25 January 2013

it's my birthday

So yesterday was utter crap.

I went to the gym to try for a mellow treadmill run and after about 10 steps my right side complained so loudly that I climbed off. No problem I thought, shit happens; I'll just do some stretching. That hurt almost as much! In the end I decided to self-medicate and treated my SAD with a tan at the gym before going home and then taking the bus to work. Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do.

But that was yesterday. Today is my birthday and that meant I got to do whatever I wanted.

On this day that meant starting things off with a massage from Tucker 'the MAN' Roy at Mobility Plus Healthcare. This guy really helps fix me up.

As we chatted and I told him about my ankle woes he suggested an x-ray. He also suggested that I might look into an adjustment from Dr. Michael 'I used to be an UFC ringside doctor' Li. Of course Dr. Li had to see the x-ray results before he could start wrenching with my foot so as soon as I got off the massage table I put in a call to my doctor to see if they could get me a radiology appointment right now. And you know what? They got me in at 1:30. Boom. I promptly scheduled an appointment with Dr. Li for 3:00 PM. My day was filling up!

Did I mention I had to meet the carpet installers at our old house and let them in so they could replace the carpet? Here is what my day looked like.

  • Ride downtown for my massage.
  • Ride up Capitol Hill to let the carpet installers in.
  • Ride to the Polyclinic for my x-ray.
  • Ride back up Capitol Hill to check on the carpet installers - they were not done yet.
  • Ride back downtown to get my chiropractic adjustment.
  • Ride back up Capitol Hill to lock up the house after the carpet installers had left.
  • Ride home.

I got all that done and it only totaled 18 miles! Did I mention that it was sunny out? Damn straight. I also managed to squeeze in a trip to Trader Joe's for some snacks and then went across the street to the Central Co-op to eat, stay warm and read the newspaper.

Then Shelley and I met some friends at the Polish House for authentic Polish food and Polish beer (which comes in .5 liter bottles!). It was awesome!

Not a bad day to turn one year older.

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Workout Food water
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Workout Type fun ride
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