14 June 2011

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Knowing that I was not going to be able to race tonight I decided to give that little bit of extra on the AM ride.

I guess I succeeded as I got a second hand compliment this afternoon Gentry M who said that someone else described me as, "having an extra gear". I'd by lying if I said these kinds of statements didn't lift my mood just a little.

I hooked with the usual morning east side crowd on the Mercer Island lid at 6:30 and we rolled out. Gentry established a stout pace right away on the first hill while complaining that his legs were fried from the weekend. Typical cyclists strategy: set the bar extremely low, let everyone else know how blown you are and then try like hell to drop all your friends. But that comes later.

I got in some good pulls and hung out on the front a little longer than usual on purpose.

As we rolled into the 'hill' about half way around Gentry took the front and not only went up the thing super fast but he also stayed on the gas over the top and managed to drop two people from our group in the process. It was a sterling effort for sure.

As we hit the twisties I was trying to keep the tempo high. I went through one corner and never stopped pedaling and as we scooted out the other side I noticed that someone behind me had coasted around the corner and thus opened a gap. That was two more people gone.

I finished it off with a hard leadout for the tennis court sprint (which I did not win) and felt like that I had indeed put in a solid effort.

From here we flipped a bitch and did the social thing back home.

ASIDE - I bet that for some (read: many) people training rides are they hardest they ever go. Dropping your friends seems like a sport that never grows old.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food ride - large bottle w/2 scoops HEED and one tablet of nuun
Time of Day  
Workout Type intervals
Weather ride - mid to upper 50s, dry, calm
Distance ride - 30 miles
commute - 10 miles
Equipment ride - Road Bike
commute - Town Bike

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