29 January 2013

Howe Street stairs

Another winter of Howe Street stair workouts are in the bag! HUGE thanks to Jim Kodjababian for keeping me company year after year after year. I might walk these stairs alone but run them? Ha! No way. Running takes knowing someone else is suffering as much as you. Heck, sometimes just showing up takes knowing that someone else will be there and that they are depending on you.

ASIDE - Once again my fancy, very expensive, very unreliable GPS watch decided to malfunction! I called Garmin and they said it must be part of a bad batch and offered to replace it with known good stock. That was a relief as I have already replaced this unit once at REI and simply started having exactly the same issues.

I cut it a bit close to get in my planned five warm-up flights but gassed it and got the job done. It seems I can go down and up, walking, in about 3:50 if I'm really moving.

Jim showed up and on the agenda were 15 flights. Go!

We actually did 19.5 together but on the last three which were of the up-two-down-one variety I was getting to the top quite a bit ahead of Jim so would just turn around and descend until I met him and then finish his flight with him. I figure that made up at least the .5 flights that our workout did not include. :)

I did not feel stellar but just like last week I backed off a hair and it helped me finish just about as strong as I started. There is a lesson buried in there somewhere... Far be it from me to learn anything though.

When it was all done we congratulated each other and expressed genuine thanks. Turns out Jim appreciates my company as much as I his. He even said something that sounded like, "Can't wait until next year...!" Really Jim? I can wait just a bit.

We also both commented that this is the first year we can recall in recent history when there has not been at least one week with ice. Or even massive rain! We had extremely good conditions and for that I am thankful.

Here is what my GPS did record.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food bottle w/2 scoops HEED
Time of Day 5:40 AM
Workout Type strength/intervals
Weather mid 40s, partly cloudy, dry skies, damp ground
Course Howe Street stairs
Time 1:27
Distance 20 flights
Equipment Brooks Launch
Clothing shorts, Craft Active Classic Long Sleeve Baselayer, Brooks Podium LS shirt
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