01 May 2011

training-trainer intervals

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:30 AM – PowerBar, water
Workout Food nuun (thanks to Ryan!)
Time of Day 7:20 AM
Workout Type intervals
Course warm up
3x3 min at 90% of threshold w/2 min rest
6x1.5 min at 110 % of threshold w/1.5 min rest
3x30 sec at 110% of threshold w/30 sec rest
Time 53 min
Power threshold power – 350 watts
Equipment Road Bike

Since Shelley and I were hitting Albert Lee to shop appliances today I was not able to race or go out side (in the sun!) to ride so the next best thing was an indoor session with a friend. Luckily Ryan D was up for it. Yeah Ryan!

We did what I think is one of the best workouts Seattle Multisport has to offer.

I managed to ride through the first three okay but it was not feeling so hot... The last time I did this workout I set my threshold at 340 so wanting to improve I started higher. Oops. After each of the 1.5 minute intervals I had to not just slow down but stop pedaling altogether. Not so good. I did not have to lower my power but technically I did not really complete the workout as I was quitting during each rest period. Probably I was not as rested as last time and mentally I was not tip top. You really have to show up for these rearing to go if you want to hit it hard.

I was SO grateful for Ryan's presence today as I would not have been able to bring myself to hit the trainer alone. I also forgot my bottle and he kindly let me partake of his.

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