02 May 2011

training-rollers | core

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 12:00 PM - 181
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:45 AM – smoothie 
Workout Food water
Therapy stretching – 20 min
sauna – 20 min
Time of Day rollers – 5:30 AM
core – 6:00 AM
IMA – 12:00 PM
Workout Type active recovery
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
back extensions 3x40
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 80 each leg
twisters 40 each side – 10 lb.
leg extensions 100
push-ups 23
Time rollers – 30 min
Equipment Road Bike

Managed to get on the rollers this AM and I was glad for it. For sure I feel much better at the end of an easy roller session than at the beginning and isn't that what an active recovery ride is supposed to be? Check.

Shelley and I did our core routine again and today it was hard. Every single exercise. Funny (read: not very funny at all) how that happens, I have no idea why.

Lunch time saw me at the IMA again for a routine that I am really enjoying. I hit the matts in the group exercise room for some dedicated stretching and then it's into the sauna for some ultra relaxation. If it was just a few degrees less hot I swear I could fall asleep... Man does the sauna make me thirsty!

The stretching has made me realize how not limber I really am in spite of me previously telling people that I am kinda flexible. Obviously my head has been firmly stuck up my own ass for quite some time. But I'm slowly getting better and I hope it will do my back and IT band some good meaning less pain on the bike and fewer injuries when I start running in the fall.

That list of stuff I need to do just to do the stuff I like is getting longer... :(

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