25 May 2011

fun with trading cards

I work with a great bunch of people. They come up with all these neat ideas to build community and facilitate getting to know each other. Really.

Back in 2008 someone had the brilliant notion of letting each person create their own trading card. You know, like a baseball card. It would feature your picture and some facts about you.

I was just going through some old folders on my hard drive and stumbled across my cards from 2008 and 2009; and found myself wishing we could do this again for 2011! I guess 2010 kinda got lost in the shuffle and then the momentum was gone.

Here is my 2008 iSchool trading card.

Here is my 2009 iSchool trading card.

Hahahaha... Or not. You of course have the right not to laugh. With me. It's always okay to laugh at me.

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