27 May 2011

cardio | track race

Crazy night at the track! It started off innocently enough but then a weather front blew in and the sky turned BLACK. Then the wind picked up and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Then it started to rain and then we had to go home.

I never got to ride the points race. :(

But I did get to do my first ever 200 m time trial for future sprint and Keirin seeding. HA! If there's one thing I am not it's a sprinter or Keirin rider...

I went to the IMA at lunch and today cardio was MUCH better than Wednesday... whew. Today it felt easy and relaxing – just the way I had intended it to be. The only bummer was that I finally brought my headphones and the sound was so damn quiet and only a third of the channels even had any. Poop. Eventually I ended up watching some football (read: soccer) match. There was tons of shirt grabbing and quite a bit of contact – hard core. It sure helped the time go by.

I had forgotten about the 200 m time trials today so when I got to the track and paid my fee and pinned my number on there was just time to ride about five laps of the warm-up circle (the track was already closed) and then I was up. Nothing like going 100% cold.

The TT consists of two laps. 1 1/2 to get up to speed and then you dive down the banking and go for the last half lap. I suppose I did all right, some people were out there doing their time trial on smaller than usual gears but even if I had warmed up I would still be in the bottom half of the field. Such is my fate.

In my Keirin heat I ended up third bike behind the motor which is a great position! If you can take advantage of it that is. :) With two laps to go I was passed by two riders and then when the motor pulled off the leaders simply pulled away! Crap. I crossed the line last and had to watch the final. I just don't have that kind of leg speed.

In fact, I had to sit around and watch a ton of racing – I was freezing! The wind had picked up a little and the sun was behind clouds so by the time we started the 12 lap scratch race I was practically numb and shivering. We rode around pretty fast for about six laps and this cat 3 (bikesale.com) who had moved up to our field put in a huge attack that strung us out and he held it for a few laps. What a motor. Then some fast guy attacked, I stupidly got stuck behind Hyun L so got gapped and then had to put in a massive effort to close. I got within about 30' of the pack but that was it. I blew sky high and finished second to last.

Then came another massive sitting around session and finally the rain cut our evening short. Half the A field had left by then anyway... it was getting really cold.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food race - large bottle w/2 scoops HEED and 1 tablet nuun
Time of Day cardio – 1:00 PM
race – 6:30 PM
Workout Type  
Course A field
200 m TT
Keirin heat – last
12 lap Scratch – OTB
Distance 79 miles
Equipment Track Bike
Zipp disk, Neuvation C50 front
Clothing knee warmers, bib shorts, Craft long sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, cap


Anonymous said...

it was crazy cold! At least we got as much as we did in.. I was surprised that we didn't get rained out from the beginning!

Chris said...

That Cat3 was Steve Willsens. Cat5 to cat2 his first year of racing road 2009, and I think this was his first track night this year. He'll upgrade right away and you'll have another attacking, break-loving motor in P12 to race with! He's a beast.

Martin Criminale said...

@Chris - I heard something like that. As soon as Steve figures out how to race he will be very hard to beat.

Martin Criminale said...

@Bosalyn - weather, no one know what the hell is going on. And if they tell you otherwise they are lying. :)