08 May 2011

Cascade Bicycle Club Group Health Commute Challenge

Today I signed up for the Group Health Commute Challenge which is organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club. I live so close to work and have to take the bus when it's wet so my mileage is kinda ridiculous but hey, what the hell.

Once you sign up you get a nifty profile page and you can see the combined results of all the individuals and teams. Very cool.

At work I only know of three, maybe four people that commute to work on a bicycle. Interesting fact that. Still, why not get all team spirit about this and have some fun. Exactly, I can't think of any reason.

The challenge is all part of bike month which is Cascade's annual effort to increase awareness and participation. With cycling that is, not necessarily with their organization.

The culmination of bike month – for me anyway – is always Bike to Work Day which falls on Friday 20 May this year. Cascade goes all out positioning support/prize/snack stops on all the popular bike to work routes and the past two years I have challenged myself by hitting as many as possible on my commute in. This usually triples the length of my commute but what a blast. And so worth it.

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