26 May 2011

Mountain Dew Pitch Black-this (marketing) shit is serious business!

Three days ago this coding savant (who also happens to be the youngest person in our office) announced that he had just purchased all of the Mountain Dew Pitch Black that his local QFC had in stock.


I was like, "By 'all' do you mean every last one...?"

He smiled and proudly said, "Yes."

Turns out 'all' in this case meant only about 20 bottles but still.

I think it's great when companies bring back 'original' or 'classic' or 'limited edition' versions of products to drum up interest and increase market share when sales are flagging. The story of Coke is a prime example. In a nutshell here it is.

- First there was plain old Coke.
- Then there was New Coke.
- Then there was Classic Coke.
- Then there was even more classic (read: older) Coke made with real sugar instead of Con Syrup frequently referred to as Mexican Coke.

It's truly marketing genius to create a limited edition and then actually limit it! Every time you bring it back you get huge press, the latest generation of pimply-faced, up-all-night-gaming, it's-energy-drink-or-nothing kids will flock to you and bingo, you have hooked another generation.

ASIDE – which is my McDonald's has playgrounds in their restaurants.

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