17 June 2011

and the flavor of the month is... The Gay

Did you know that Cupcake Royal features special flavors every month? I did not.

Now that I know they do it seems so obvious. Feature something special, make it colorful, maybe even theme it with current events and boom, mo' money.

Seeing as Cupcake Royal is a Seattle company and seeing as June is pride month it seems so logical that the featured flavor would be something relevant.


I'm just wondering how you order this flavor, do you say, "I'll take a dozen of The Gay."? Perhaps if you know the person working behind the counter you could wink and say, "I'll take a dozen Gays..." What about, "I'll take The Gay." Anyway you slice it, this has got to be a lot of fun.

Speaking of mo' money, I'm not afraid to admit that this is one of my favorite songs. And, I can't think of a gayer anthem to sample so bonus extra credit to me for me adhering to the theme of this post.

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1 comment:

  1. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA! straaaannggee marketing on that one!


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