Park which is something I have never done from home.

The pace was very relaxed on the way down to Seward so I took to the dirt path that parallels the sidewalk for a bit in order to run my own pace for a stretch. Then on the way home Todd Morse Tucker rode by on his bike so I stopped to chat for a bit.


By the time we stopped talking Mike was WAY up the road so in spite of me wanting to go a bit faster, having to didn't make it any easier. :) I did my best. My watch decided this was a good time to display a wildly inaccurate pace so I have no idea how fast/slow I was going but if you look at my GPS data below you can see a little plateau of increased speed as I ran Mike down. Whew.

When we got to the dirt path I veered off again and tried to increase the pace a second time. I managed to but it didn't last long. :( I waited for Mike and we ran it in.

As we got to the gentle rise just a few blocks from our house Mike picked up the pace and I should have known what was coming. The last block is a steep up and at the bottom Mike announced something like, "Here we go...!" (as if we had agreed on something?) and took off as fast as he could go. I managed to finish with him. Barely. Note to self: the best way to win a race is to make sure no one else knows when you are racing. Who's been teaching this guy all my tricks?

Nice! Today was the first time I have run outdoors twice in the same day to the best of my recollection. Hours are good. What is not so good is that I can feel myself slowing down. All the runs I have done lately have been quite leisurely and every time I try to go faster it's a significant effort to change my pace and turnover. I keep talking about incorporation some speed work and soon I'll really need to do it.

Thanks to SRC and Mike for the company, that sure helps make the hours more enjoyable.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 4:45 AM - banana
5:15 AM - gel
Workout Food trail run - bottle w/1 scoop HEED and 1 tablet Nuun, 2 PowerBar Energy Gel
road run - bottle w/1 scoop HEED
Time of Day trail run - 5:45 AM
road run - 10:00 AM
Workout Type endurance
Weather trail run - upper 30s, dry, calm, mostly clear sky
road run - 40, dry, calm
Equipment trail run - hand-held bottle, Brooks Cascadia 7
road run - Brooks Launch
Clothing trail run - Teko organic SIN3RGI Light Minicrew, Brooks Infinity Short III, Craft long sleeve undershirt, Brooks Podium LS shirt, SmartWool hat, Polypropylene gloves
road run - SmartWool socks, Brooks Infinity Short III, Craft long sleeve undershirt, Brooks Podium LS shirt, Patagonia hat, Polypropylene gloves

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