10 May 2011

cardio | commute | Pacific Raceways CR

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Therapy stretching – 20 min
sauna – 20 min
Time of Day cardio – 5:30 AM
IMA – 12:00 PM
race – 7:00 PM
Workout Type race
Weather 60, dry, sunny, calm
Course cardio – elliptical trainer, 14 incline, 14 resistance, 140-150 rpm
race – flats counter-clockwise
Distance race – 23 miles
Time cardio – 30 min
race – 50 min
Results Masters
1st prime – pack
2nd prime – pack
finish – pack
Equipment commute - Town Bike
race - Road Bike
39/53, 12-25
Zipp 404 wheels
Clothing bib shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, arm warmers, cap

I made it to the gym this morning but had no desire to do my core routine so went up to the cardio loft instead. It felt fine.

At lunch I Headed down to the IMA and got in my maintenance which I'm realizing is pretty darn important... On the way back to work Andy G and I were talking about how much this kind of thing matters and how you could easily spend all day either exercising or doing stuff that let's you exercise.

At Pacific Raceways it was Dave H, Greg K (who had ridden down) and my in the Masters field and by now it's a blur...

Rory said GO and within seconds it was on. Alex R took off on the left side and I jumped to join him. The goal tonight was to 1) get in a good workout and 2) beat Keller Rohrback to the punch. I caught Alex, went past him and decided I would just keep on going. I pulled around the corner (about as fast as I have ever taken that first corner...) and then swung off. At first Alex didn't pull through so I hit the front again for a bit but I was dying so after another few 100 m I swung off again and this time he passed me. Unfortunately it was early and Alex was not 100% committed so our pace slowed. By the time I got on the front the pack had closed the gap some and no way could I keep this up solo so they reeled us in as we exited the left hand corner approaching the finish straight.

Whew, that was a good warm-up. Not.

As soon as we were caught it was either Greg or Dave or KR taking a flyer. Bang, bang, bang is how the race went all night long. A ton of fun actually.

I got in another break later on but again when I pulled off the pace slowed. I'm not trying to imply that I am superman or anything, far from it. If others would just commit these moves would work but people tend to hold back saving themselves for... what? Not really sure.

With about five laps to go I had just gotten caught and Dave took off with Chandler L, Matt H, a KR rider and one or two others. Shit. I realized pretty quick that was the move and with only Old Town Bicycle and Cucina Fresca not represented I had little confidence we were going to bring it back.

So I hung out. And chatted to Nikos M. We seemed to agree that this was it so I just tried to hang around the front half of the field and hopefully we would get close.

To their credit, Old Town and Cucina did pull some. Add in the random efforts solo riders make and one from Darren P and the fact that the break was not totally coordinated and the gap started to shrink. And I started to wok my way closer to the front of the field.

With 1.5 laps to go I figured the gap was bridgeable. But how to get  away clean... Lucky for me Nikos has the same idea and as we exited the last corner he took off on the right. Fortunately I had been anticipating this so went as hard as I could on the left. I was closing on Nikos but not fast enough. We pretty much hooked up with the break at the same time. And look who tagged along, none other than Sean P.

This time I could not go straight to the front as that was a HARD effort. I sat on around the corner but then the pace started to slow. Crap. I kept looking back and the pack was getting closer so finally I went to the front committed to do what I could in hopes that the pack would not catch us and trust that Dave could take care of himself in the sprint.

Unfortunately Dave had just taken a long pull and unfortunately that drag strip is too long for me to go full gas and still have something left after you get around the corner. As we exited the corner the pack was just latching on so I got out of the saddle and gave it one more effort and promptly died. Sean came around me. No one else did.

Damn. Where was Dave? Probably sucking wind like the rest of the break, understandably.

Sean saw the gap he had and put his head down the result of which was a much deserved win. Randy S (KR) had Jim F (and the pack) in tow and put in a massive effort but it wasn't quite enough to pass all of the break. I think Dave got fourth so good for him; especially after working hard in the break.

I rolled across the line pretty winded. Obviously I still need to work on my ability to sustain that kind of effort but at least my attack were strong. Luckily with this series there is always next week. :)

Once again I forgot to turn my Garmin off after finishing so the second lap is the race. The rest of the file is me driving home.

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